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The Brawler

The Brawler is the pilot who loves to be up close and personal with their foes.

Level Abilities Level Abilities
1 Starting Attribute Bonuses, Critical, Infight, Countercut, Skill, Spirit Command 11 Specialization Skill 3: Master Precision / Flowing Combo / Frenzy
2 Spirit Command 12 Spirit Command
3 Technique 13 Technique
4 Specialization Skill 1: Parry / Blade Grasp / Furious Potential 14 Spirit Command
5 Skill 15 Specialization Skill 4: Follow-Up / Redirect Blow / Fury
6 Spirit Command 16 Technique
7 Specialization Skill 2: Precise Strike / Stance / Rage 17 Skill
8 Technique 18 Spirit Command
9 Skill 19 Specialization Skill 5: Piercing Blow / Secret of the Ancient Masters / Unchained
10 Ace Bonus 20 Ace Bonus


Starting Attribute Bonuses: +3 Melee Attribute at level 1.
Morale Charge: Morale cost to use Countercut is decreased by 5, to a minimum of 10 (applied before any reduction from Skill)
Critical: During an attack phase in which you attack a single target, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +10% and Accuracy +10% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.
Infight: Brawlers gain the Infight skill for free at level 1.
Countercut: Brawlers gain the Countercut or the Knock Aside Will Command for free at level 1.

Available Specializations


The duelist is the master of skill and one-on-one combat.


Class: Passive (Main)
When you turn away an enemy attack, you can follow up that maneuver with a more accurate attack.

Accuracy +X% on the first attack phase after using Countercut, where X is:

Level 4: +10%
Level 9: +20%
Level 14: +30%
Precise Strike

Class: Passive (Main)
You know just what to go after on your foe for the most damage.

When using a [F] attack to attack a single target, critical cost -2 and you gain an additional +20% damage and accuracy when using critical.

Master Precision

Class: Passive (Main)
When striking a foe's weak point, you also cause damage to critical systems.

When using Critical on a [F] attack, you may pay an additional 5 AP to also add one of the following Status Effects to the attack: Accuracy Break L1, Armor Break L1, Attack Break L1, Burn L1, Mobility Break L1.


Class: Will Command
In the blink of an eye, you swing around for another blow..

Gain an additional attack phase against the same target as your primary attack phase. Base Weapon Damage and Accuracy in the second attack phase is reduced by 50%, and you can only use [F] attacks. Costs X Morale, where X is:

Level 15: 40
Level 17: 30
Level 19: 20
Piercing Blow

Class: Passive (Main)
While many enemies are more ferocious when damaged, you have found a way to turn that into a weakness.

When using Critical on a [F] attack against an enemy under 50% HP, you may pay an additional 5 AP to have the attack ignore all forms of Temporary HP or Temporary DP. You cannot combine this ability with Master Precision.

Master Martial Artist

The Master Martial Artist makes their entire unit a deadly weapon, even if they arn't equipped with any.

Blade Grasp

Class: Passive (Main)
You don't need a sword to knock aside enemy attacks.

You can use Countercut as long as your unit has at least one [MAM] attack, even if it doesn't have any [CC] weapons.

Additionally, gain +X% damage on the next [MAM] attack or Melee Technique attack you make after using Countercut, where X is:

Level 4: +10%
Level 9: +20%
Level 14: +30%

Class: Passive (Main)
You can take on one of a number of stances to help you in combat.

During your transform phase you may enter one of the following stances, gaining the associated bonuses. Only one stance may be active at a time, but you may change stances during any transform phase.

  • Blocking Palm Stance: When you use Countercut you gain 10% Temporary HP to be used against that attack. This temporary HP is lost at the end of that defense phase.
  • Iron Fist Stance: When using Critical with an [MAM] attack, you may pay 5 additional EN to give it Armor Pierce for this turn.
  • Agile Crane Stance: You gain 10% Temporary DP during your regeneration phase that is only useable against [+] and [H] attacks. This Temporary DP is lost at the end of your defense phase.
  • Charging Tiger Stance: You gain +10% to damage and accuracy on any attacks made on a turn in which you moved to another terrain.
  • Boxing Kangaroo Stance: The attack limit of any [MAM] attacks with the (V) or (X) tags increases by 25%. Requires Level 10.
Flowing Combo

Class: Will Command
You make a wide swing on your attack, hoping to catch a nearby enemy as well.

When you attack an enemy unit with a [MAM] attack or Melee Technique attack, you may make an additional [MAM] or Melee Technique attack against any enemy in the same terrain as you with it's Base Weapon Damage and Accuracy reduced by -50%. Costs X Morale, where X is:

Level 11: 30
Level 15: 20
Level 19: 10
Redirect Blow

Class: Passive (Main)
With a quick strike, you quickly redirect an incoming attack to a different target.

If you equip the Countercut Will Command, you may choose to pay an additional 10 Morale on top of it's Morale cost calculated after all other modifiers (including Skill) to use it against any [F]-type attack that is targeting only you. If you choose to do so, the attack has it's target changed to any valid target that is within the same terrain as yourself (including both allies and enemies). You may only use this ability once per turn, and the new target may not be the original attacker.

Secret of the Ancient Masters

Class: Passive (Main)
You have become a true master of your martial arts, able to blend a number of styles into your own unique form.

You may have up to three stances active at a time, but you may still only enter or change one stance per turn.


The Berserker is an uncontrollable force, converting their rage into power.

Furious Potential

Class: Passive (Main)
When in your rage, taking damage increases your power instead of reducing it.

Level 4: When your HP drops below 25%, gain +1 Melee and Ranged Attribute.
Level 9: When your HP drops below 50%, gain +1 Melee and Ranged Attribute. When your HP drops below 25%, gain +2 Melee and Ranged Attribute instead.
Level 14: When your HP drops below 75%, gain +1 Melee and Ranged Attribute. When your HP drops below 50%, gain +2 Melee and Ranged Attribute instead. When your HP drops below 25%, gain +3 Melee and Ranged Attribute instead.

Class: Passive (Main)
Your rage increases the power of your finishing blows beyond the norm.

When using a (H) type attack, your Morale is considered X higher when calculating the damage and accuracy bonus, where X is:

Level 7: 5
Level 11: 10
Level 15: 15

Class: Will Command
Any weapon can be a finishing blow, when in the right hands.

Choose one weapon on your unit when using this Will Command. That weapon gains the (H) tag, and also costs 30 Morale in addition to it's normal costs. Costs X Morale, where X is:

Level 11: 20
Level 15: 10
Level 19: 5

Class: Passive (Main)
Your rage builds quickly in the heat of combat. So quickly, in fact, that you might even injure yourself in the process.

Gain an additional 2 Morale from any effect which increases your Morale. In addition, you may choose, during your Regeneration Phase to sacrifice 10% of your maximum HP to gain 5 Morale. This can only be paid once a turn.


Class: Passive (Main)
When your rage reaches it's peak, nothing can get in your way.

Gain the following bonuses when your Morale is at the listed level or higher. Only the highest value applies.

125: Gain +1 Melee and Ranged Attribute.
135: Gain +2 Melee and Ranged Attribute.
145: Gain +2 Melee and Ranged Attribute, and gain 10% of your Max HP as Temporary HP each turn during your Regeneration Phase. This Temporary HP is lost at the end of your turn.