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  1. Four months later I remember about this thread! Now unpinned ready to be slowly hidden in the dust~ Those who bothered with my silly thread, thank you.
  2. What? Some people dun do custom ringtones? WHY? YOU CAN HAVE LIKE.... KOI NO MIKURU DENSETSU OR MOTTEKE!! SAILORFUKU AS YOUR RINGTONES!!!!! (noe) So like, what do some of you people use for your cellphone? Do you even care what your phone sounds like when it rings? I can't help customize everything I have whenever possible. But anyway this poll is about your RINGTONE only so I will tell you what I use. There was a while when I had a custom ringtone for more than one person on my contact list, but that got annoying when I had too many contacts or if I deleted files, so now I just use ONE. The SRWOGs arrange of ASH TO ASH. Why? It starts low, gets faster, and is awesum. So even in quiet environments, it doesn't sound like a sudden exploding cacophony, but is still hearable in loud places. POLL IT! (Note to the other mods: I'll unpin this in a week or something)
  3. Gundam Series 0. Magic Ensign Blaster Mari 1. G Generation Overworld Originals (Plot-related ones only) 2. Mobile Suit Gundam (The first~) 3. G Gundam (SR Gundam) Dynamic Series 0. Mazinger Z U.S.A. 1. Mazinger Z 2. Getter Robo 3. Great Mazinger 80s Series 1. Dunbine 2. Tobikage 3. Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos 90s Series 1. Evangelion 2. Nadesico 3. Detonator Orgun 00s Series 0.. Ichigeki Sacchuu!! HoiHoi-san 1. Gun X Sword 2. Code Geass 3. Gurren Lagann "Oldies" Super Robot Series (70s to 80s) 1. Raideen 2. Combattler-V 3. Daitarn 3 "Recent" Series (aired within the last 2 years) 0. Busou Shinki 1. Gundam UC 2. Muv-Luv Total Eclipse 3. Frame Arms. Someone has to go buy all the plamo tho~ Banpresto Original 0. SRW1 (SRW ONE!) 1. SRW Alpha (SRX Team, Gespensts, Huckies, Balmarians) 2. Masoukishin (Masouki) 3. SRW W (a little non-OG spice) Player's Choice: Anything Else 1. Demonbane (magic SRs) 2. NG Knight Lamune (magic RRs) 3. Xenosaga (KOS-MOS)
  4. I see someone's found my secret stash of S;G reactions~
  5. I might've had it stashed somewhere but I can't find it. So in the meantime, you might want to check the last post here http://mechanicalsaviour.blogspot.com/search/label/Sprites Look for WP051 in the Alpha 2 batch of unit sheets~
  6. Watch out, imoutotachi~!
  7. Thank you humans~! I'll make sure to tell Einst Wakamoto to leave space for you guys when we reset the universe!
  8. Well, I guess you guys need some variation so I'll post the two newest things I translated here~!
  9. Muramasa 1st

  10. Eis, you might wonder why I visit your profile so much, but I just do it to copy/paste from your first comment the "~" character that my keyboard lacks... I'M NOT A CREEP OK? ...OK.

  11. E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y

  12. ok who made squirrel cry?
  13. This reminds me of some random photo of a bus in the middle east overloaded 500% with passengers
  14. Neeeeeuuuuuu portraits~