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In the final days of World War II the Japanese military sought to complete a superweapon in order to save their empire. After twenty-seven failed attempts, Dr. Kaneda completes a three story tall robot called Tetsujin #28. However, the war is over (Japan lost if you didn't know), and Dr. Kaneda soon dies of heart failure. Tetsujin #28's controller falls into the hands of Dr. Kaneda's ten year old son Shotaro, who uses the power of Tetsujin to stop criminals and other enemy robots.

Or, if you're from America....

In the FAR OFF FUTURE of the year 2000, Jimmy Sparks uses the super robot Gigantor as a defender of peace, fighting criminals and nefarious villains with his allies Bob Brilliant, Dick Strong, and Inspector Blooper.

Notable for being the first giant robot anime. Ever. Also notable for a space age robot whose power is in your hand.

Would be reimagined in 1980 as Emissary of the Sun Tetsujin #28. In 1992 a sequel called Tetsujin #28 FX would be produced. Would be remade as an anime series in 2004 and adapted as a live action film in 2005.

Series Details

  • Format: 97 Episode TV Series (Tetsujin #28), 52 Episode TV Series (Gigantor)
  • Release Window: October 20, 1963-May 25, 1966 (Tetsujin #28), 1964-1966 (Gigantor)
  • Alternate Names: 鉄人28号 (Tetsujin Nijuuhachi-go), Gigantor, Tetsujin 28-go, Iron Man #28

Unit List

Hero Units

Villain Units