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  1. You should just edit your account info to remove references to the information you do not wish public. I'm going to talk with Umb about deleting your account later, but keep in mind you also had accounts on the older boards, some of which none of us have admin rights to anymore.
  2. Post here to claim any Achievement that you have earned. In order to claim an Achievement, you will need to post: 1) The name of the Achievement you are claiming. 2) The requirements of the achievement(s) you are claiming. 3) A link (if appropriate) to proof that you have met the requirements of the Achievement When a moderator has added the appropriate icons to your profile, they will edit your post to let you know.
  3. Edited Units: So hey I forgot the Reaction tag existed on a few battleships, thus: - After War Gundam X: Freeden and Freeden II's vulcans get to be reaction. So do Freeden II's missiles. - Aura Battler Dunbine: All of the Aura Ships' Aura Vulcans are now Reaction. - Martian Successor Nadesico: Nadesico's missiles are now Reaction. This also applies to Y-Unit and the Basic.
  4. New Series: - After War Gundam X - Aura Battler Dunbine Neither series has EVERYTHING but they do have a wide spread and have all of the important stuff. More will be added as time allows. Lexicon Additions: - Aura Barrier - Decoy - Flash System
  5. Bazaar Updates: - The Bazaar has been reorganized to be similar to the hangar, with each series getting is own page. Later Hangar series will have links to their respective Bazaar sections added. Additionally units that could fit under multiple series are now listed under multiple series, for the purposes of favorites and the like. - With the removal of the season concept, all Bazaar units are now freely purchasable so don't worry about hoarding Blue Stones. - And in the most delayed payoff to an April Fool's Joke ever, Chogokin Hello Kitty is now available for purchase from the Bazaar.
  6. - The rules on the Favourtes system have been changed to reflect the abolishment of SimChamber Wars seasons. - The SimChamber Wars rules have been edited to reflect the abolishment of SimChamber Wars seasons. Go forth and use whatever you like!
  7. So as you may have noticed it's the middle of July and season 3 hasn't happened yet. This is pretty much my fault. Getting a large number of series statted isn't something I have time for with that pesky real life bit. Umbaglo's been having some real life stuff going on as well. So because of this we've made the decision to abolish the idea of seasons for SimChamber Wars. I apologize if you liked it, but at the moment it's just unfesable. This means a few things going forward, which will be noted in a bulleted list because it's easier to read: SimChamber Wars is now open to any units in the Hangar or Bazaar. The Season entries on the stats will be removed going forward but until then you can freely ignore them. The specifics of Favorites has been altered. The full details are in the rules thread but the short version is you now start in the SC with 3 favorites and gain an additional favorite every three months. You still gain a free Basic Unit when you choose a favorite and still receive a 30% discount on buying units and Custom Modules from your favorite series. You also receive a small reduction in the Unit XP cost to upgrade your favorite series units. You may retroactively gain additional favorite series for the previous months since the start of SimChamber v3, which was September 2013. You may choose to switch any current or legacy favorite series you had previously chosen. The Bazaar is going to be converted to a store for more obscure or non-canon units. This may include some MSV type stuff but the specifics of this are still in flux though. Feel free to comment in this thread if you have input on this. The series slated for season 3 are going to be added to the hangar as I finish them. Gundam X and Dunbine should be up shortly since they were pretty much done aside from some checking. I plan on rotating missions for SimChamber Wars ever two to three months to keep things interesting still. Skirmish will remain constantly available though. The first of these I plan on doing is replacing Enetron Defense (which didn't work) with an idea involving multiple units fighting one or two fairly beefy "monster" units. Again, I apologize if anyone is let down by this. It's just too much work to load up that many series at once, and having to worry about it was keeping me from getting other things I wanted to do done (such as getting the MechDev running once again, and getting Sidekick items back into the Arsenal.) I'll consider doing some kind of monthly or bimonthly player's choice poll in the near future to get things made but if there's something you want done you can write up the series to the Hangar Tracker. Even if you can't do stats, writing up the unit information and weapon entries will greatly help. Though if you do please mind your spelling and grammar.
