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  2. ぼっちスレwwww
  3. Gundam Series 0079 Char's Counter Attack Crossbone Gundam Dynamic Series Getter Robo Mazinger-Z Jeeg 80s Series Dancouga Patlabor Dragonar 90s Series Might Gaine GaoGaiGar Raijinoh 00s Series Gravion Dendoh Full Metal Panic "Oldies" Super Robot Series (70s to 80s) Gaiking Combattler V Voltes V "Recent" Series (aired within the last 2 years) Aquarion Evol Infinite Stratos Lagrange Player's Choice: Anything Else Strike Witches Demonbane Strike Witches Ryu Knight Strike Witches Mujin Gattai Kisaragi iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia Banpresto Original (Please only select specific non-OG games) Alpha FF Masoukishin
  5. Ahaha wow. Paid~
  6. Month: Jan 2012 Current Credits: 2252 Starting Credits: 5027 Gains: +500 Credits (Allowance) Losses: - 3275 Credits (RIDER W) Stipend:
  7. So as you people have noticed, I've been gone for a while, and it looks like I'll be gone for a while longer, if not forever. I'll try and hang out in the chan and stuff, but I don't think I'm actually capable of doing actual SC stuff during this period of time. With that, I'm going to proceed to give away most of my SC stuff to people who are still playing. I'll keep my credits around in case I get the time to get back in the future. Check my ARC for sidekick data. If its not in there that means they're fresh. And for evo list, just check my AM. Everything in my AM except for all the Ryujinmarus, Dairayzer, GGGG, the Arknoa Line, Dendoh, Both Dancougas and the Getters and the stuff that falls under the Harem list are up for grabs. None of the chips are available for grabs. They're already installed in whatever. Additionally, these are also being given away: Green Haro Blue Haro Tigger (Organoid) Tori Mokona (Mi Ferario) God Haro 8 Put your claims in the thread, and I'll announce who gets what later. Also, no squids.
  8. The Wealth of Nations Statistics: HP: 7200, EN: 200, Agi: 320 IS: 2, Move: F/G, Size: M, Rank: 12 Weapons: Executive Slap (M)- 1000 damage [+0%] Kapital und Arbeit (SF:2)- 1000 damage, Armor Pierce, 20 rounds [+0%] Import and Export Trade- 2000 damage, uses 4 Kapital und Arbeit rounds [+10%] The Circular Flow Model of Imminent Destruction (AS)- 1000 damage # 4, 6 rounds [+10%] Average Total Cost of Kicking Your Ass (F:6)- 800 damage, 30 rounds [+0%] Long-Run Supply for a Constant-Firing Industry (SF:6)- 900 damage, 36 rounds [+10%] ATC = TC / Q = (TFC / Q) + (TVC / Q) = AFC + AVC = I Win (S)- 7000 damage, Barrier Pierce, 3 rounds [+30%] MAP Attacks: Asymmetry of Information (T:6)- 6000 damage, Barrier Pierce, Rounds Locked, 4 rounds [+0%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Like A Boss, Mid Boss 2) Shield 3) Countercut: Req: Martial Arts Mastery 4) Countershoot: Kapital und Arbeit, Average Total Cost of Kicking Your Ass, Long-Run Supply for a Constant-Firing Industry 5) EN Regen S 6) Barriers to Entry and Exit (Barrier): Same effects as Warp Field. 7) Law of Diminishing Returns (S Armor): Same effects as Shift Chogokin Armor. 8) The Four Market Models (System): Found in the Mechdev Lexicon. 9) The Case of Profit-Maximizing and Loss-Minimalization: Repair Cost -25% and Bounty for enemies destroyed by this unit are increased by 25%. 10) Import and Export Trade: Enemy units hit by this status loses all positive Status Effects they currently have and gains all negative Status Effects currently affecting The Wealth of Nations for their original duration. The Wealth of Nations also gains all positive Status Effects that affected the unit that was hit by this attack. This is a status attack. 11) Asymmetry of Information: Rounds can only be reloaded by docking within a mothership. Purchasing Cost: 1000 Credits The Four Market Models Class: System Ability: Choose one of the following abilities during deployment: Pure Competition: When in battle with other The Wealth of Nations equipping the same items piloted by pilots of the same level, if any attribute your main pilot possesses is lower than that of any allied unit that meets the conditions, that attribute is considered to be equal to the other pilot's. Monopoly: When you are the only remaining unit in battle, bounty for enemies destroyed by this unit +25%. This effect stacks with the effects of other bounty increasing abilities. Monopolistic Competition: Accuracy +20%, and Weapon Damage +15%. Aura (6). These effects also apply to this unit. Oligopoly: Dodge Cost -10%, Damage Received -10%, Accuracy +30%, and Weapon Damage +25%. Aura (2). These effects also apply to this unit. Cost To Add: 1800 Credits
  9. Gone for two weeks at least.
  10. This contest is extended for another 2 months, ending at the end of August. Show us what you can do!
  11. This contest is extended til the end of July. So work on those entries!
  12. And that ends this one! Creepy gets 2500 Credits and 1500 PP as rewards while Hiroyuki gets 300 Floating PP for GMing this.
  13. Dunno lol

  14. Terrible Terrible Curse