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  1. Randomness from C21(yes, Cosmic Break's predecessor)

    Fear the double-headed laser cactus head ogre...thingy

    © Cyberstep

  2. 誕生日おめでとう、姉貴~
  3. Future Nayuta Group: Patrolling Orbital Ring, probably recalled upon hearing of Geister Attack? Present Nayuta Group: Doing their own thing the next town over from G-Island. Probably not alerted out of time paradox discretion. May start sniffing around eventually. J-Dreadnaught: Kaidou deployed in the J-Kaiser to assist in driving off Cobalt Geister. Brings Rekka and Ryu back to G-Island as well after some convincing by Exkaiser.
  4. Uh...where'd that super summary I put together go?
  5. pro-time skip for me, despite the fact that the away team was technically under my flagship...
  6. February Credit standing: 1223 Gains: +49120 +500 July Monthly Stipend +48620 Mechdev refund Losses: Current Credit standing: 50343
  7. I mechdeved something that raised the bar and eyebrows of mechdev. Due to my long absence, the unit has now been removed forever from limbo, and my money refunded. The following people(old names) get their donations returned. Regris: 1000 Mechalomaniac: 800 Rurounin Mao: 1000 Kaiterra: 801 Blaine Kodos: 5432 Avitar: 100 Eis Mikagami: 2250 Kira Yamato: 100 Sumeragi Kyousuke: 1000 Umbaglo: 1000 Rebi Tora: 143 Seth Valentine: 1000
  8. considering I'm one of driving forces in the command room behind Jaiku and Blaine(?)... *gets railroaded back in*
  9. 1)Do you defend over dodging?(Yes, go to 2/No, go to 5) 2)Do you like combiners over solos?(Yes, go to 3/No, go to 4) 3)Do you like beast type robots?(Yes, go to A/No, go to B) 4)Do you like enemy units more than ally units?(Yes, go to C/No, go to D) 5)Do you like giving commands rather than being commanded?(Yes, go to 6/No, go to 7) 6)Do you ride the mood easily?(Yes, go to E/No, go to F) 7)Do you like the female pilots over the adult male pilots?(Yes, go to G/No, go to H) A) Dancougar, Bamboolian Grand B) Voltes V, Chouryujin C) Gil Gear, Shin of Friday D) Great Mazinger, G Zero Gunner E) New Jeeg, Mark Acht, Apharmd the Hatter F) Orgun, Heavyarms Custom EW, Killjaguar G) Stargazer, Hime Brain, Aestivalis Custom Ryouko H) Emperanza, Falke, Windam(Neo)
  10. Posting away with the arrival of entertainment lockdown (Read: Parents)
  11. July Credit standing: 1423 Gains: +500 +500 July Monthly Stipend Losses: -700 -700 Gift to Terence Sharpton Current Credit standing: 1223
  12. Green Mage series: Tamaki Nekomata series: Mabiko :3 Nyo~
  13. eh...why not? I could use some sort of compensation while I'm in this "safe house" --- Well Santa got lazy again, but you have a giftcard worth 1500 Credits, good for anything in the hangar.
  14. December Credit standing: 2243 Gains: +2250 +500 November Monthly Stipend +500 December Monthly Stipend +1250 The Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny Losses: -3070 -160 Purchasing Kagerou -350 Purchasing Gouryu -140 Purchasing Kouryu -140 Purchasing Anryu -500 Purchasing J-Ark -140 Purchasing Fuuryu -140 Purchasing Rairyu -1750 Purchasing Organoid Sidekick Current Credit standing: 1423
  15. Daikumaryu [ATTN: Yosuke, Fleed, Nimbus, Kirby, Lone Wolf] Regeneration Phase: +0 HP Spirit Command Phase: Seishin: RAAAAAAGE (for 2700) Effect: 80(Haro) SP Used: 80 Defense Phase: Attacker: Damage: Action: Resources used: Damage Taken: Transform Phase: Unroll from Vollution Mode! Special Phase: Leadership!(Dodge Cost -15%): Dailayzer, Gaiking, Genesic GaoFighGar, God Grendizer, JakuBuOh, Blossom Angeflora Suddenly the black boxball within Daikumaryu activated as threw it itself at the last opponent thrashing before stabbing the giant cutter through. Attack Phase: Target: Rapiecage Weapon: Giant Cutter Reverse Slash {11400 damage/30 EN, Barrier Pierce} [+25%] Resources Used: 30 EN(with Gaiking) Special Modifiers: +150% Damage(Psycho Haro) Outgoing Damage: 11400 + 17100(+150%) = 28500, +25% Stats: HP: 18326/27000 EN: 80/525 SP1: 0/90 SP2: 80/120 SP3: 36/66 SP4: 56/126 DP: 3000/3000 AP: 100/100 Ammo: Chest Machine Gun: 30/30 Freeze Ray: 15/15 Missile: 40/40 Dragon Cutter: 24/24 Laser Gun: 30/30 Anti-Air Laser Cannons: 28/30 Hydroblazer: 8/8 Miracle Drill: 6/6 Status: Vollution Mode(Armor -75%) Leadership: Dailayzer, Gaiking, Genesic GaoFighGar, Blossom Angeflora, God Grendizer, JakuBuOh Items: Psycho Haro(01/81 SP) Zuphirode Crystal Gaiking Regeneration Phase: -30 EN(Combo) +2 Courage +46 EN(Regen) Seishin Phase: Seishin: Effect: SP Used: Guts Guage: Defense Phase: Attacker: Damage: Action: Resources used: Damage Taken: Special Phase: Leadership effects!(DC -15%) Captain effects!(DC -5%, TDC +20%) Face Open Mode! Attacker! "...I think I can still hit it..." Attack Phase: Target: Rapiecage Weapon: Giant Cutter Reverse Slash {11400 Damage/30 EN, Barrier Pierce} [+25%] Resources Used: 30 EN Special Modifiers: +205% (Brave Spirit, Infight, Unit Specialization, Brave Hero's Crest, Attacker, Brave Power), +60% Target's Dodge Cost(Gunfight, Unit Specialization, Brave Hero's Crest, Captain), Defense Pierce Outgoing Damage: 11400 + 23370(+205%) x 3= 34770 Damage, +85% Accuracy Stats: HP: 1988/11400 EN: 262/460 SP: 0/200 DP: 3000/3000 AP: 100/100 Courage: 4/10 Ammo: Despair Sight: 20/20 Missile: 8/8 Super Despair sight: 10/10 Gaiking Missile: 4/4 Hydroblazer: 5/5 Death Light: 2/2 Status: Leadership! (Dodge Cost -15%) Captain! (Dodge Cost -5%, Target's Dodge Cost +20%) Face Open Mode: 4/4 ACTIVE Attacker: 4/4 ACTIVE YnC: Level 1(5700): Damage Dealt +30%, Damage Taken -10% Level 2(4560): Damage Dealt +65%, Damage Taken -20% Level 3(3420): Damage Dealt +100%, Damage Taken -30% Level 4(2280): Damage Dealt +100%, Damage Taken -30%, Courage +1 Great Effort Lucky Items: Brave Hero's Crest Supplementary GS Ride