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  1. 1. Robot Alchemic Drive (PS2) 2. Steel Battalion (X-Box) 3. Zone of the Enders 2 (PS2) 4. One Must Fall 2097 (Microsoft DOS) 5. Armored Core For Answer (PS3 or X-Box 360) Honorable Mention: Silent Line: Armored Core Xenogears Starsiege
  2. Vedal floated quietly, not knowing how to respond to Elize's mention of her past experiences with sentient mechanical lifeforms. While he had realized that people from many different worlds were living here, Vedal had not seriously considered that any humans he would actually be working with would be from worlds where at least some form of sentient machines existed. He continued to silently hover during Elize's description of the Zentraedi race and how they were won over by human culture. While her description was likely a childish oversimplification of the actual events (the idea of a "cultureless" organic species developing seemed ridiculous) the idea of a race with minimal cultural development assimilating with human culture was quite fascinating. The shrinking device mentioned was equally fascinating, though it seemed technologically impossible to Vedal. On the other hand, he thought to himself, who knows what strange technology might be born of minor deviations that exist in the laws of physics between different universes? At Dio's question, Vedal finally began to speak once again, "It is not especially surprising that a technology/methodology would be developed in order to allow the larger "Zentraedi" species to interact with humans. It is very hard to coexist when you cannot fit through doors."
  3. 1) God Great Sword (Reideen) 2) Blazing Sword (My Childhood [Voltron]) 3) Shining Finger Sword (G Gundam) 4) Dann (Gun X Sword) 5) Chaingun (King Gainer)
  4. 1. Genha (Baldr Force) 2. Gendo Ikari (Obvious) 3. Nyarlathotep (Demonbane) 4. Ichizou Sorimachi (Full Metal Daemon Muramasa) 5. Viola (Zone of the Enders)
  5. The probe gently bobbles up and down as it is patted, a pair of camera lenses in the approximation of eyes rotating into focus on Erina as she waves. Following Noah's shove the probe scoots forward, wobbling slightly side to side as it does. "Greetings everyone. A pleasure to meet/work with you," the probe intones, it's voice sounding similar to what one would imagine Microsoft Sam would sound if speaking over a supermarket intercom. It then rotates to face Noah, "I wish request that you do not pat/push my probe unit as it is not does not automatically compensate for outside forces acting on it. It requires much more focus/effort to keep it stable than my actual body." The probe then began slowly scanning the room and people assembled as Vedal tries his best to size up the people he would be working with. This proves to be quite a difficult task, due to the fact that he hasn't had much experience with humans beyond what he had seen in movies, read in books, and encountered during his detainment. After thinking for a moment, he decides that there are definitely 3 males and 6 females in the room. Furthermore, all of them seem to be somewhere around 20 years of age (probably) except for one girl who appears to be approximately 11 years old. Vedal briefly puzzles over why a young child (he's fairly certain that 11 is very young for humans) would be here before coming to the conclusion that either a) she was the child of someone working here and was brought by a parent for some reason, b) the situation on this world is desperate enough to justify the use of child soldiers, or c) she is some kind of child savant with skills useful to the operation. He briefly continues to stare at Eliza trying to decide how he should react to her presence before he turns away, deciding there was no more he could determine at this time; why she was here was probably already addressed before his probe arrived. (OOC: Edited my character profile changing the probe's appearance to help line up more with what one conventionally thinks of a probe looking like for the sake of convenience. The description is also more detailed now (in that it actually has one at all =P))
