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Walker Gallier



Combination: Gallier Hover + Gallier Wheel
Height: 18.6 meters
Weight: 124 tons
Canon Pilot(s): Jiron Amos, Chill
Creator(s): Innocent
Machine Type: Walker Machine


12.7mm Cannon

A small caliber machine gun mounted next to Walker Gallier's head.

20mm Cannon

A small caliber machine gun mounted on Walker Gallier's hips.



Missile Launcher

A 5-tube missile launcher mounted on a platform above Walker Gallier's head while it's using it's Full Equipment pack.

Blast Rifle

A large and powerful ballistic rifle, upgraded over the one found on Xabungle.


A large and powerful bazooka.

Boomerang Idiom

A strange combination boomerang/missile launcher. Part of Walker Gallier's Full Equipment pack.

Gallier Full Power

GALLIER SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH! as it goes all out on the enemy, using everything it's got to pummel it into submission.


Walker Gallier catches an ICBM that fell out of the sky from nowhere, and tosses it at the enemy.

Special Abilities

Pilot Seats

Like a car, there's room enough in the head for two people.

Terrain Limitation

Walker Machines run on diesel engines, and generally have open cockpits. Not to mention that none have any kind of rocket propulsion. As a result, they're unable to operate in space without modification.


An even newer model Walker Machine then the Xabungle, the Walker Gallier is especialyl notable for it's ability to hover over short distances.

In Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, Walker Gallier was notable for being the tankiest machine in the game. Even more-so then Mazinkaiser.

Board Code

(Copy and Paste the following code into the board software to get the unit to display properly.)

[b]Walker Gallier[/b]

HP: 6000, DP: 5000, EN: 130
IS: 3, Move: H, Size: M, Season: 1
Rank: 6, Type: Walker Machine[/color]

[+][CS] 12.7mm Cannon- 600 damage, 800 accuracy, [b]Accuracy Break L1[/b], 10 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[+][CS] 20mm Cannon- 700 damage, 800 accuracy, 10 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[F][MAM] Punch [b](M)[/b]- 800 damage, 700 accuracy, 5 EN/attack
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[+] Missile Launcher [b](PX:5)[/b]- 500 damage, 300 accuracy, 20 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Missile, Guided[/b][/indent]
[+][CS] Blast Rifle- 2100 damage, 1700 accuracy, 5 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction[/b][/indent]
[+] Bazooka- 3000 damage, 1000 accuracy, 5 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Explosive[/b][/indent]
[H] Boomerang Idiom [b](P)[/b]- 3000 damage, 4000 accuracy, 2 rounds
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Missile, Explosive[/b][/indent]
[F] Gallier Full Power [b](H)[/b]- 4000 damage, 3500 accuracy, 60 EN/attack, 30 Morale/use
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical[/b][/indent]
[+] ICBM Toss [b](HS)[/b]- 6000 damage, 5000 accuracy, 1 round, 30 Morale, [b]Rounds Locked[/b], [b]Req: Rank 8[/b]
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Nuclear[/b][/indent]

[b]MAP Attacks:[/b]
[+] ICBM Toss (MAP) [b](HT:3)[/b]- 3000 damage, 3000 accuracy, 30 Morale, uses 1 ICBM Toss round, [b]Req: Rank 8[/b]
[indent=1][b]Element: Physical, Nuclear[/b][/indent]
[color=#F5F5DC][b]Inherent Abilities:[/b]
1) [b]Pilot Seats (2)[/b]
2) Walker Gallier cannot be used in space.
3) ICBM Toss: Rounds cannot be reloaded through any means.