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  1. Due to legal reasons I'm digging a hole and pulling in most things with my contact info attached in after me. So this needs to go.
  2. Honestly, I just kinda lost interest. I have the capability to play actual SRW games these days (which I didn't when I was really active in the SC) and in those I can finish a battle a) in less time than a few months and b) without needing to screw with a calculator or get curb stomped by folks who understand the system better than me.
  3. May 2012 Credit Gains - 500, monthly allowance Credit Losses Current Credit Total: 1720
  4. I'm just going to be blunt here. Restricting the series people can buy/use is a terrible idea. I, for one, would simply rather not play instead of being stuck having to use units I dislike or waiting months/years for something I do like to pop up. Sure, it's all good, if you only like popular things like Gundam, or Brave series, or Gurren Lagann, or the usual Dynamic shows which will constantly be available/get voted in/etc. But what if you get someone like me who likes more rarified things like Zoids, or Mekton Zeta (I know it's not back yet shut up) or Zegapain, and so forth? Those people will be screwed. Give bonuses for using selected series, don't force people to use them to the exclusion of other things. I'm not going to comment on the proposed pilot system as I'm still absorbing the v3 one but anythign that lets me use a calculator less when fighting is good.
  5. EZ-016+CP-02 Saber Tiger AT Statistics: HP: 3600, EN: 150, Agi: 260 IS: 3, Move: G, Size: M, Rank: 4 Weapons: AZ Laser Machine Gun (B)- 600 damage, 20 rounds [+40%] AZ 3-Barrel Shock Cannon- 1300 damage, 10 rounds [+10%] Strike Claws (M)- 1400 damage [+0%] AEZ 20mm Beam Gun (B)- 700 damage # 2, 10 rounds [+10%] TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun (B)- 1200 damage # 2, 10 rounds [+10%] Killer Saber (M)- 2500 damage, 10 EN/attack [+10%] AZ 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Cannon (B)- 3400 damage, 6 rounds [+10%] High Pressure Focused Sulfuric Acid Sprayer- 3500 damage, Acid, 4 rounds [+20%] Surface to Surface Missile Pod (PGSF:6)- 600 damage, 24 rounds [+25%] 8-Shot Missile Pod (PGSF:8)- 500 damage, 32 rounds [+25%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Zoid 2) Countershoot: AZ Laser Machine Gun, AZ 3-Barrel Shock Cannon, AEZ 20mm Beam Gun, TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun, AZ 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Cannon Purchasing Cost: N/A. Install Assault Unit onto EZ-016 Saber Tiger. Aquired: purchased Assault Unit
  6. derp
  7. Claiming the one for 75 posts. Check, and in the future state the exact name of the achievement you're claiming.
  8. Selling: Lestrail 200 Lestgrunch 250
  9. Proto Saber CAS Type Statistics: HP: 3300, EN: 160, Agi: 270 IS: 3, Move: G, Size: M, Rank: 4 Weapons: Vulcan Gun- 500 damage, 20 rounds [+40%] Shock Cannon- 1400 damage, 10 rounds [+10%] AEZ 20mm Beam Gun (B)- 700 damage x 2, 10 rounds [+10%] Killer Saber (M)- 1500 damage [+0%] TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun (B)- 1000 damage # 2, 10 rounds [+10%] 2-Barrel 30mm Beam Cannon (B)- 1500 damage # 2, 15 EN/attack [+10%] Sniper Rifle- 4000 damage, Barrier Pierce, 8 rounds [+10%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Zoid 2) Countershoot: AZ Laser Machine Gun, Shock Cannon, AEZ 20mm Beam Gun, TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun, 2-Barrel 30mm Beam Cannon 3) Damage Received -15% 4) Changing Armor System: Same effects as Frame Switch. 5) Snipe: Sniper Rifle [+30%] Replacement Cost: 100 Credits (Proto Saber) Berrik's Proto Saber CAS Type The Proto Saber CAS type is a rare variant of an uncommon Zoid. A limited number of Proto Sabers were produced for CAS testing, though the unit proved to be quite efficient and versatile in it's own right, able to equip a wide variety of optional parts. As history knows, eventually the Guylos Empire abandoned the Saber Tiger and chose the Liger Zero as it's base-- making the Saber Tiger CAS Type a bit of a ghost fighter. Still, a few existed, and they, and their CAS parts were farmed out to ace pilots. One of these pilots was the war criminal Berrik, and over time, he had his unit tweaked and upgraded using virtually all the proceeds