  6. Name: Vedal Age: 42 Sex: None; male pronouns are considered appropriate for all meganites. Height: 136 feet, 3 inches Race: Meganite Body Model: Vavel-style model Ethnicity: Tritonian Language Processing Software: English and Dutch (installed in preparation for a planned vacation through West Europe; he had yet to purchase software for French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, German, Danish, Greek, Swedish, Portuguese, and Finnish) Likes: “Reading” classic literature, surveying, analyzing weather patterns, collecting postcards with pictures of surrealist paintings. Dislikes: Space travel, maintenance sessions, the Volgara. Pilot Class: Successor of Humanity Universe History: Vedal comes from the world of RAD roughly 320 years after humanity and the meganites overcame the first Volgara invasion. Within 10 years of the events of the game, the original meganites had developed complete personalities and consciousnesses of their own, rendering the remote control unit unnecessary as they began moving under their own intentions. Over the course of the next century, over one hundred additional meganites were produced on Earth, ostensibly to provide a shield for humanity in preparation for the return of the volgara, but in truth to fulfill the Trillenium Committee's plans for the creation of successors to humanity. By 2130, the meganites had established bases on both Mars and Triton. By 2163, ten years after the third Volgara invasion (the second having already occurred in 2050), the meganites had developed the industrial capacity to "reproduce" for themselves. Fearing that the independent meganites would become the next major threat to humanity, production of new meganites was banned on Earth, existing meganites were exiled from the planet, and relations between humanity and meganites were cut off completely. It was not until the 4th Volgara invasion in 2248, during which the meganites moved to protect humanity once again from the Volgara despite being exiled from their home world. Realizing that the meganites bore them no ill-will and had no intention of claiming Earth for their own, humanity once again opened diplomacy with the meganites leading to a golden age in which the vast mineral and energy resources the meganites had developed in their colonization of the solar system were combined with the creativity and ingenuity of human inventors and scientists. This era of prosperity, referred to as New Genesis, has lasted to the present day in which a team meganites were dispatched to examine a strange dimensional fluctuation human astronomers detected on Io... Character History: Born in Triton Alpha, the first meganite settlement on Triton, Vedal has pursued a career in surveying since he attained true sentience twenty-six years ago. Moving to Uranus's moon of Titania, he spent twelve years mapping mineral deposits and analyzing several unexplained weather patterns before taking a new job on Ganymede. When dimensional fluctuations were detected on Io, he applied for and was granted position on the team that was being formed to examine the anomaly, hoping to earn himself enough money for a vacation to Earth that he had been planning. Unfortunately for Vadel, the anomaly proved to be short lived and disappeared during preliminary scans, along with Vedal himself. He arrived outside New Hope approximately one year ago and was apprehended by the TDF due to the relatively uncommon nature of 130 foot tall self-aware machines and a previous, and rather nasty, incident involving a sentient machine from a universe where humankind had been almost completely wiped out by robots. Roughly one month ago, he was offered a chance to "prove his good intentions towards mankind" by aiding in the fight against the Reapers. Upon agreeing, he was promptly assigned to the newly formed Strike Force. It is worth noting that while most people who examined and spoke with him during his detainment feel he is no threat, many higher level military officials still feel he may be lying about his intent towards the human race and rumors still abound that he is actually from a universe where mankind was enslaved by "superior" machine warlords. As a result, Vedal has (understandably) developed a somewhat low overall opinion of humans in this world. Unit: Himself (Vavel recolored with a light blue and dark grey theme, as opposed to red and black) Special Equipment Probe unit - A metalic silver, hovering, 1.5 by 3 foot elliptical probe that can be controlled remotely at a range of up to 200 km for use in scouting naturally formed tunnels and for vacationing on Earth, as the probe can engage in conversation with humans and enter cities and museums (and for the purposes of this RP, the Spectre II) without causing massive property damage. The probe contains a variety of tools (including a corer capable of extending out of the probes frame, several more standard drill units, 1 arm unit with a 5-fingered hand, and an internal spectrometer for chemical analysis). Despite built to withstand extreme environments, the probe possesses no defenses that would be effective against attacks greater than small arms fire and has a maximum speed roughly equivalent to a brisk walk. Statistics: -Max SP: 100 -Countercut Cost: 3 -Countershoot Cost: 3 - Damage: +0% - Damage: +0% -Target DC: +0% -Shield Use: +5 -Shield Damage Reduction: +5% -Critical Cost: -4 Abilities: -Skill - Level 4 -Structural Analysis: During the special phase you may pay 6 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for the first attack phase made this turn. