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You use a melee weapon to quickly bat away an incoming projectile or weapon, as you quickly move to avoid where it would have originally hit.

Reduce the damage and accuracy of a single (M) attack phase targeting you this turn by 50%. You gain an additional attack phase this turn that can only be used against the unit who used the attack you negated. Within this attack phase, you can only use one of your unit's [CC] weapons, and it's Base Weapon Damage and Accuracy are reduced by 50%. This ability can only be used if your unit has at least one [CC] weapon that is not currently disabled.

Increase the Morale cost by 2 for every point of Skill the attacker has over your own Skill (to a maximum of +20 cost), and reduce the Morale cost by 2 for every point of Skill you have over the attacker (to a minimum cost of 5 Morale). Costs X Morale, where X is:

This Will Command is used in your defense phase and can be used against multiple incoming attack phases.

Level 1: 30
Level 7: 20
Level 14: 10

Unlock Cost: 500 Exp.

Special: This Command is considered to be Countercut for purposes of abilities that affect or require Countercut.