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Type-X/RPI-13J Sutherland Sieg

Type-X/RPI-13J Sutherland Sief


Replacement Requirement: Rank 7 (FXF-503Y Siegfried)
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Canon Pilot(s): Jeremiah Gottwald
Creator(s): Holy Empire of Britannia/Order of the Black Knights
Machine Type: Knight Giga Fortress



Sutherland Sieg is giant and will ram things to smash them.

Missile Launchers

The Sutherland Sieg mounts six 3-tube vertical launching missile launchers along its body.

Giant Slash Harken

Like the Siegfried, the Sutherland Sieg mounts five giant slash harkens that jut out of the main body like spikes.

Electromagnetic Unit

The Sutherland Sieg retains use of the Siegfried's electromagnetic defense unit.

Long Range Linear Cannon

Sutherland Sieg features a long range linear cannon on the front.

Special Abilities

Radiation Barrier

Sutherland Sieg features a powerful radiation barrier to block attacks.


The Sutherland Sieg is controlled by a docked Sutherland core unit piloted by Jeremiah Gottwald. Should the Sutherland Sieg become too damaged, this unit can be ejected to he can continue fighting.


Following the defeat of V.V. in the Siegfried during the Black Knights' assault on the Geass Order, the remains of the machine are captured and begin to be remodeled for use by Lelouch's retainer, Jeremiah Gottwald. The result is a heavy assault unit piloted by Jeremiah using a Sutherland as a core unit and inheriting the Siegfried's mental control interface. Loyal to Lelouch more than a nation, Jeremiah follows the young man as he becomes the emperor of Britannia, eventually pitting the Sutherland Sieg against Anya's Mordred in battle. Though Mordred holds the advantage, Jeremiah sacrifices the Sutherland Sieg to disable his opponent.

After Zero Requiem, he goes on to become an orange farmer. This has nothing to do with the Sutherland Sieg itself. I just thought it was funny.

Board Code

(Copy and Paste the following code into the board software to get the unit to display properly.)

[b]Type-X/RPI-13J Sutherland Sieg[/b]

HP: 9200, DP: 7000, EN: 120
IS: 2, Move: G, Size: S, Season: 1
Rank: 7, Type: Knight Giga Fortress[/color]

[F] Ram [b](M)[/b]- 1100 damage, 1000 accuracy, 2 EN/attack
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[+] Missile Launchers [b](PAX:6)[/b]- 450 damage, 500 accuracy, 24 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Explosive, Missile, Guided, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[H] Giant Slash Harken [b](PAX:5)[/b]- 1000 damamge, 850 accuracy, 5 EN/attack
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical[/b][/indent]
[H] Electromagnetic Unit- 3250 damage, 3900 accuracy, [b]Paralyze L2[/b], 20 EN/attack, 15 Morale
[indent=1][b]Element: Electricity[/b][/indent]
[+] Long Range Linear Cannon [b](H)[/b]- 5000 damage, 4600 accuracy, [b]Snipe[/b], 3 rounds, 30 Morale
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Bullet[/b][/indent]
[color=#F5F5DC][b]Inherent Abilities:[/b]
1) [b]Radiation Shield (Barrier):[/b] Reduce the damage of all attacks from a single attack phase by 2200.  10 EN per use.
2) [b]Separate (RPI-13J Sutherland J)[/b]