  8. So due to a lack of time, we're behind on statting units for Season 3. As such its launch is going to be delayed until July rather than the June release I was aiming for. That said, since it's around the time the series list would be revealed normally, I'll go ahead and share that. After War Gundam X Aquarion Evol Aura Battler Dunbine Blastosaur Team Abaranger Brave Raideen Cybuster Dinosaur Team Zyuranger Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure Electrobeast Team Kyoryuger Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone/Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance/Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo (You Can (Not) Be Player's Choice) Genesis Climber Mospeada Genesis of Aquarion (Player's Choice) Getter Robo: Armageddon Macross 7 Mazinkaiser (OVA) Mazinkaiser SKL Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Neon Genesis Evangelion Pacific Rim RahXephon Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo Super Robot Wars 64 Super Robot Wars Advance (Player's Choice) Red = New to the SimChamber
  9. Season 2 just launched and like before we're putting up this thread to see which series players want to see in the next season of SimChamber Wars. All you have to do is post with your top three choices for series to be added. Note that the order in which you vote matters, as the choices are weighted. You can vote for pretty much any SC applicable series you want, but there's a few things to keep in mind. - First, someone has to be capable of accurately statting the units, so choosing Diapollon or Balatack (funky 70s SR shows if you're wondering) will not really result in anything unless you can provide information. Along the same lines, choosing in progress series that just started or things that aren't out is not likely to yield much result. Something in progress that will be over within 2 months (for example, Kyoryuger) is fine. - Second, no voting for any of the Super Robot Wars OG games at this time, except the first one. We've got enough of the groundwork laid between Alpha and Impact to make that not TOTALLY painful for us at this point. As before, any of the other SRW games that OG borrows from are fine. - Third, be specific. Saying something like Gundam SEED Destiny does not automatically include Destiny Astray or Destiny MSV. Similarly the original Gundam does not automatically include The 08th MS Team or 0080. Also just saying "Zoids" lets me pick whether you mean one of the animes or which of the toy releases you mean. - You can vote for MechDev series provided they can roughly stand on their own. For example, choosing Final Twilight Evangelion is fine because it is standalone retelling of Eva. Choosing Gundam DCD would not be because it existing requires almost every other Gundam series to be statted. - You can vote for things that haven't been in the SimChamber before. - One more thing then I'm done honest. Moderators shouldn't vote in this. There is a separate set of entries for moderator's choice. This voting thread will remain open for two months (so April 1), at which time the votes will be tallied and the players' choices will be announced.
  10. The voting is already closed for this season. Which means I should have closed the topic. My bad. >.>
  11. New Units - To celebrate her recently announced inclusion into Super Robot Wars Z3, Hello Kitty has been added to the SimChamber. Please be nice to her!
  12. Edited Units - Bazaar: Luna Ganger's text no longer references the Aestivalis Formation Attack used by the girls. - Great Mazinger/Mazinger-Z: Boss Borot gets his extra pilot seats. - Super Robot Wars Impact: AltEisen (Basic) has its DP reduced to suit its rank. - Super Robot Wars Alpha: Astranagant gets its missing Photon Vulcan attack.
  13. If you're going away, post here and stat that you are doing so. Also, there are only two statuses; AWAY and ACTIVE. No Semi-Away or anything like that. For more information on what Away means, please see the rules section.
  14. The winners are: 1st Place: Rebuild of Evangelion Tie for 2nd: Super Robot Wars Advance and Genesis of Aquarion. LET THE KAWAMORI DIRECTED THREESOMES BEGIN!
