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  1. Have a spare Steam copy of Terraria and The First Templar if anyone wants them~

    1. Kashi


      What's the catch with this?

  2. New Units - Zeta Gundam: GM Cannon II, Act Zaku, Dogosse Giar, Musai Kai, Chibe Kai. Edited Units - Minovsky Interference has been updated to match unit rank. Previously most units (read: all made by me) had a static 1000 accuracy reduction. If you own a battleship from Gundam then please update your records.
  3. New Units - Zeta Gundam: GM Quel, GM Custom, Garuda, Alexandria, Alexandria Refit and Lombardia.
  4. New Units - Zeta Gundam: Argama- and Irish-class ships. Edited Units - Ra Cailum has morale costs added to her weapons and her tags fixed. - Rewloola also has morale costs added.
  5. New Units - Zeta Gundam: Mock Gelgoog, Dra-C, Psyco Gundam, Psyco Gundam Mark II, Salamis Kai Edited Units - MAP Funnel and Bit attacks now have Req: Psychic Lexicon Additions - Reflector Bit
  6. New Series - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Lexicon Additions - Bio-Sensor - Psycho-Field
  7. New Units Nothing today! Edited Units Gundam Everything: All Non-Rose Gundam mobile suits have gained Snipe for their bits and funnels to reflect their ability to attack from outside visible range. Gundam X: Bertigo now has a EN cost for it's bits. No more free attacks for you!
  8. New Units Nothing today. Expect a big update later though! Edited Units Crossbone Gundam: Den'an Zon, Zondo Gei, Flint, Batara, Erebado and Vagon all get their beam shields upgraded to be equal in relation to the Crossbone Gundams and F91.
  9. February 2014 ledger: Credit: +29305 from previous months. +1000 v4 Moderator monthly allowance. Debit: +30305 remaining. UXP: Gained: Spent: +0 remaining. Moderator Stipend: Gained: +1000 for the current month Spent: +1000 remaining. Mechdev Giftcards: Credit: +3600 reserved for NUC 0087 devs (2600 from Blaine (September 2011) + 900 from Alicia (April 2012)) +100 from Hiroyuki for Christmas 2013. Debit: +3700 remaining. Gifts:
  10. New Units Crossbone Gundam: Batara and Vagon. Edited Units Crossbone Gundam: Den'an Zon, Zondo Gei and Flint all get the (M) tag for their melee attacks.
  11. New Units Gundam Wing: Mercurius and Vayeate. Edited Units Gundam Wing: Leo has some tag fixes and Tallgeese can no longer survive exploding.
  12. New Units Gundam Wing: Posegeese II and Mobile Suit Crab (Tallgeese II and Cancer) Char's Counter Attack: Char's Custom Battleship (Rewloola) Edited Units Gundam Wing: Tallgeese can now kill itself on command. Char's Counter Attack: A minor one but Ra Cailum has a new description as the last one was pretty nonsensical.
  13. Knew I was forgetting something. It's 1000 credits for the stipend, 3000 total.
  14. It's been awhile since I've done anything SC related. In that time I've let more then a year of stipend money disappear. Yeah, I kind of messed up on that front. So to make up for it I'm going to put down my stipend for this money plus 2000 credits (Edit: 3000 Credits total) towards buying whatever units you want! The only condition is that you can only spend 500 credits total and has to have a Replacement. This means units like Getter-1 and Re-GZ are on the table but not Getter Dragon or Boss Borot. So just post here saying what you got and keep track of how much money has been spent, like so:
  15. Experience Tracker: Gains: Expenditures: Current Experience: 3217