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  1. Hi again~ As a new comer~ I think I need manuals on how to fit in~ Factions~ Every somesort~ xD Or I might go Zero System here lol xD
  2. Welcome back~
  3. Uhm Hello~ Allow me to Introduce Thyself~ Im Physxalis~ Im Just new here. So I found this on google when I checked out I think I found My haven~ SRW Peeps~ So Far. Im A Fan Of SRW Myself~ Notable Mechs that I Adore are~ -Excellence Series -VOOT Series (Hi Fei~) -Vysaga -Bellzelute (I Demand This Mech to Be Reoccured T.T) -Raftklanz (Is Laftkranz?) -Forte Gigas~ It'll Be Pleasure If Someone whose are Veterans here can Tour me on this Heavenous Forums~ and other Occuring Activities happening~ Looking forward to talk and Interact with you guys~ *winks*