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  1. HEY IT'S V4 AND MECHDEV IS CLOSED FOR NOW BUT HEY THIS IS STILL OPEN also I better write this shit down before I forget I came up with it today. IT'S A TIME TRAVEL ROBOT. IT CHOOSES ITS PILOTS. They fight time-travelling monster demons and villains from everywhere and piloting the robot is supertough because of all the time travel messing with your brain and body, but it's totally cool because the robot has counter-measures to insanity. Which is a good thing. It totally has moves left behind by its previous pilots like NEED MORE JIGGAWATTS (or something). Current pilot is some teenager that's a guy or a girl I dunno I'll figure that out later. It's tough piloting a superpowered ultimate time travelling robot. (that's all I got for backstory) --- Characters Pilot-san: The pilot. Do not know anything about him/her yet. Will figure out later. Last name may actually be Pilot. --- Attack Specifications: Modification - Deceleration: A sword slash, that if it hits, causes whatever it hits to slow down. Modification - Acceleration: A sword slash, that if it hits, causes whatever it hits to super-age and degrade. Time Paradox: Ultimate attack. Can only be used after super fusion between pilot and machine. Gathers up every variation of the pilot & machine from every possible timeline and puts them all in one spot, along with every variation of the target through all timelines and then just totally wrecks them across all times and space and whatever because that's awesome. Systems/Generators/Etc.: Frame Modifications: Something Like Haste But Better Because There's Two Of You: Time Slip: DOUBLE IMAGE Teleport: TIME TRAVEL Mind/Body/Machine Synchronization: Because TIME TRAVEL is harsh on the mind and totally fucks you up, the robot has a way to 'download' the pilot's mind and put it into the machine in order to mitigate the effects of the robot's abilities. It isn't automatic, it has to be triggered, and the process takes a while and places massive strain on the pilot's psyche at the beginning, but it gradually becomes a smoother processes as the pilot becomes more experienced with the machine.
  2. So. I won one of these because I'm Chinese and better at spotting red envelopes than the rest of you. Unfortunately, I don't actually participate in the SC that much anymore, so it leaves me with one of the red envelopes that I am now giving away. Normally I'd give it to Regris because he's actually doing MechDev work but I don't think he fights anymore. So that means I'm giving it to Master Kruz because of the work he puts into the SC. It might as well be rewarded. Or something like that. Enjoy your 800 Credits, Kruz. If you use them or something.
  3. They Never Will Be Close Enough

  4. Phoenix Wright: Yuri For All

  5. How Blunt

  6. Location: Fort Esperanza, Hangar (101st Assault Squadron) Time: 1300 Hours - ??? The area of the hangar devoted for your use is already bustling with activity as various techs and mechanics make sure your Peacekeepers are ready for deployment. Evan is already there, a clipboard in his hand as he helps direct traffic. If you wanted a modification or upgrade to your unit, he'd be the one to ask.
  7. Location: Fort Esperanza, Barracks Time: 1300 Hours - ??? This is the combined PX, cafeteria, and recreational facility for Fort Esperanza. Bustling with staff and other pilots, rich (maybe) smells of food assault your nose (whether or not you like the smells is another matter). Alongside the PX open to the staff for random purchases are several food places. None of them would ever be considered five-stars, but this place has the restaurant for the location. For those on the go is the Fast Five, a combination burger and sandwich place. For those who are health conscious, there's always the salad bar. And for those who are treating that special someone, the finest place in the area is known as the Hyperlight restaurant. As for the recreational area, there's an indoor gym, a smallish arcade, and even an indoor combination arena that can be modified for football, baseball, soccer, and in some cases, even ice hockey. It's pretty well maintained and there have already been small teams created by some of the squadrons and pilots.