  15. It's been two months! Though you guys apparently only needed one. Tallying will begin shortly.
  16. STO Character's in passing: The Doctor

  17. New Units: - The Bazaar units for season 2 are up after a week delay because I suck. To make up for it these will continue to be available for a week after the season 3 Bazaar units are made available, whatever they may be. If you see any errors with them (which I'm sure there are), please post about them in the Hangar Tracker. - The Season 1 Bazaar units are no longer available for purchase. Eventually their purchasing costs will be edited to represent such, but for now there's a big note on the whole section. If you missed out on something you wanted, just keep in mind that there's nothing preventing them from being put into the Bazaar or Hangar at a future date. Edited Units: - Getter Robo/Getter Robo G Getter-2/Getter Liger have their illusions fixed to clarify that they affect ONE attack phase, not all of them. Also like Great Mazinger below, Getter Break and Final Dynamic special are rebalanced on Getter Dragon. - Great Mazinger/Mazinger-Z Great Mazinger gains the Double Lightning Buster combo attack. Double Burning Fire, Getter Break, and Final Dynamic Special are rebalanced on all units that have said combo attacks. - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Sky Grasper's machine cannons are no longer (PAX:4) because the lazy guy doing them copy/pasted wrong. - New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: The Taurus is no longer a Gundam. Unless Setsuna F. Seiei is piloting it. - Special Operations Team Go-Busters: Go-Buster Oh now has the ability to become Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh if you have the Rocket Switch Super-1 and Drill Switch Super-3 item from the Bazaar.
  18. I actually don't dislike any of the stuff we've done so far (except one thing coming up in the Season 2 Bazaar). Most of the snarkiness is just me poking fun at things I find amusing, like SEED's completely random naming habits or how older shows are hilariously anachronistic. Whenever we do get to something I actively dislike I plan on consciously avoid making fun of it, though in most cases I would get someone who likes the show to do it.
  19. So, as I mentioned in the giant update post, nothing of the MechDev has been ported over to v4 yet. We will be proceeding with that and submissions will be opening up again at some point in the near future. However at this stage we're going to extend an offer to people who have Dev'd things. If you have a dev series that you don't wish to be converted for whatever reason, post here. You will be refunded the dev cost and anyone else who owned your unit will receive either the full purchasing cost or the hangar resale value. Note that if you do this you can resubmit any of these devs again once submissions are reopened, so if you're embarrassed about your super Knightmare Frame with Lambda Trans-Am Zero Driver System (I know I'm not), you basically get a free resubmission or you can just purge it from existance. If you wish to mark anything to not be converted, post here with a link to the unit or series thread. I'll be leaving this thread open for a while (a month at the very least) so you have time to think about it.
  20. Gundam F91 is tiiiiiiny.

  21. - A few days late, Enetron Defense is now an available mission. Please report any horribly broken rules exploits you encounter. Also tell me if it's fun. - Another map has been added for Fleet Action: Orb Coast Fleet Battle. Because Orb is officially Season 2's bitch.
  22. New Units - Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack: GM III, Jagd Doga, Alpha Aizeru, Hobby Hizack, Ra Cailum. - Martian Successor Nadesico: Tetsujin Edited Units - Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack: Sazabi (Basic) has a typo fixed. Sazabi and Nu Gundam properly have O added to their funnels. - Martian Successor Nadesico: Aestivalis Artillery Frame's Limpid Arm gets less crappy accuracy.
  23. New Units - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: CGUE, GuAIZ, BuCUE, LaGOWE, DINN, GOOhN, ZnO, ZuOOT, Kusanagi. - Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Jegan, Geara Doga Edited Units - Xenogears: Renmazuo and El-Renmazuo now have proper MAP ranges on Jessie Blaster. It now has that proper name too.
  24. New Units (Working through stuff that wasn't done in time for the launch.) - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Mistral, Moebius, Moebius Zero, Sky Grasper and all of its Strike Pack equipped forms from. Edited Units - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Eternal's Repair is now no longer S Armor that also acts as a countermeasure. I was high or something. IT'S LEGAL IN WASHINGTON WHAT?! New Lexicon Entries - Striker Pack Delivery is added for the Sky Grasper's ability to give Strike its packs. This was formerly known as Equip to Strike (Pack) but is now generalized to account for the five dozen other things that use Striker packs that we'll inevitably get.