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  1. After many many years of pain and suffering, we SRW fans finally have something resembling a SRW of our own. The guys behind the fan-project SRW Eternity just released a demo, which can be found on their website over at http://srw.eternitychan.org/ To run the game, you need a Windows PC, and to have both the latest XNA Framework and the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed. It's recommended that you have at least 2GB RAM. http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=20914 http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=24872 It's still clearly a work in progress, and they need a ton of help! If you find any glitches or want to complain about a feature, the guys have a few places you can do it in: https://boards.4chan.org/m/res/9483058 (Current 4chan thread, usual 4chan disclaimers apply) #SRWEternity on Rizon, which you can connect to with mibbit or chatzilla if you don't want to bother with an actual IRC client. Emailing them over at suparoboeternity@gmail.com. I've been following this game closely since pretty much day 1, and many of the people working on it are my friends, so that's a bit of a disclaimer for this post I reckon :V But I've always wanted to have a real western-made SRW fangame that doesn't use any japanese engines, and I'm sure that whenever the engine is actually done other people will pick it up to make derivatives. Maybe it will be the next RPG Maker! (it won't)
  2. So, Merry Christmas and everything. Do you like Portuguese music? No, of course you don't. Can you point out Portugal in a map? If you can, feel free to take ONE OF THESE. Offer limited to three, post ITC when you claim it.
  3. December 2012 Previous month: 1082 Gains: 500 - monthly salary Losses: 1260 - 3x GF42-035NP-2 Codfish Gundam Total: 272
  4. it's like i'm really in /m/ on-topic: german accents, more bigass fuckoff events, UWM getting reset because nimbus is a bad guy
  5. Is aniverse down?

    1. Blaine Kodos
    2. Kold of Caelin

      Kold of Caelin

      We should move to rizon. <3 rizon.