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead. Skills: -Improved Shield Seishins: -Scan - 10 SP -Iron Wall - 40 SP System Upgrades (Techniques): -Tornado Shield Generator (Sword Shield): An upgrade for his Drill Gear, this is the only combat upgrade that Vedal ever installed into himself back in his home universe. Will Gauge: Flawless Shield: Costs 4 Will. Reduce damage by an additional -25% with shields this turn. Cross-Counter: Costs 4 Will. Damage Received -40% and Target's Dodge Cost +50% for one turn. Grand Charge: Cost 5 Will. Your next attack phase gains Weapon Damage +100% and Target's Dodge Cost +25%. Meganite Future: Costs 6 Will. Cap all damage received this turn at 500 damage per hit. Items Owned: Hybrid Armor Analyzer PP Costs: 4 Attribute Points: 400 Improved Shield: 300 Scan: 100 Iron Will: 300 Sword Shield: 500 Total Cost: 1600 PP Remaining PP: 0 Item Costs: Vertical Fortress Vavel: 480 Hybrid Armor: 150 Analyzer: 100 Total Cost: 730 Credits Remaining Credits: 20
  7. January 2010 Previous Month's Remaining Funds: 2895 Credits Gains: 500 - Stipend 2961 - SDSC Bonus Total Gains: 3461 credits Expenditures: Total Expenditures: 0 credits Total Remaining Funds: 6856 Credits
  8. September 2009 Previous Month's Remaining Funds: 2895 Credits Gains: 500 - Stipend Total Gains: 500 credits Expenditures: Total Expenditures: 0 credits Total Remaining Funds: 3395 Credits
  9. July 2009 Previous Month's Remaining Funds: 1095 Credits Gains: 500 - Stipend 1300 - Giga Worker design contest prize. Total Gains: 1800 credits Expenditures: Total Expenditures: 0 credits Total Remaining Funds: 2895 Credits
  10. EDF-02 Reyoh Statistics: HP: 3400, EN: 180, Agi: 260 IS: 2, Move: F/G/W, Size: M, Rank: 6 Weapons: Cryo Missile Pod (SF:4)- 100 damage, Paralyze, 8 rounds [+30%] Melee (M)- 400 damage [+0%] Type 38 Rapid Rifle- 1500 damage, 12 rounds [+10%] Pilebunkers- 2000 damage, Armor Pierce, 12 rounds [+10%] Detonator Pilebunkers- 2000 damage Armor Pierce & 2000 damage, uses 2 Pilebunkers round [+10%] HAVAC-use Short-Barreled Shotgun (S)- 2200 damage, 8 rounds [+10%] Experimental Cutter Cannon (BS)- 2400 damage, 15 EN/attack [+15%] Heavy Anti-Devouring Bazooka- 3000 damage, 6 rounds [+10%] Inherent Abilities: 1) HAVAC 2) Countercut: Pilebunkers 3) Countershoot: Type 38 Rapid Rifle, HAVAC-use Short-Barreled Shotgun. 4) Detonator Pilebunkers: If the first hit is negated, the whole attack is negated. Purchasing Cost: 330 Credits Upgrades: HP - 0 EN - 0 Armor - 0 Mobility - 0 Attack - 0 Accuracy - 0
  11. EDF-01 Reyonn Statistics: HP: 3000, EN: 170, Agi: 290 IS: 3, Move: F/G/W, Size: M, Rank: 5 Weapons: Cryo Missile (S)- 100 damage, Paralyze, 4 rounds [+30%] Melee (M)- 400 damage [+0%] Type 38 Rapid Rifle- 1500 damage, 12 rounds [+10%] Pilebunkers- 2000 damage, Armor Pierce, 12 rounds [+10%] HAVAC-use Short-Barreled Shotgun (S)- 2200 damage, 8 rounds [+10%] Heavy Anti-Devouring Bazooka- 3000 damage, 6 rounds [+10%] Inherent Abilities: 1) HAVAC 2) Countercut: Pilebunkers 3) Countershoot: Type 38 Rapid Rifle, HAVAC-use Short-Barreled Shotgun Purchasing Cost: 250 Credits Upgrades: HP - 0 EN - 0 Armor - 0 Mobility - 0 Attack - 0 Accuracy - 0
  12. EDF-01 Reyod Statistics: HP: 2800, EN: 160, Agi: 280 IS: 3, Move: F/G/W, Size: M, Rank: 4 Weapons: Cryo Missile (S)- 100 damage, Paralyze, 4 rounds [+30%] Melee (M)- 400 damage [+0%] Type 38 Rapid Rifle- 1500 damage, 12 rounds [+10%] Pilebunkers- 1800 damage, Armor Pierce, 12 rounds [+10%] HAVAC-use Short-Barreled Shotgun (S)- 2000 damage, 8 rounds [+10%] Inherent Abilities: 1) HAVAC 2) Countercut: Pilebunkers 3) Countershoot: Type 38 Rapid Rifle, HAVAC-use Short-Barreled Shotgun Purchasing Cost: 200 Credits Upgrades: HP - 0 EN - 0 Armor - 0 Mobility - 0 Attack - 0 Accuracy - 0
