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  1. Post needs a little clean-up, but the data should be current enough. (Character picture coming soon) Alexis Holland (Original) Class: Hero Level: 1 SP: 100/100 Attributes: Melee: +3 (+4 in Mobile Suit) Range: +5 (+6 in Mobile Suit) Defense: +3 Mobility: +5 Skill: +4 Note to self: AP is 10 + Skill x 5, so usually 70 AP default. (These started at 2/4/2/4/3 before class modifiers at Level 1. Skills increased these values afterward.) Abilities: Starting Attribute Bonuses: +1 to all Attributes at level 1. Morale Charge: Morale cost of all Will Commands and (H) attacks reduced by 5, to a minimum of 10. Critical: During an attack phase in which you attack a single target, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +10% and Accuracy +10% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead. Heroic Training: This class gains more skills than others. Spirit Commands: Iron Wall (L1) – 15 SP ( ) Skills: Unit Specialization (Mobile Suit) (grants Unit Focus below) Unit Focus (Mobile Suit) Masoukishin Herald (grants Magic User below) Magic User Techniques: None yet? Ace Bonus: None yet? Wills: None yet? XP Tracker: 0, New Player Total: 0
  2. Layout broadly taken from Umbaglo's ARC to ensure format compliance as I am a new player as of mid-April 2014. Can be changed to an original format on request. Pilots: - Alexis Holland - (Uncreated 2nd Pilot. Will deal with this once I'm more comfortable with SimChamber) - (Uncreated 3rd pilot, slot unlocked by Tilus via stipend use, please reference my Credit Depository. Thank you Tilus! Will define this pilot soon.) Classes: Hero (Undetermined second class. Will choose later once more comfortable with the game.) Sidekicks: - ??? Unsure if I have any. Guessing 'No.' Moderators, please advise? Floating PPs: ??? Guessing none. Moderators please advise. ----- = ??? PP Milestones: None to player's knowledge?
  3. (This post left blank as moderator workspace.)
  4. Full stats not posted yet as I'm a new player and wish to ensure I understand things right before I do extra paperwork for three more machines. I will solely be using the Jegan at this time until I understand SimChamber better. Units: Summary List (not sorted by Series): Unit Exp: RGM-89 Jegan: 0 Re-GZ (Basic): 0 Alteisen (Basic): 0 Weltall (Basic): 0 By Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Re-GZ (Basic) RGM-89 Jegan - BASE STATS HERE Stats below assume Pilot 1, Alexis, is using this machine and A-Up S item has been equipped. (Just not yet though. Will edit this post as I update stats. Doing it a step at a time.) Statistics: HP: 4290, DP: 7050, EN: 105 IS: 4, Move: G, Size: M, Season: 2 Rank: 4, Type: Mobile Suit, Gundam Weapons: Vulcan Gun Pod- 390 damage, 780 accuracy, Accuracy Break L1, 10 rounds Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction Melee (M)- 540 damage, 540 accuracy, 2 EN/attack Element: Physical, Reaction Beam Saber (M)- 1440 damage, 1200 accuracy, 15 EN/attack Element: Energy, Beam, Reaction Beam Rifle- 1820 damage, 1040 accuracy, 5 rounds Element: Energy, Beam, Reaction Missiles (P)- 1820 damage, 2210 accuracy, 4 rounds Element: Physical, Explosive, Missile, Guided Grenades- 3380 damage, 2340 accuracy, 2 rounds, 20 Morale Element: Physical, Explosive Inherent Abilities: 1) Shield: Missiles 2) Dummy Balloon Launcher: Same effects as Countermeasures Super Robot Wars Impact Alteisen (Basic) – Player is aware of DP change to this unit on April 15, 2014 Xenogears Weltall (Basic)
  5. Perishables: Rank 1 Propellent Tank x3 (Starter Pack) Reloader Cartridge x3 (Starter Pack) Repair Kit x3 (Starter Pack) Spare Battery x3 (Starter Pack) Installables: Rank 1 A-Up Unit S (Purchased 4-15-2014 for 200 Credits) – Currently in Use on RGM-89 Jegan if not otherwise specified Sidekicks: ??? Custom Modules: ??? Account: ???
  6. Favorite Series Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Super Robot Wars Impact Xenogears Legacy Favorite Series None, new player as of Season 4 (April 2014) Fight Tracker: None as of April 16, 2014
  7. Layout copied from Xemoposacez's AM for compliance purposes as I am a new player. Can change to a new format upon request. Links: ARC Information Credit Depository Items List Units List
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  9. April 2014 Credits and Expenditures Income: +1500 Gift from Tilus on proviso it be used for a third pilot slot. (Will link to proper post when that goes up in Tilus' AM; this was first done on IRC at approx. 3:17 AM EST on April 18, 2014, "***Tilus spends 1500 credits out of his stipend. alexis, you now have a third pilot.") Expenditures: -1500 (Unlocking Third Pilot Slot) Sum for April 2014 thus far: Not the same as Balance in post above. 0 Credits QUESTION TO MODERATORS: Do I get April monthly allowance despite joining on/around April 16 2014, or will I need to wait for next month? If YES, how much? 500 Credits?
  10. Starting Credits: +500 (Starter Pack) Total: +500 Starting Expenditures: Attention Moderators: This list was significantly edited on April 16, 2014 prior to any formal ruling from you. The primary change was removing a Blowel (at full value as I have yet to actually play, or be approved at time of writing) and restoring 150 credits accordingly. This note will be removed upon approval. -0 UNIT: Weltall (Basic) (0 from Season 4 Favorite Series acquisition) -0 UNIT: Alteisen (Basic) (0 from Season 4 Favorite Series acquisition) -0 UNIT: Re-GZ (Basic) (0 from Season 4 Favorite Series acquisition) -105 UNIT: RGM-89 Jegan (Normally150, but 30% discount for Char's Counterattack Favorite Series in Season 4) -200 ITEM: A-Up Unit S Total: -305 Doing the Math: +500, -305 = 195 Credits Current Balance as of April 16, 2014: 195 Credits Blue Stones: 0? (New Player. Guessing 0.)
  11. (This post left blank for moderator workspace)