  6. December 2010 Previous month: 582 Gains: 500 - monthly salary Losses: Total:1082
  7. Evo Points: 0
  8. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Units FAVORITE SERIES Evolution Points: 0 Gurren-Lagann Statistics: HP: 5200, EN: 250, AGI: 270 IS: 2, Move: F/G/W, Size: S, Rank: 11 Weapons: Lagann Impact [Override]- 200 damage, Drill, Modular Override: Gunmen, 30 EN and 30 SP/attack [+10%] Melee (M)- 1000 damage [+0%] Wrist Drills- 800 damage # 2, Drill, 5 EN/attack [+10%] Shades Sword (M)- 1600 damage [+0%] Drill Missiles (F:3)- 500 damage/3 EN, Drill [+20%] Palm Drill (V:6)- 500 damage/5 EN, Drill [+20%] Boomerang Glasses (P)- 1000 damage x 2, 5 EN/attack [+20%] The Blazing Man's Flaming Chariot Kick!!- 3000 damage, 15 EN/attack [+20%] Double Boomerang Final (PS)- 2000 damage x 2, 15 EN/attack [+20%] Giga Drill (V:6)- 1000 damage/8 EN, Armor Pierce, Drill [+20%] Spiral Beam (BV:4)- 2000 damage/12 EN [+10%] Giga Drill Break- 300 damage # 2, Stun & 8000 damage, Barrier Pierce, 70 EN/attack [+30%] MAP Attacks: Multi-directional Drill Assault (D:4)- 3500 damage, Drill, 20 EN/attack [+10%] Giga Drill Shaker (I:5)- 5000 damage, Drill, 40 EN/attack [+0%] Giga Drill Tornado (I:4)- 6000 damage, 40 EN/attack [+0%] Omni-directional Spiral Missiles (PD:12)- 5000 damage, Drill, 50 EN/attack [+20%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Spiral Weapon, Gunmen 2) Shield: Shield Usage x 2 3) Countercut: Shades Sword 4) Countershoot: Drill Missiles, Spiral Beam 5) Damage Received -15% 6) Burrow 7) Dotou Gattai (Arc-Gurren-Lagann): Gurren-Lagann (Lead Unit), Arc-Gurren. Req: 5 Evo Points on Lagann. When this ability is used, restore HP, EN, and DP to full, only once per battle. 8) Lagann Impact [Override]: If this attack is used, automatically dismount. If this attack hits, Lagann is considered the initiating unit for Modular Override. Acquirement Method: Lagann and Gurren must be in your inventory. This is a combined unit. Pilot Slots: 2
  9. King of Braves GaoGaiGar Units FAVORITE SERIES
  10. Achievement Progress stats: Months of Playtime: 31 (to claim: Ensign <reward only>, Lieutenant<reward only>, Captain<reward only>) Amount of SC Battles Done: Amount of PA Battles Done: Credits spent repairing: 0 Kills: 0 Pilot Classes: 2 --maxed Seishin classes: 0 --maxed Skill classes: 0
  11. Fight Record: SC: PA: Others:
  12. Amount of Favorites allowed: 8 (31 months playtime = 7 favorites) Favorite Series: 1) Banpresto Originals: Mao Industries 2) Mobile Suit Gundam 00 3) Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann 4) King of Braves GaoGaiGar 5) Mazinger Saga 6) Getter Robo Saga 7) Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 8) Aim for the Top! 2 Units Bought units: 38 Evolved units: 5 Frames: Launcher Strike Pack Eternal Counterstriker Gundam Astray Red Flight Unit Power Loader Gao Machines Stealth Gao II Assault Shroud G-Dash Parts Data Frame "Gallade"
  13. Items owned: (2) Repair Kits (2) Propellant Tanks (2) Spare Batteries (2) Reloaders (1) Mobile Doll System (1) Green Haro (1) Grapple Sensor (1) Hi-Performance Targeter (1) Large Generator (1) Chogokin Z (1) Giga Generator (1) G-Wall Generator (1) Phase Shift Armor (1) Brave Hero's Crest (1) Hybrid Armor (1) Hitomi's Pendant (1) Key of Victory (2) Mother's Stew (1) Mega Generator (1) V-Up Unit (U) (1) Chobam Armor (1) T-Link Sensor 3010 in Arsenal Gift Cards 1000 in Hangar Giftcards 500 in Mechdev Giftcards Chips:
  14. Go add the oled stuff from here please! When i have more time i'll be sure to list whatever's missing~ that makes it just Lieutenant, Captain, Spirited and Split Personality left from ye olde days
  15. Pilot 2 Pilot Info: Name : Tethys of Caelin Alias : The Aqua Princess Country of Origin : Chile DOB : Apr 16 1983 Height : 1.76 m Weight : ??? kg Pilot Specialty : Ranged combat, evasion Theme: Northern Lights - ballad version~Megumi Hayashibara Level: not calculated yet, fuck you SP : 100 Inherent Abilities - Dodge Cost -10% - Countercut Cost: 7 AP - Countershoot Cost: 5 AP - -type Weapon Damage +25% - Target's Dodge Cost +15% - Critical Class: Active During an attack phase, you may pay 9 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead. Attributes: RANGE (Increases -type weapon damage and improves Countershoot) * Level 2: -type Weapon Damage +25%, Countershoot Cost -1 EVADE (Reduces dodge cost) * Level 2: Dodge Cost -10% ACCURACY (Increases target's dodge cost and improves Countershoot) * Level 2: Target's Dodge Cost +15%, Countershoot Cost -1 Will Gauge Class: Active (Main) As pilots progress through battle, they gain morale or plot their next move. This is represented by a 10-step scale called the Will Gauge. At pilot creation, you may choose four abilities that cost Will Gauge to activate. The abilities do not have any cost to acquire; you may simply pick four. Ranges between 0 and 10. Gain 1 Will counter each turn during your Regen Phase. Will counters can be expended to give different effects. Will abilities are activated during the Spirit Command Phase. * Newtype Flash: Costs 2 Will. Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +30% for this turn. Requires Psychic Energy. * Elude: Costs 3 Will. Gain Dodge Cost -15% this turn. This counts as a terrain effect. * Volley: Costs 4 Will. Gain 1 additional attack phase this turn. During this attack phase you may only use type attacks. You may only use this ability once per turn. * Psychic Pressure: Costs 4 Will. Disables all attack phases of a single target for one turn. The target gains Damage Received +25% (to be calculated as a Pilot Ability) and Dodge Cost +10% for their next turn only. Requires Psychic Energy. This is considered a Status Attack. Seishin List N/A Pilot Skills N/A Pilot Techniques N/A PP Stats Current PP : 1975 PP Gains: 1975 - PREVIOUSLY ON THE SIMULATION CHAMBER Gain total: 1975 PP Losses: Loss Total : 0 Number of battles: 2