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  1. more crossbone in my potential arsenal? Sure, WHY NOT??? X1 taken~ One Crossbone X-1 given.
  2. anything that I made should not be readded until further notice. I am pretty sure I'll remake a good majority of them, but it's more of a fact that I want other stuff prioritized before coming to something....."unique" === Anything that is not noted here are ok to convert to v4 A Certain Network Persona: 1, 2 and 3 > Please Refund me the dev. I will NOT remake this BEAT OUT! Gears of Emotion: here > Please Refund me the dev. I will NOT remake this (as it didn't go anywhere to begin with, le sigh) Etarnia: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 > Please Refund me the dev. I BELIEVE no one contributed ANYTHING to this, so liquidate all of them. Will not remake it, maybe... Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Memories of the Fallen> here and here Refund me everything except for Alpha and Chi. Probably all will be revamped at some later time... Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Evanescent Memories> here Refund me everything. Probably will redo, but at this time, there are different priorities. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED The Wings of War/Come, Make My Day here and here Refund me everything. Probably will not redo, unless I have a strong urge to dev CE units.... Super Dimensional Planar Witchcraft here yea, sorry I brought it up. Refund me everything.
  3. 1) iDOLM@STER 2) Nanoha 3) Strike Witches Oh wait, wrong forum: 1) Zettai Muteki Raijin Oh 2) Fafner of the Azure: Dead Aggressor 3) Xenoglossia Mao Industry Units WAIT, fuck that. 1) Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet 2) Galactic Armor Fleet Majestic Prince 3) Mao Industry Units
  4. congrats to V4
  5. To the Website Apparently, they are doing some kind of mecha countdown. Unfortunately, all the locations are specific to regions of Japan, I am pretty sure someone is willing to help you write out about your most memorable mecha moments in Animation.
  6. Why didn't we do the wiki method in v3?
  7. Some what interested... Give me time to read the rules and units ...and of course, Crossbone is not statted yet....
  8. I mean, back in the day I remember how BS Kastell Zafira was. Then again, I don't use a lot units that have armor pierce, and most of them centered around attacking multiple times -so yea, of course I am going to be tanked out. To be fair, those kinds of units have the stars aligned to make it so that tanking is pretty godlike (Alicia, you forgot that HP regen on tanking units really does help too). I would consider tanking "broken" if a normal unit can out tank damage and win (for instance a Rick Dias winning a battle through tanking, or something nearly radical as such)
  9. v3 tanking... Really? I haven't played for more than a year or two, but there was a limit to how much you could possibly tank (after one of the updates), I thought? Or did some other mech dev come about that made tanking just godly? The wall of text sucks, but imo there is really nothing you can do about it.
  10. Umb> in the past when I was arguing about changes to systems, either here or in tracker, it ended up being ok. So it's not really more "clarification", it's more "I need to actually touch it" to give it a proper feed back.
  11. it sounds nice, but are you sure we are able to do some sort of MMO-esque event thing in a forum battle? I mean, in order to get these "special units" you are making people who are in SC participate, which I guess brings activity up. But it's also like, you need constant and almost devout activity (almost like getting certain "cards" in a Japanese web browser game). I'll defer my opinion on this, especially since I have no idea how combat works -even if there are written rules (since units and pilot stats are still not complete as I would like it to be)
  12. I would feel it's waiting for v4... but that's just me
  13. I think that the source book idea for this is not a bad idea, especially since you have people copying our system. This way, "maybe" you can streamline how SC material can be distributed-like for instance, if I created my own "private" forum for my local friends, and used the corebooks from SC as a reference to give to people. I would hate to see collecting aspect go, but then again DnD is always been like that, where you collected massive amount of useful/useless loot on one side, and then when you start another campaign, a player maybe like "Shi~t, I wish i had this equipment from the other campaign".