  13. EDF-00 Rayoss Statistics: HP: 3000, EN: 200, Agi: 260 IS: 2, Move: F/G/W, Size: M, Rank: 10 Weapons: Cryo Missile- 100 damage, Paralyze, 3 rounds [+30%] Melee (M)- 400 damage [+0%] Valkyrius Lance (M)- 1800 damage [+0%] Joust (M)- 2000 damage, 5 EN/attack [+10%] Valkyrius Extension- 2200 damage, 10 EN/attack [+10%] Boost Lancer (B)- 2500 damage, 15 EN/attack [+15%] Energy Spike (B)- 3600 damage, 20 EN/attack [+20%] Giant Spike (B)- 6600 damage, Barrier Pierce, Armor Pierce, 100 EN/attack [+0%] Shoot The Moon (B)- 10000 damage, Barrier Pierce, Armor Pierce, Armor Break, 180 EN/attack [+0%] Inherent Abilities: 1) HAVAC 2) Expandable Shield 3) Countercut: Valkyrius Lance 4) Snipe: Boost Lancer [+20%], Energy Spike [+30%], Giant Spike [+30%], Shoot The Moon [+30%] Purchasing Cost: 540 Credits Upgrades: HP - 0 EN - 0 Armor - 0 Mobility - 0 Attack - 0 Accuracy - 0
  14. The Iron Chef: GourMetal History: While much of the past of the Giga Worker known as GourMetal has been lost thanks to the Abovm invasion, stories are still handed down amongst the elders of the Atsaw tribe of this great machine. The oldest tales speak of times when man warred against one another, and when GourMetal was used not as a savior, but instead as a destroyer. In those days, it did not have the toque and mustache that it wears today, but rather had a blank face and emotionless eyes that held no heart or sympathy for the plight of mankind. Decked in layers of thick armor and hovering high above the battlefield, this evil GourMetal of the past was capable of reducing entire cities to molten glass with a simple wave of its hands. Designed specifically to target civilian centers and thus kill as much of the enemy's population as possible, this machine was responsible for the greatest loss of human life of any of the Giga Troopers. When the war finally came to a close, its armor was largely stripped down for use in construction, and almost all of the massive generators that it used to create its thermal attacks were removed, sent away to provide electricity for areas that had lost all power during the conflict. With its external armor stripped away, the Giga Trooper no longer looked like a messenger of death, but instead as a giant, portly man. For a long time, no one knew what role to assign this Giga Trooper in the reconstruction. Eventually, it was decided that due to the unit's flight abilities and thermal generating abilities power, it would make an ideal unit to cook for the destitute masses left by the war. Where GourMetals thermal reactors had once been installed in it's large belly, stores of food were set up. Where it once had been equipped with heavy armor across its body, it now merely wore a large cauldron on its back. And finally, where it once possessed an emotionless face that looked down upon humanity with disdain, it now wore a comical mustache and a chef's toque upon its head. Thus, GourMetal, once a merciless killing machine, was reborn with a new duty; to protect the precious lives of the men, women, and children of the world who could no longer afford even a single meal each day. Present: Unlike most Giga Workers that were lost and forgotten after the Abovm invaded, GourMetal was never completely lost to humanity. Due to the food stores kept in GourMetal's hanger, as well as the machine's unique ability to feed untold numbers of people, it was only a logical choice that many tribes set up their homes near where GourMetal was lain to rest. While these food supplies were enough to last the five tribes who made their home in this area for over five-hundred years, it quickly became apparent once the stockpiled food had run out that little natural game or vegetation existed in the area. As such, the once friendly relationship between the tribes began to deteriorate rapidly in the course of only three years, with each of the tribes wanting to be the sole owner of the limited game and arable land in the area. For the first time in the history of the five allied villages, the annual Gourmet Festival, in which GourMetal would be awakened to prepare a feast to be shared by all members of the tribes, was about to be called off. Shoverion: It was only one day before the festival when Diipa arrived at the village of the Atsaw tribe, the member of the five allied tribes that had been entrusted with the safekeeping of GourMetal. Despite the poor situation, the villagers received Diipa warmly, despite mild suspicions regarding Shoverion, and offered to share what food they had with him while explaining their tragic situation. Despite Diipa trying to convince the members of the Atsaw tribe that GourMetal could be awakened to help reclaim the earth for humanity, their teachings strictly prohibited using GourMetal except for the annual feast. When one of the Abovm aliens attack