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The Supporter

The Supporter is the pilot who helps their allies from the rear, replenishing supplies and keeping morale high.

Level Abilities Level Abilities
1 Starting Attribute Bonuses, Critical, Spotter, Non-Combatant, Skill, Spirit Command 11 Specialization Skill 3: Combat Engineer / Improved Vocals / Improved Spotter
2 Spirit Command 12 Spirit Command
3 Technique 13 Technique
4 Specialization Skill 1: Maintenance Training / Song Memory / Illusion Improvement 14 Spirit Command
5 Skill 15 Specialization Skill 4: Quick Patch / Idol / Untouchable
6 Spirit Command 16 Technique
7 Specialization Skill 2: Logistical Support / Lingering Melody / Improved Stealth 17 Skill
8 Technique 18 Spirit Command
9 Skill 19 Specialization Skill 5: Triage / Unforgettable Melody / Force Reconnaissance
10 Ace Bonus 20 Ace Bonus


Starting Attribute Bonuses: +2 Mobility, +2 Defense Attributes at level 1.
Morale Charge: Gain 5 Morale whenever you use your attack phase to use a Recovery or a [M]-type attack. In addition, the Morale loss on the allied unit for receiving Resupply is reduced by 5.
Critical: During an attack phase in which you attack a single target, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +10% and Accuracy +10% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.
Spotter: You may pay 5 AP to make one target enemy that is in the same terrain as you considered to be one terrain closer to your allies for purposes of range penalties.
Non-Combatant: If you did not attack an enemy in the previous turn, gain 10% of your max HP and DP as Temporary HP and DP. The Temporary HP and DP granted by this ability is removed at the end of your turn.

Available Specializations


The Engineer keeps his or her allies in the battle by patching up combat damage or by resuppling weapons.

Maintenance Training

Class: Passive (Main)
You have learned how to best ration your time to ensure that your allies have everything they need.

When using Repair, you may choose to restore both HP and DP, but at a 50% penalty.

Logistical Support

Class: Passive (Main)
You have a veritable bag of holding, able to carry supplies that would otherwise require dedicated facilities.

When using Resupply, you may pay your Critical cost to recover all uses of one ability on the target that runs on "Uses" instead of "Rounds".

Combat Engineer

Class: Passive (Main)
Sometimes the best use of maintenance equipment is to deny the enemy use of theirs.

When using Repair, you may instead choose to cause one target enemy in the same terrain as you to not benefit from any terrain bonuses for their next turn.

Quick Patch

Class: Will Command
While quickly fixing up an ally, you make an attack against the enemy.

When making an attack against an enemy, gain an additional attack phase in which you may only use Repair or Resupply. Costs 20 Morale.


Class: Passive (Main)
You quickly skirt around the battlefield, fixing only the damage that would prevent the unit from acting before moving on to the next one, in order to make best use of your time.

When in a unit with Repair, you gain either HP Regen 5%. Aura (2) or DP Regen 5%. Aura (2), chosen upon deploy.


The Singer keeps the morale of his or her allies high by playing uplifing songs.

Song Memory

Class: Passive (Main)
You always have a song in your heart.

Choose X CDs. You are always considered to have this/these CD equipped when in units with the Sound Energy System. It does not take up your Sound Energy System CD slots. X is:

Level 4: 1
Level 9: 2
Level 14: 3
Lingering Melody

Class: Passive (Main)
Your songs always manage to stick in the listener's head for just a moment longer.

All Buffs from [M] attacks that have a duration greater then one turn last an extra turn.

Improved Vocals

Class: Passive (Main)
With a little extra effort, your songs seem to have an improved effect on people.

You may increase the Song EN cost of a song by 25% to increase the status effects in it by one level. If the status effects are already level 3, then they are not improved.


Class: Passive (Main)
No matter what you do, your songs always improve the morale of those around you.

Whenever you use an [M] attack, it gains the Morale Boost L1 Buff. If the attack already has Morale Boost, then it increases in level by 1. If it is already level 3, then this ability has no effect.

Unforgettable Harmony

Class: Passive (Main)
Your songs are so memorable that their effects persist even when you're singing something else.

Choose a song that you are able to use in this unit on deployment. During your Regeneration Phase, you may choose to pay that song's Song EN cost to use it as an Aura (1) this turn.


The Scout leads the way, keeping out of sight while they find the enemy and direct their allies in the attack.

Illusion Improvement

Class: Passive (Main)
You are skilled in the use of a illusions, able to get more use out of one then normal.

Illusion negation increased by X, where X is:

Level 4: +10%
Level 9: +20%
Level 14: +30%
Improved Stealth

Class: Passive (Main)
You are very skilled at stealth, even able to slip out of notice when everyone is focused on you.

Cost to activate Stealth is reduced by 5 EN. In addition, the negation granted by Stealth is increased by:

Level 7: 10%
Level 11: 20%
Level 15: 30%
Improved Spotter

Class: Passive (Sub)
You relay detailed information about your spotted target, making your allies' attacks more effective.

Any ally that attacks the target of your Spotter ability after your turn gains an additional +10% weapon damage and weapon accuracy, and -2 Critical Cost.


Class: Will Command
As long as you don't draw attention to yourself, you can melt into the shadows and become unseen.

If you use Stealth or an Illusion during your Defense Phase this turn, and do not attack any enemies this turn, then you are untargetable by any enemy unit during their next turn. Costs 30 Morale.

Force Reconnaissance

Class: Passive (Sub)
You are skilled at operating away from support for long periods of time, in order to give them the information they need to defeat the enemy.

Non-Combatant now also gives it's effect if you are in a terrain that no allied units are in. Morale Charge now also gives you 5 Morale whenever you use Spotter.