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While engaging an experiment with their newest prototype, the “EAM-10P Englar”, an inconceivable sudden strike was launched upon us by Pilot “EG-04 Mist”. Now, under HER control, our future is being jeopardized as SHE is deploying automatic combat aircraft in the surroundings to attack us. Their newest prototype was developed to have a very powerful beam strong enough to destroy us all. Somehow, we managed to evade a direct hit but have lost most of our arsenal. As the enemy is replenishing their energy and reconstructing their strategy for the second strike, only 3 minutes are left for us to take action.
Your mission is to use what is left and to destroy the prototype. Finding and getting your way to the target might be a difficult task with conventional arms, but since you will be equipped with a power “boost”, you should be able to complete this mission. You are our only hope. We are praying for your success.
- Rockin' Android's official description of the game

It's basically a side-scrolling shooter. As with many doujin games (and honestly, Japanese shooters and fighting games in general), its plot is kind of nonsense and mostly in the form of vague hints towards something like a storyline. It's mostly notable for having a good soundtrack and quite impressive visuals for a doujin game.

Series Details

  • Format: PC Video Game
  • Release Date: December 19, 2008 (Japan) / March 9, 2013 (Worldwide)
  • Alternate Names: cloudphobia (The official title. Due to wiki limitations, lowercase letters can't be used to start the page title.)

Unit List

Imperial Units

Martian/Rebel Units