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On the scientific school of Academia Island three students, Tsukigata, Senda, and Omura, felt their talents have gone to waste and leave to join the evil organization Volt. On the night of their departure they are confronted by five of their friends. They end up killing two of them, Takuji and Mari as they leave in a space ship. The remaining three: Yusuke Amamiya, Joh Ohara, and Megumi Misaki joined with Academia's Professor Hoshi to finish suits designed for space exploration that the group was working on prior to Takuji and Mari's deaths. The group also worried about future attacks from Volt and began to prepare against future attack.

Two years later Academia launches a space shuttle, but it is shot down by Volt. Yusuke, Joh, and Megumi are among the survivors, and the three take up the powers of their original project, becoming the Super Beast Squadron Liveman to face their traitorous companions and Volt. Later Takuji and Mari's younger brothers Tetsuya and Junichi join the team.

Super Beast Squadron Liveman is the 12th Super Sentai following Light Squadron Maskman and preceding High Speed Team Turboranger. It is notable for being the first Super Sentai to have two larger robots combine into a single super combiner, for being the last Super Sentai of the Showa era, and for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the franchise (at the time, Secret Squadron Go-Ranger and JAKQ Blitzkreig Squadron were not considered part of the Super Sentai series). It should not be confused with Super Beast Machine God Dancouga, even though both series wear their 80s-ness like a badge on their arm.

Series Details

  • Format: 49 episode TV Series.
  • Release Date: February 27, 1988-February 21, 1989
  • Alternate Names: Choujuu Sentai Liveman, Bioman 3: Liveman (French dub)

Unit List

Super Beast Squadron Liveman Units