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  1. Virtual-On Operation Moongate: KaVOOM

    Yeah, this still doesn't work on PCSX2 yet, though it emulates at 100% speed now instead of 2 fps.
  2. Pathfinder Bestiary 5: Heresy Devil

    Another silly.
  3. Steam, why...?

    NEW GAMES YOU COULD BUY (if you knew Japanese) (also they're 15 years old)
  4. A cool dog with a bad ass rifle. See, he's chilly, so he's wearing a trenchcoat, and his rifle is both terrible and butts.
  5. Southlands Bestiary: Tzipori

    A completely normal badger. Made out of lava and covered in scales.
  6. Southlands Bestiary: Buraq

    A new entry in the monsters-with-ridiculous-appearance category.
  7. Tome of Horrors Complete: Al-mi'raj

    For when you want to have a bunny kill the wizard, instead of a cat.
  8. Wakaba Girl: Graz'zt Girl

  9. Grisaia: ...lies.

    Stop lying, Makina.
  10. Diablo 3: Green Lantern Crusader

    Look, they gave me a [Green Power Ring], I had to color myself appropriately.
  11. Grisaia: Erotic Bean Jelly

    Oh Sachi.
  12. Diablo 3: There is no cow level

    Really. Certainly this portal doesn't lead to one.
  13. Grisaia: Buttlust

    I blame Regris.
  14. Whirlwind! Iron Leaguer - Overlapping titles

    Since it's apparently just on my end.
  15. Diablo 3: The Doofiest of All Shoulders