  8. Location: Fort Esperanza, Barracks Time: 1300 Hours - ??? Your assigned quarters are tucked in a corner of the barracks. Clean, pristine, and glistening with newness (which is odd considering this isn't exactly a new base), a single one-person room is assigned to each pilot. Your name and squadron assignment are bolted onto the door and inside is a simple bed, closet, television, and personal computer. Besides that, each room is rather spartan in appearance and has extra uniforms already hung within the closet. You're also sharing the barracks with two other squadrons...namely the squadrons you'll be participating with in this operation. If you felt like it, you could visit the pilots of the Honking Hooters Squadron and the Diamondback Squadron.
  9. "No questions then? All right. Lieutenant Richards, the lights please. And bring up Operation Liberation, Salzwedel Stronghold." Colonel Smith said with slight cough. Annabelle quickly did was she was told and soon a bird's eye view of the western border of Dremar came into focus. The area to the right of the border was colored red while the area to the left was colored blue. The colonel clears his throat again as he pulls out a pointer and taps at a cluster of small blue squares and circles at the bottom left of the map. "Let's get to business then. This is our staging point, Fort Esperanza. A week from now on Janus 8th at 0600 hours, we'll be assaulting this area right here..." He moves the pointer towards a set of three squares. "This is where our first target is. Salzwedel Stronghold. It's centered in the middle of the Casalas Mountains and blocks the only pass through the mountains. Normally this wouldn't pose a problem with our transports, but the weather conditions in that area are rather fierce and you can expect frequent snowstorms while traveling through the area. Capturing this stronghold will give us closer entry point to the Dremar heartland. Suffice to say, you might want to stock up on winter gear. Hopefully we won't be staying there long, but it never hurts to be prepared." "The center square is our main target and the ones to the left and right are smaller outposts. The outposts are considered insignificant in terms of military strength and thus the plan is to simply charge in and strike hard and fast before they know what hit them. Nevertheless, I like to be cautious so smaller strike teams will be assaulting the outposts at the same time we assault the main fortress." He takes a drink of water. "Considering what our intelligence says about the forces in the area, we should have no problems. Only a token force is in place at the area as it seems that Grenovia is busy suppressing rebels near the capital." "The 101st Assault Squadron will form the vanguard of the assault and you'll be receiving support from Diamondback Squadron, another Peacekeeper squadron, as well as..." He sighs for a bit. "The Honking Hooters, which will be your air support." He shakes his head. "We should approximately have three times the firepower than the force Grenovia has at the location." "Now, that is all. If you have any questions, please ask. If you don't, Lieutenant Richards will show you to your rooms. Feel free to explore the base and gets used to the area. You'll be here for a week and it's possibly we may be stationed here again." (OOC: From now on this is 'free time'. It'll be three weeks before the next plot thread and in this time, you can chat with your fellow RPers or NPCs. New locations will be opened up and you can visit those as well. If you wish to keep something private (for some reason), simply PM me on IRC and we can do a private social. I don't know why you'd want to do that, unless you want to be sneaky. Or...something. If you have a place you want to go to, just tell me and I'll open a new thread :V)
  10. Yuri Doujins Have The Best Dialogue

  11. "Hmm..." Colonel Smith lets out a slight sigh as the introductions finish. "The best and brightest from Chevalet Blanc's training programs, huh? Well, I suppose a little bit of personality can't hurt in battle, can it? After all...I can name a few groups that excelled even while being...a rather interesting set of misfits. I just hope that your various quirks won't cause troubles in this squad." "Now, before I move on to the mission briefing and what you'll be doing while you're stationed in Fort Esperanza, I have a few other people to introduce to you all. They won't be fighting alongside of you, but each of their jobs is important. Treat them well and you'll be treated well. If you act like an ass, don't be surprised to find out that things go less than smoothly for you." He clears his throat and motions to Richards, who runs over to open the front door of the briefing room. Three people immediately enter, all of them dressed in some sort