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Proto Getter-1



Purchasing Cost: 100 Credits
Height: 38 meters
Weight: 220 tons
Canon Pilot(s): Ryouma Nagare
Creator(s): Saotome Research Institute
Machine Type: Getter Machine


Getter Punch

Getter Robo is capable of punching things with its hand.

Getter Tomahawk

The Proto Getter-1 carries a large tomahawk which can be used to hit enemies.

Tomahawk Boomerang

The Getter Tomahawk can be thrown like a boomerang.

Getter Beam

A stomach mounted Getter ray emitter fires out and destroys whatever it hits.

Special Abilities

Getter Change

Getter Robos are capable of quickly separating into their component parts and reforming into a different configuration.

Open Get

By separating at just the right moment, Getters are able to dodge incoming attacks.

Pilot Seats

Getters tend to be piloted by three-man teams. Proto Getter-1 is canonically piloted by Ryouma Nagare, Hayato Jin, and Musashi Tomoe.


The Proto Getter Robo is, as the name suggests, a prototype Getter Robo. It was used by the original Getter Team in Super Robot Wars 3 when the original Getter was undergoing repairs. It possesses many of the same features but is not as powerful as the original Getter.

Proto Getter-1 is the aerial use form of Getter Robo and uses the Getter Tomahawk and Getter Beam weapons.

Board Code

(Copy and Paste the following code into the board software to get the unit to display properly.)

[b]Proto Getter-1[/b]

HP: 3200, DP: 1900, EN: 110
IS: 3, Move: F/G, Size: L, Season: 1
Rank: 3, Type: Getter Machine[/color]

[F][MAM] Getter Punch- 350 damage, 350 accuracy, 2 EN/attack
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[F][CC] Getter Tomahawk [b](M)[/b]- 1000 damage, 700 accuracy, 10 EN/attack 
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[H] Tomahawk Boomerang [b](P)[/b]- 350 damage, 500 accuracy x 2, 10 EN/attack 
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical[/b][/indent]
[+] Getter Beam [b](H)[/b]- 2200 damage, 1200 accuracy, 30 EN/attack, 30 Morale
[indent=1][b]Element: Energy[/b][/indent]
[color=#F5F5DC][b]Inherent Abilities:[/b]
1) [b]Change to Proto Getter-2:[/b] The second pilot is the main pilot.
2) [b]Change to Proto Getter-3:[/b] The third pilot is the main pilot.
3) [b]Open Get (400) (Thruster)[/b]
4) [b]Pilot Seats (3)[/b]