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It is the year 0087 of the Universal Century. Following the One Year War and Operation Stardust, the Earth Federation created a elite task force called the Titans to hunt down the remnants of the Principality of Zeon. Soon the Titans proved themselves to be ruthless, committing atrocities to cement the Federation's (and by extent, their) authority. Soon the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) and her Earth-bound cousin Karaba would rise to fight the Titans and root out the corruption growing within the Federation. As the war wages one extraordinary teenager will find himself drawn into it, his actions will define the age to come...

Notable for introducing transforming designs and mid-series upgrades to Gundam, as well as having the first annual sequel in franchise history.

Would be rereleased in a enhanced movie trilogy starting in 2005, merging new scenes made with modern digital animation and remastered traditional animation from the original series. Of the alterations made the largest is the ending, giving it a happier tone then the televised series. These movies proved a major success, the first film coming in third that month at the box office.

A manga retelling, Zeta Define, began serialization in 2011. While it is largely faithful to the anime it does expand and change some parts and redesigns many of the characters and machines.

Series Details

  • Format: 50 Episode TV Series, Movie Trilogy
  • Original Run/Release Date: March 2, 1985 – February 22, 1986 (TV Series), May 28, 2005 (A New Translation I: Heirs to the Stars), October 29th, 2005 (A New Translation II: Lovers), March 4, 2006 (A New Translation III: Love is the Pulse of the Stars)
  • Alternate Names: 機動戦士Ζガンダム (Kidou Senshi Z Gandamu)

Unit List

Anti-Earth Union Group Units

Earth Federation Forces/Titans Units

Axis Units

Republic of Zeon Units

Anaheim Electronics Units