of military uniform. The leader, a middle-aged man with a slight of pudge on his body, looks distinctly uncomfortable in the uniform as he marches to the front and tucks a cigarette into his mouth. He's about to light it before he remembers just exactly where he is and immediately pockets it with an embarrassed blush before tugging the brim of his cap lower to block out some of his face. "The name's Evan Rodgers. I'm the chief engineer assigned to you guys, so count on me to fix whatever dings and pits you put into those machines of yours. Ain't top of the line, but they're certainly worth a pretty penny, so I think the top brass would appreciate it if you didn't run around letting yourself get filled with holes, aight?" The second in line is an older woman at least fifty years in age. Her grayish-black hair falls in lazy waves down her back as she scans the room, looking at all of you briefly before nodding slightly. A small smile settles on her lips as she begins her introduction. "I'm the requisitions officer...although that's more of a glorified title than anything else. My name's Tricia Hamilton and if you need something, I'll do my best to see that it gets here. I cannot and will not make guarantees, but I consider myself a good wheeler and dealer. Books, special food, games, videos, adult entertainment, whatever you want. Although if you must order the latter, please do it discreetly." "Ah...ahh, I guess that would be my cue, right?" A rather young woman who can't be past her teens pipes up, a bright expression on her face as she hefts up a camcorder and pans it across the room. While she's wearing the Chevalet Blanc uniform, it's a lot less...formal that the others? The shirt isn't tucked and she's gone out of her way to make a few modifications to the uniform to make it stand out more. There's a slight accent in her voice as she fiddles with the machine. "Just give me bright smiles when you see the camera. Anyway, the name's Emily. Emily Spaling. I'm a member of the Galactic Broadcasting Company. GBC. Surely you've heard of us, right? Have you? Well, that doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm the journalist that got assigned to you guys. The execs at GBC think having a wartime documentary showing real life events of the war going on here in Fantasia will get massive ratings back home." She sighs. "Yet they sent a green rookie to do their filming for them. I mean, don't get worried! I'm good at filming. Masterful, even! But I wasn't expecting something like this to be my first job...." Colonel Smith interjects with a clearing of his throat as he continues. "What the young lady says is correct. Unfortunately, as things go...we're going to have to deal with their whims. Miss Spaling will mostly be keeping her presence known at the base, but she may accompany us during actual missions in a reconnaissance unit. I'm sure none of you signed up to be a glorified escort or anything like that, but it might be necessary." "Sorry!" Emily says apologetically. "I'm...kind of good using one of those Peacekeeper things. My dad was a pilot and he told me some tricks but...I'll try not to be as big of a burden." "Now...onto us two." Colonel Smith continues. "Lieutenant Richards, if you would?" "All right." She nods her head, brushing some hair out of her face as she speaks. "My name is Lieutenant Annabelle Richards. Lieutenant Richards, Anna, Lieutenant Anna, whatever. Feel free to call me any of those. I'm from Polaris Prime, one of the Chevalet Blanc core worlds, and I recently graduated from the accelerated training course at Polaris Prime's Fort Magdalene. I'm...a mediocre pilot at best and I like to think I'm a better shot than I am with a sword, but I can work with both easily. My real skill comes from planning and tactics, which is why I've been assigned as Colonel Smith's second-in-command. It'll be his job to map out the big plans and maneuvers, but it's my job to tell him all the things he's doing wrong. If you have any questions or want to do things when we're off-duty, feel free to ask me when I'm in my quarters." "Thank you." The colonel gives Richards a slight nod before beginning his own speech. "My full name is Colonel Henry Smith. I've been in the military for ten years; first as a grunt and then I worked my way up the ladder. I've participated in several operations that are occurring in other contested zones, but this will be my first time working in Fantasia. This will be a new experience for me and for all of you, so I hope we'll be able to help each other through the process. I'll be directing you from our command vessel, although I can fight on the battlefield if the need calls for it." "Now that the basic introductions are over, if you have any questions you want to ask before we get to the briefing, please ask them now."
