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Pilot Classes

Pilot classes form the backbone of your pilots, giving them a baseline of abilities to work from and determining how they fight and what units suit them.

Quick Start Guide to Your First Pilot

Making a pilot for the first time? Look here for a step by step walkthrough.


The Brawler focus on doing damage up close using swords, axes, or even fists. There are two specializations available for Brawler. The Duelist focuses on precise critical strikes with blades, while the Martial Arts Master focuses on stances, fist fighting, and melee techniques.


The Commander is about boosting its allies. They can buff allies by their mere presence or give tactical advice. There are two specializations available for The Commander. The Field Commander specializes in buffing allies and working a situation to their favor. The Drone Commander specializes in utilizing summoned units.


The Defender is all about being tough to kill. They have two specializations. The Tank is centered around pure defense. The Bodyguard sacrifices some defensive ability on themselves to gain a greater focus in protecting allies.


The Gunfighter prefers to keep enemies at a distance while tearing them apart. The Gunfighter possesses two specializations. The Sniper focuses on sniping from the safety of distant terrains. The Artillery Specialist forgoes such concepts as subtly to boost their ability to rain down massive destruction in an area.


The Hero is a generalized class who focuses on a signature type of unit or tactic. The Hero has two specializations. The Brave Hero is the protagonist of an anime series and focuses on becoming better in his show's title unit. The Ace Pilot can use a multitude of units, but always brings his own specific flair (and color scheme) to them.


The Skirmisher is a dodgy, distracting debuffing doer that dashes around the battle field. The Skirmsher possesss two specializations. The Dogfighter becomes untouchable even by the most accurate of attacks. The Distractor forgoes the extreme dodging capability to become such a hinderance to foes that they draw fire for their allies.


The Sub-Pilot isn't any good at going into battle on their own, but they can provide a great service by riding in the back seat. The Sub-pilot possesses two specializations. The Spirit Specialist has more potent and efficient spirit commands. The Co-Pilot lends their skills to their main pilot to make them a force to be reckoned with.

Note: As the Sub-Pilot is highly ineffective on its own, it can not be selected as your first pilot class.


The Supporter is everyone's friend. They lack in the ability to do much damage or defend on their own, but they can nonetheless prove invaluable to a team. The Supporter has two specializations. The Engineer improves the ability to repair and resupply their allies. The Singer wants everyone to listen to their song to get them pumped for a battle.


Taking pilot ability augmentation to the next level!

Spirit Commands

Magic spells~! Know what they do and how you can get them. Set up your own configuration for each pilot class that you own. It's all here~!


Learn new ways to kick ass.

Will Commands

Available Will Commands and their effects will be stored here.

Ace Bonuses

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Rental Pilots

Available pilots you can rent will be stored here.

Sidekicks Database

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