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  7. Great, thanks for the tips, I'll show up there when I'm ready for a fight. Also appreciate the link to that thread, would be a pretty big help to get some extra credits right off the bat. So I guess we're both pretty new, perhaps we will see each other around and have a fight sometime.
  8. Hi new guy here, I'd really appreciate it if ya could gift me 1500 to get started with. Thank you very much~!
  9. Just a new member and mecha anime fan saying 'Hi everyone'. I must admit, as interesting as this place looks, it's a little complicated for me. I hope that my distinct lack of any math skills won't deter me from really giving this a shot. I'm curious to know where a newbie should start when it comes to fighting? I'll be spending some time learning the rules and hopefully setting up a unit or two within the next few weeks and I'd like to know where to show up once I'm ready to have a simple fight, sos I can learn the ropes and whatnot.
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