  12. Just as the title says. I recently got Ogre Battle 64 on Virtual Console and because I can, I decided to let people determine the hero's name, birthday, traits, and am also letting you guys rename people inside his army. So what do I specifically need from you? I need a name and a class you might want to be in the future (Classes and descriptions of said classes can be found here: http://lparchive.org/Ogre-Battle-64/Update%2002/). Obviously those with Taken next to the name are already claimed soldiers and I won't be renaming them. However, if it doesn't have the phrase (taken) and doesn't have (Will promote to blah blah), then you can claim that character slot for yourself. There'll be more slots opening up in the future (maybe possibly) so just gimme a name, a class, and what unit you want to replace and it'll be good. By the way if you say you want to be a Beast Tamer I hope you don't mind sitting out for fucking ever because I hate that class so much. Of course, I'll post periodic updates as to how people are doing (sans screenshots since I'm playing on the Wii and have no way to do screenshots of it at the moment). So what do we have so far?! Squad 1 Our Fearless Leader: Bitches Gallant (Can't Rename) Soldier A: Allen - Wizard (Taken) Soldier B: Yuu - Cleric (Taken) -> Dragon Tamer (Name: Ciel) Soldier C: Jeanette - Amazon (Taken) -> Dragon Tamer Soldier D: Otoha - Amazon (Taken) -> Dragon Tamer Squad 2 Our Fearless Leader: Silkroad - Fencer (Taken) -> Swordmaster Soldier A: Nimbus - Fencer (Taken) -> Swordmaster Soldier B: Katreda - Cleric (Can't Rename) Soldier C: Regris - Ninja (Taken) -> Ninja Master (Name: ChrisFarley/Chris F.) Soldier D: Hayate - Ninja (Taken) -> Doll Master Squad 3 Our Fearless Leader: FakingIT - Archer (Taken) Soldier A: Almaz - Sorceress (Taken) -> Princess Soldier B: Hiiragi - Amazon (Taken) -> Valkyrie Soldier C: Russell - Knight Soldier D: Randolph - Knight Squad 4 Our Fearless Leader: Diomedes (Can't Rename) Soldier A: Tiara - Archer Soldier B: Dumb Soldiers (Will Promote to Female Amazon) Soldier C: Rance - Berserker (Taken) -> Black Knight Soldier D: Asnabel - Berserker (Can't Rename) Squad 5 Our Fearless Leader: Pamela - Sorceress Soldier A: Leah - Knight (Taken) -> Paladin Soldier B: Nerem - Valkyrie (Taken) (Name: Lira Ordin) Soldier C: Ariel - (Will Promote to Female Amazon) (Taken) -> Valkyrie Soldier D: D3k - Ninja (Taken) -> Paladin (Name: Davennial) Squad 5 Our Fearless Leader: Leia (Can't Rename) Soldier A: Zora - Valkyrie Soldier B: Comet - Valkyrie Soldier C: Katrina - Amazon Soldier D: Roza - Amazon Squad 6 Our Fearless Leader: Troi (Can't Rename) Soldier A: Kruzzy - Dumb Soldiers (Will Promote to Male Fighter) -> Archmage Soldier B: Clyde - Beast Tamer Soldier C: Tara - Hellhound (Taken) Soldier D:
  13. It has come to my attention that Ace Custom got remodeled. As such, pretty much everyone in this RP will have to redo their Ace Custom buys because duh. As for Largo's question, the obvious answer is "I'm going to tell you."
