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The Sub-Pilot

The Sub-Pilot is the pilot who helps another pilot perform their best by managing the unit's various systems.

Level Abilities Level Abilities
1 Starting Attribute Bonuses, Critical, SP Up, Skill, Spirit Command 11 Specialization Skill 3: Concentration / Perfect Timing / Provide Advice
2 Spirit Command 12 Spirit Command
3 Technique 13 Technique
4 Specialization Skill 1: Spirit Attunement / Assisted Piloting / Direct Action 14 Spirit Command
5 Skill 15 Specialization Skill 4: Group Affinity / Systems Management / Command Relay
6 Spirit Command 16 Technique
7 Specialization Skill 2: Spirit Affinity / Systems Efficiency / Provide Support 17 Skill
8 Technique 18 Spirit Command
9 Skill 19 Specialization Skill 5: SP Regen / Preaction / Multitasker
10 Ace Bonus 20 Ace Bonus


Starting Attribute Bonuses: None
Morale Charge: The Main Pilot of the unit this pilot is in gains the effect of one Will+ skills this pilot possesses (if any), chosen upon deployment. This bonus does not stack if the Main Pilot already has the chosen skill, however.
Critical: During an attack phase in which you attack a single target, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +10% and Accuracy +10% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.
SP Up: At the below levels, gain additional max SP. This effect is cumulative.

Level 1: +10
Level 10: +20
Level 20: +30

Available Specializations

Spirited Specialist

The Spirited Specialist helps the main pilot through the use of Spirit Commands to boost the unit's performance.

Spirit Attunement

Class: Passive (Sub)
Your spirits are strong, ready to help the primary pilot.

SP gained when leveling up is increased by 1. This bonus is retroactive.

Spirit Affinity

Class: Passive (Sub)
You have become highly skilled at the use of certain Spirit Commands, making their use less stressful.

Choose X Support Spirit Commands. The chosen Spirit Commands have their base SP cost reduced by 5 to a minimum of 5. The same Spirit Command cannot be selected more then once. X is:

Level 7: 1
Level 11: 3
Level 14: 5

Class: Passive (Sub)
You filter out distractions in battle, making the use of Spirit Commands more efficient.

Cost to cast Spirit Commands on this pilot is reduced by X, where X is:

Level 11: 10%
Level 15: 20%
Level 19: 30%
Group Affinity

Class: Passive (Sub)
You're used to working together in a group situation and can concentrate more effectively when surrounded by others.

When your SP and Maximum Spirit Commands are reduced from piloting a unit with Pilot Seats, your SP is reduced by 10% less than it would have been and your Maximum Spirit Commands are reduced by 1 less than they would have been.

For example if you were in a unit with four pilot seats (-30% SP reduction and maximum spirit commands -2), you would instead only have -20% SP reduction and -1 maximum spirit commands.

SP Regen

Class: Passive (Sub)
Instead of draining your will, combat now excites you, restoring your spirit.

This pilot regains 5 SP each turn. Though this skill is Passive (Sub), only the pilot that actually possesses this skill regenerates SP.


The Co-Pilot helps the main pilot by better managing the unit's systems, tuning the performance to best match the pilot.

Assisted Piloting

Class: Passive (Sub)
You help the main pilot with some of the controls of the unit.

Choose an Attribute when you acquire this skill. Main pilot gains +X to the chosen attribute, where X is:

Level 4: 1
Level 9: 2
Level 14: 3
Systems Efficency

Class: Passive (Sub)
You constantly tinker with the unit's OS or drive outputs, tuning it for the best possible performance.

When activated, choose two options from the following list and gain their effects as unit modifiers.

Output: Cost of EN-based Weapons and Abilities -10%
Accuracy: Accuracy +10%
Offense: Weapon Damage +10%
Counter: When determining your Countercut/Countershoot Cost, increase your Skill Attribute by 2.
Terrain Adjustment: Reduce the cost to activate Terrain effects by 5 AP.
Precision: Critical cost -2.

Charge (4) to activate.

Perfect Timing

Class: Passive (Sub)
The proper application of a learned skill at just the right time can turn the battle.

The Main Pilot gains the effect of one skill that you know, other then ones requiring the Co-Pilot Specialization.

Systems Management

Class: Passive (Sub)
You know exactly how to control the various special systems of your unit, and how best to keep them active.

  • Any (System) on this unit has it's Morale requirement to activate reduced by 10 and its Charge requirement to activate reduced by one.
  • Any (System) that deactivates when you reach a certain morale value has that value reduced by 10 (so if an ability usually shuts off when you reach 70 Morale, it will now shut off when you reach 60 morale.)
  • Any (System) that deactivates by a method other than morale reduction can no longer the deactivated by any source external to the unit.

Class: Passive (Sub)
You are so in tune with your pilot that you can react to their actions before they can even make them. Some people would even call you a witch.

If any of this pilot's Attributes are greater then the main pilot's before items or skills, use this pilot's rating for that Attribute instead. If this pilot and the main pilot have any skills that are on both, this pilot's apply instead if they are of a higher level.


The Operator directs the flow of combat, helping to give the commander's directions to the pilots under his command.

Direct Action

Class: Passive (Sub)
HEY, LISTEN. You give directions to an allied unit, helping them engage the enemy.

During your Special Phase, you may designate one allied pilot as your Assigned Pilot. The chosen pilot cannot have already been chosen as an Assigned Pilot this turn. You may change your Assigned Pilot during any Special Phase. The Assigned Pilot gains +X weapon damage and accuracy as a pilot modifier, where X is:

Level 4: 10%
Level 9: 20%
Level 14: 30%
Provide Support

Class: Passive (Sub)
Your support is so on the nose that you might as well be right beside the pilot.

You may cast any Spirit Commands you know on your Assigned Pilot as if you were in the same unit.

Provide Advice

Class: Passive (Sub)
You are very skillful at instructing other units. It's almost like you were there with them.

On deployment, choose one Passive (Main) skill you know. You cannot pick skills granted by your Class, nor can you pick any Defining or Background category skill. Your Assigned Pilot is considered to have that skill.

Command Relay

Class: Passive (Sub)
You are very skilled at passing on orders, on top of your support role.

You may choose to cause an Aura that is currently affecting this unit to instead affect your Assigned Pilot, as long as that pilot is not already affected by that Aura.


Class: Passive (Sub)
Your ability to direct multiple pilots at once is the stuff of legends.

You may pick two Assigned Pilots per turn.