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Sho Zama finds himself in a motorcycle accident, but rather than the horrible injury that follows he finds himself in Byston Well. Byston Well is a mystical land filled with dragons, knights, castles, unicorns, and large robots known as Aura Battlers. Sho is found to have a possess a vast quantity of aura power, and finds himself drawn into the conflicts of Byston Well as the pilot of the Dunbine.

Notable for being one of the first series to blend the giant robot concept with the fantasy genre. Also notable for being something made by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

A three sequel series set in Byston Well would eventually be made. The first was 1988's New Story of Aura Battler Dunbine: Tale of Neo Byston Well which told a story 700 years after the events of the series. The second was 1996's Garzey's Wing, which didn't feature Aura Battlers and is considered to be the low point of Tomino's career. The third was 2005's Wings of Rean which was broadcast online via the Bandai Channel and is set in both (then) modern day japan and Byston Well during a different time from the other Dunbine productions.

Series Details

  • Format: 49 Episode TV Series
  • Original Run/Release Date: 5 February 1983 – 21 January 1984
  • Alternate Names: 聖戦士ダンバイン (Sei Senshi Danbain)

Unit List

House Given/Kingdom of Lao/Kingdom of Na/Kingdom of Ah

House Drake/Kingdom of Ku