  14. "O-Oh...um, thank you." The young woman says in reply to Dudley, surprise apparent in her expression and voice as she takes it in a hand. She begins to smell it, but a gruff clearing of the throat by her superior quickly reigns in her curiosity and she sticks it behind her back. Your commander gives you all a stern, appraising look before quickly nodding his head. Clearing his throat again, he states in a calm, but loud voice, "The name's Colonel Smith. I'm sure you all already know, but you'll be under my command for Operation Liberation and I expect nothing from the best out of all of you. The hopes of Chevalet Blanc rests on your shoulders, so you better be ready to carry that weight." With that brief introduction, he turns and walks away, motioning for you all to join him. The young woman also follows, coming into the middle of the group with a small, innocent smile on her face. "He'll probably make me introduce myself again, but the name's Lieutenant Richards. I'm from Polaris Prime...you know, one of the alliance core worlds. I'm not that good of a fighter...I'm more of a strategist and tactician, but I'm just a beginner at that too. Which is why I'm studying under Colonel Smith. I um...well, I'll definitely try my best, so please take care of me, all right?" A slight laugh escaped from her lips before she jogs up to Colonel Smith, soon becoming engrossed in conversation with her superior. You can hear some snatches of their discussion. Something about initial tactics, troop strengths, what sort of resistance could be expected...the usual, you suppose. As for where your commander is leading you, it's somewhere else in Fort Esperanza. You leave the bustling hangar and enter the open-air complex grounds. The air is a little harsh and irritating and you can see more than one person holding paper face masks to their mouths. Eventually, though, Colonel Smith leads you into another building; which turns out to be an overly large briefing room. Built for at least forty people to plan and converse, it has the appearance of a very small scale lecture hall. Colonel Smith motions to the seat and murmurs a quick "Choose whatever seat you want." before going to the front. Lieutenant Richards quickly joins him, going behind the podium and turning on the computer and projector. "All right. First things first. For the next several months, you will be fighting and killing together. You will stay in the same barracks, eat the same food, and train together as one. I am not requiring you to be the best of friends or even friends, but I want...no, I need you all to realize that you must work as a team, because you are one. And in order to operate as a team, you all will need to know your fellow soldiers' own personal quirks and fighting styles." Colonel Smith continues talking. "I don't know if you talked on the way here but that doesn't matter now. I want introductions. Keep them brief. Main requirements are name, how you fight, and how best you think you will serve this unit. Feel free to add additional information if you think it's relevant, but I do not want to hear about how you like to watch videos about fluffy kittens online. Feel free to do that on your own time."
  15. Location: Fort Esperanza Time: 1100 Hours It's a bleak morning as your transport ship arrives at Fort Esperanza, the choking smog and clouds of Miith blocking most of the bright sunlight from view. However, the poor air quality doesn't effect you as the transport lands in one of Fort Esperanza's many hangars. There's a slight crackle as the speakers within the transport ship turn on and you hear the pilot's voice. "Welcome to Fort Esperanza, home of the famous triple-decker hamburger. Ask the cafeteria about their special menu and tell 'em that Ironhead sent you. Thank you for flying Calamity Airlines and please keep us in mind for all your military traveling needs." There's a slight wheeze and grind of pistons as the doors of the transport open and a tide of new Chevalet Blanc recruits exits the ship, you included. Out on the floor is the purest example of organized chaos; people milling back and forth as they head for their assigned locations, commanders and leaders shouting above the din to help direct traffic, and even the occasional news team no doubt filming the scene for movies back at home. As you take your first steps on the floor, you see a young woman waving a sign in the air that says "101st Assault Squadron." She's rather young, probably just only twenty years of age. She has a bright, innocent expression on her face as she continues waving the sign and waiting for you all to assemble together. She's wearing the standard Chevalet Blanc uniform, a white and sky-blue combination that seems to radiate 'newness'. By her side is an older gentleman who also wears the military uniform. Several medals hang from his breast pocket and he rubs at the stubble on his chin as he looks at the new recruits filling the hangar. His expression is cold and calculating and he's holding a folder of...something under his shoulder. Perhaps personnel profiles? Either way, simply judging by how they look, you can guess that he's probably your actual commander. It also seems obvious that he doesn't like tardiness. Best go up there and introduce yourself. The first chapter of your military life is beginning now...it wouldn't do to start that chapter with a black mark, now would it?