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The Skirmisher

The Skirmisher is the pilot who knows how best to get their foe's attention, and then breaking it.

Level Abilities Level Abilities
1 Starting Attribute Bonuses, Critical, Evasive Potential, Distracting Attack, Skill, Spirit Command 11 Specialization Skill 3: Evasive Maneuvers / Unavoidable Distraction / Area Defense
2 Spirit Command 12 Spirit Command
3 Technique 13 Technique
4 Specialization Skill 1: Improved Evasion / Improved Distraction / Countermeasure Efficiency 14 Spirit Command
5 Skill 15 Specialization Skill 4: Improved Potential / Distracting Setup / Hide In Plane Sight
6 Spirit Command 16 Technique
7 Specialization Skill 2: Pattern Recognition / Mass Distraction / Pinpoint Accuracy 17 Skill
8 Technique 18 Spirit Command
9 Skill 19 Specialization Skill 5: Afterburners / Preying on Inattention / Pause for Breath
10 Ace Bonus 20 Ace Bonus


Starting Attribute Bonuses: +3 Mobility Attribute at level 1.
Morale Charge: While under 50% DP, gain an additional 5 Morale each turn.
Critical: During an attack phase in which you attack a single target, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +10% and Accuracy +10% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.
Distracting Attack: When you target a single enemy you may choose to Distract them as well as a special effect. If you do, for the next turn the enemy unit gains -100% Weapon Damage and Weapon Accuracy as a Pilot modifier in any attack phase they make which does not target only yourself. If this ability is used on an enemy unit multiple times in the same turn, only the most recently used instance applies.
Evasive Potential: If your DP drops below 50%, gain 20% of your maximum DP in Temporary DP. This ability triggers every time your DP goes below 50%, but it must go above 75% before it can trigger again.

Available Specializations


The Dogfighter is the master of evasion, able to dodge nearly any attack.

Improved Evasion

Class: Passive (Main)
You are skilled in the use of evasive maneuvers, able to get more use out of them then normal.

Thruster negation increased by X, where X is:

Level 4: +10%
Level 9: +20%
Level 14: +30%
Pattern Recognition

Class: Passive (Main)
You effortlessly dodge an attack that the enemy unimaginatively used against you again.

You are considered to be evading (without sacrificing your attack phase) all attack phases from an enemy unit where it used an attack it used last turn.

Evasive Maneuvers

Class: Will Command
You effortlessly weave through the incoming barrage without taking even a scratch.

Automatically negate all attacks from a single Attack Phase. Costs X Morale, where X is:

Level 11: 30
Level 15: 25
Level 19: 20
Improved Potential

Class: Passive (Main)
Your will is strong, increasing your mobility when you get pushed against the ropes.

Your Evasive Potential ability gives 30% Temporary DP instead.


Class: Passive (Main)
If they can't reach you, they can't hit you.

At the beginning of each turn, gain Temporary DP equal to 10% of your max DP. This Temporary DP is lost at the end of your turn.


The Distractor is the master of controlling the attention of their foes.

Improved Distraction

Class: Passive (Main)
ou are very good at getting your foes riled up.

Your Distracting Attack also inflicts Mobility Break' and Armor Break if the attack hits. Level of the Armor and Mobility Break inflicted varies based on pilot level:

Level 4: L1
Level 9: L2
Level 14: L3
Mass Distraction

Class: Passive (Main)
You put on such a show that you distract enemy units close to your target as well.

When using Distracting Attack, you may choose to have it also affect X additional enemy units in the same terrain, where X is:

Level 7: 1
Level 11: 2
Level 15: 3
Unavoidable Distraction

Class: Passive (Main)
You are such an annoyance that it takes supreme concentration to ignore you.

Your Distracting Attack ability now reduces the enemy's accuracy and damage by 150% instead

Distracting Setup

Class: Will Command
You set up a distracted enemy so that an ally can take advantage of their weakness.

One ally who has not yet taken their turn gains an additional attack phase against one enemy affected by your Distracting Attack. This attack phase is made at a -50% penalty to Base Weapon Damage and Accuracy. Costs 20 Morale.

Preying on Inattention

Class: Passive (Main)
You feed upon the chaos you sow, making it easier to avoid attacks from those trying to stop it.

When dodging attacks from units affected by your Distracting Attack, gain 10% Temporary DP. This Temporary DP is lost after dealing with the attack from the triggering unit.


The Ghost is a master of avoidance, not even letting anything lock on in the first place.

Countermeasure Efficiency

Class: Passive (Main)
You are skilled at the use of your countermeasures, able to make them last longer in a firefight.

Gain X additional countermeasure uses, where X is:

Level 4: 1
Level 9: 3
Level 14: 5
Pinpoint Accuracy

Class: Passive (Main)
You know the best way to get at an enemy's weak spots.

Critical Cost reduced by X, where X is:

Level 7: 1
Level 11: 2
Level 15: 3
Area Defense

Class: Will Command
You spread your countermeasures over the battlefield, interfering with attempts to mass target your allies.

If you use a Countermeasure during your Defense Phase this turn, all allies in the same terrain as you act as if they had used a Countermeasure against any attack that targeted multiple units. Costs 30 Morale.

Hide in Plane Sight

Class: Passive (Main)
You are so skilled at the use of your countermeasures that you can appear to have never even been there in the first place.

Whenever you are in a unit with Countermeasures, you also gain Invisibility. Instead of it's normal cost and upkeep, however, this ability costs 2 Countermeasures to activate, and 1 Countermeasure per turn to maintain.

Pause for Breath

Class: Passive (Main)
When masked by your countermeasures, you are able to take a moment and catch your breath, recovering a bit of your strength.

When using Countermeasures to dodge an attack, you recover 10% of your max DP after the attack is resolved. This regeneration can only activate once a turn.