the next day, however, the head chef of the villiage, François LeMonde, could not bear to let Diipa and Shoverion face the beast alone. Much to his surprise, his sous chefs Louise and Pierre were already waiting for him, knowing that despite his stubbornness about tradition, the head chef would never let tradition stand in the way of helping someone in need. Together, the three of them pilot GourMetal and help Shoverion to defeat the attacking Abovm by cooking it in preparation for the Gourmet festival, and thus satisfying the requirement that GourMetal would only be used in preparation for the Gourmet feast. After this, GourMetal does not appear again for the vast majority of the series, only showing up again near the end. Attributes: Due to its bulk, GourMetal is a quite slow moving machine even now that it has had most of its armor removed, despite the fact that it is one of the few Giga Workers with built-in flight abilities. While it's armor is admittedly lackluster, the large frame of this particular Giga Worker lets it endure quite a bit of damage without suffering any significant operational difficulties. Attacks: Salad Shooter- Despite the poor status of the villages today, GourMetal still carries a fair supply of crisp vegetables within itself to be used for cooking. In desperate situations, however, GourMetal can launch these vegetables out of its wrists and right into the eyes of Abovm aliens, effectively blinding them long enough to give GourMetal the edge in combat. Simmering Wave- While GourMetal is nowhere near as powerful as it was back in its days as a Giga Trooper, it is still capable of firing heat waves at opponents. At full power, these waves are only enough to slightly burn an Abovm alien, but this is plenty enough when the only goal is to try to get the monster's attention. Flying Pan- In a single, fluid motion, GourMetal draws a giant frying pan from its left hip, superheats it to the point where it is glowing red-hot, and throws it at the enemy. After a successful strike (or a miss, if it comes to that) the frying pan boomerangs back to GourMetal where it is caught and reattached to GourMetal's hip. Stir Fly- In a single, fluid motion, GourMetal draws a massive wok from its right hip, superheats it to the point where it is glowing red-hot, and throws it at the enemy. Much like the frying pan, the wok returns to GourMetal after a successful attack, at which point it is returned to GourMetal's right hip. However, since the wok is both slightly larger and slightly better at channeling heat than GourMetal's frying pan, this attack does somewhat more damage than the Flying Pan attack. Flambé- GourMetal draws its frying pan and, gripping it in both hands, super heats it until it is hot enough that flames begin to shoot off pan's metal surface. At this point, GourMetal pummels the enemy Abovm repeatedly with all its strength, doing damage both from the force of the blows and the heat of the pan. Wok Hei- GourMetal draws its wok and, gripping it in both hands, super heats it until the metal glows white-hot. At this point, GourMetal rushes forward and slams the enemy repeatedly with its wok to inflict even more damage than it would with the flambé attack. Chef's Special- Gripping its wok in its right hand and its frying pan in the left, GourMetal releases a burst of heat that superheats both it's cooking utensils as it rushes forward and mercilessly beats the Abovm with alternating strikes from the frying pan and the wok. Last Supper- After charging up for a split second, GourMetal grips the large cauldron strapped to its back and bursts towards an enemy using its flight jets. As it flies, GourMetal draws the cauldron from its back and begins slowly begins to spin while holding the cauldron at arm's length. When GourMetal reaches the enemy moments later, it attacks by smashing the opponent with the cauldron and sending the foe tumbling away. Jetting forward once again, GourMetal adjusts its grip on the cauldron and, upon catching up to the still-tumbling opponent, sweeps them into the cauldron and slams the lid on in a fluid movement. Gripping the cauldron in both hands, GourMetal channels immense amounts of heat into the cauldron until it pulses white hot. A small puff of smoke escapes the lid of the cauldron at this point. When GourMetal removes the lid from the rapidly-cooling cauldron, all that is left inside is a thick, delicious stew. Other Abilities Lid Shield: Using the lid of the large cauldron GourMetal wears upon its back, GourMetal can protect itself from incoming attacks.