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Combination: AGT-1 Eagle Fighter + AGT-2 Land Cougar + AGT-3 Land Liger + AGT-4 Big Moth
Height: ???
Weight: 34.65 tons
Canon Pilot(s): Shinobu Fujiwara, Sara Yuki, Masato Shikibu, Ryo Shiba
Creator(s): Far East Base
Machine Type: Cyber Beast Machine, Vehicle


Missile Launchers

Dancouga can utilize the various missile launchers of its component robots.

Pulse Laser

Dancouga can fire the Big Moth's now forward facing pulse lasers at enemies.

Dual Cannon Gun

Dancouga can make use of the various cannons of its component units as well.


Dancouga carries a massive handheld energy rifle called the Daigun.


Dancouga can make use of Ryo's marital arts skills and punch an enemy to death.


Dancouga carries a large sword called the Dankuuken that it can use to cleave enemies in half with.


The Big Moth's giant cannon can be deployed from behind Dancouga and charged with energy to unleash a powerful blast at enemies.

Special Abilities

Aggressive Beast

The Cyber Beast Machines feature the Aggressive system which gives the machines a boost in performance when the pilots reach a certain level of anger.

Pilot Seats

Final Dancouga is piloted by Shinobu Fujiwara, Sara Yuki, Masato Shikibu, and Ryo Shiba, requiring all of their spiritual energy to be in synch.


When the four Cyber Beast Machines combine, they become the mighty Dancouga. Utilizng the combined spiritual energy of its four pilots, Dancouga is much greater than the sum of its parts and can lay waste to hordes of enemy forces that choose to challenge it.

Board Code

(Copy and Paste the following code into the board software to get the unit to display properly.)


HP: 9600, DP: 4800, EN: 130
IS: 3, Move: G, Size: L, Season: 2
Rank: 7, Type: Cyber Beast Machine, Super Beast Machine God[/color]

[+]Missile Launchers [b](PSX:8)[/b]- 200 damage, 250 accuracy, 64 rounds
[b]Element: Physical, Explosive, Missile, Guided, Reaction[/b]
[+] Pulse Laser[/b]-  1000 damage, 1200 accuracy, 10 rounds
[b]Element: Energy, Laser, Reaction[/b]
[F][MAM] Tekken [b](MX:3)[/b]- 1000 damage, 1100 accuracy, 5 EN/attack
[b]Element: Physical, Reaction[/b]
[+] Dual Cannon Guns [b](AX:2)[/b]- 1200 damage, 1000 accuracy, 10 rounds
[b]Element: Physical, Explosive, Reaction[/b]
[+] Daigun- 3000 damage, 1900 accuracy, 5 rounds
[b]Element: Energy[/b]
[F] Dankuuken [b](M)[/b]- 3200 damage, 2500 accuracy, 20 EN/attack
[b]Element: Physical[/b]
[+] Dankuuhou [b](H)[/b]- 5400 damage, 4500 accuracy, 30 EN/attack, 30 Morale
[b]Element: Energy[/b]
[color=#F5F5DC][b]Inherent Abilities:[/b]
1) [b]Aggressive Beast[/b]
2) [b]Pilot Seats (4)[/b]