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RGC-83 GM Cannon II



Purchasing Cost: 150 Credits
Height: 20 meters
Weight: 66.9 metric tons
Canon Pilot(s): Chuck Keith, Chap Adel, Ben Wooder, Agar
Creator(s): Earth Federation
Machine Type: Mobile Suit


60mm Vulcan Gun

A pair of small rapid firing rotary cannons built into the the head.

Beam Saber

A sword formed from plasma particles contained within a minovsky field. The beam saber is capable of cutting through solid materials and blocking other melee weapons.

90mm GM Rifle

A simple bullpup machine gun used by the Federation in place of more expensive beam rifles.

Beam Cannons

A pair of high powered beam cannons on the back that gives the GM Cannon II it's name.

Special Abilities


A shield mounted on the left arm that's good for deflecting incoming attacks.


A descendent of the GM Cannon (and by extension the Guncannon), the GM Cannon II is heavily protected thanks to having Chobham armor derived from some mobile suit that was supposed to be sent to a kid on White Base. While it's weapons and defense are stronger then the GM Kai or GM Custom it suffers greatly in mobility, allowing other mobile suits to kick it around if it lacks support.

By the time of the Gryps Conflict the Federation had phased out the GM Cannon II, the AEUG managing to get at least two units in their possession.

Board Code

(Copy and Paste the following code into the board software to get the unit to display properly.)

[b]RGC-83 GM Cannon II[/b]

HP: 3800, DP: 2800, EN: 90
IS: 4, Move: G, Size: M
Rank: 4, Type: Mobile Suit[/color]

[+][CS] 60mm Vulcan Gun- 300 damage, 600 accuracy, [b]Accuracy Break L1[/b], 10 rounds
[b]Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction[/b]
[F][MAM] Melee [b](M)[/b]- 450 damage, 450 accuracy, 2 EN/attack
[b]Element: Physical, Reaction[/b]
[F][CC] Beam Saber [b](M)[/b]- 1200 damage, 1000 accuracy, 15 EN/attack 
[b]Element: Energy, Beam, Reaction[/b]
[+][CS] 90mm GM Rifle- 900 damage, 1300 accuracy, 5 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[+] Beam Cannons [b](AX:2)[/b]- 1400 damage, 600 accuracy, 6 rounds, 10 Morale
[indent=1][b]Element: Energy, Beam[/b][/indent]
[color=#F5F5DC][b]Inherent Abilities:[/b]
1) [b]Shield[/b]