from his job as a Guylos Empire soldier (and later, a mercenary) to keep up with the times as best he could, including the CAS packs assigned to his unit. These changes have significantly improved the lot of his unit, and allowed it to take on Zoids that by any standard should ordinarily easily outmatch a Proto Saber. Frame upgrades The Proto Saber's armor has been strengthened to allow it to better bear the stresses placed on it by CAS systems, and the energy system lovingly reworked to allow the most efficient flow of power possible to the Zoid's various systems and onboard equipment, especially the leg servos. In addition, Berrik occasionally has been known to have his organoid, Spark, fuse with the unit to further improve it's performance. (some HP/EN/AGI upgrades, Organoid sidekick built in that is only available when the owner has one as per Raven's Saber Tiger) In addition, the Zoid sports Berrik's characteristic black and red paint scheme, carried over to the CAS parts as well. Weapons systems (Note: I added the missing weapons from the Saber Tiger when making this) The weapons systems on Berrik's Proto Saber CAS have recieved some overhauls, mostly using off the shelf parts or simply adding slightly larger magazines where applicable. The nature of these well understood and common (for the most part) parts means that they're relatively simple to maintain and repair, providing a nice boost in combat efficiency without breaking the bank or having finnicky, delicate mechanisms. Vulcan Gun As a high speed anti-infantry/harassment weapon, this has needed no changes and Berrik hasn't touched it, retaining it as a replacement for the Saber Tiger's standard laser machinegun. (vrrrr) AZ 3-Barrel Shock Cannon Another standard issue weapon that hasn't had much in the way of changes. (boom) Strike Laser Claws One of the first upgrades Berrik had installed, this replaces the Proto Saber's standard claws with new versions utilizing the same Strike Laser Claw technology as in newer zoids. The claws can, of course, operate as ordinary Strike Claws if no energy is directed to them. (slice slice~) Electron Bite Fangs The Proto Saber's standard Killer Saber teeth have been modified to deliver electric shocks upon contact, similar to many mass production model Zoids around the world. (chomp) Beam Gatling Cannon A standard Beam Gatling unit can be mounted on any Saber Tiger, and this one is no exception-- Berrik prefers to use this over the 2-barrel 30mm beam guns it replaces, as it significantly increases firepower. (This is, as far as I can tell, the same as the one the Red Horn AG uss.) TEZ 35mm Linear Laser Gun A straightforward upgrade of this secondary weapons system, the 35mm LLG has no particular gimmicks-- it's simly a more powerful, larger weapon that sacrifices the faster refire rate of the previous model for improved punch. (It's a bigger beam gun than the one it replaces. Should stay ammo based if possible.) High Pressure Focused Sulfuric Acid Sprayer As this weapon is adequate, it hasn't been modified or upgraded at all. (Same as Saber Tiger's) AZ Sniper Rifle The Proto Saber's enormously powerful and accurate sniper rifle hasn't been modified at all, except to add a slightly larger magazine-- the weapon is more than powerful enough as it is. (More or less the same as Proto Saber's, except as noted) CAS Units Berrik's customizations to his Proto Saber didn't merely touch upon the base unit-- he also invested a considerable sum of money in having the CAS units torn apart and rebuilt to his specifications, primarily to eliminate the Jaeger (which he considered redundant) and implement it's functions into some of the other CAS units, which required some reconfigurations accordingly. Due to these changes, these CAS packs are only compatible with Berrik's Proto Saber CAS Type. Due to the custom nature of these parts, as opposed to the modifications to the base unit, each CAS unit actually costs as much as an entire new Saber Tiger to replace, so Berrik tries not to lose them if he can avoid it. Jagdschneider CAS Essentially this is similar to the standard Schneider pack, though it incorporates the larger, more powerful ion booster of the Jaeger pack (with appropriate reinforcements) and slightly improves the E-shield as well. Generally the most commonly used, due to the combination of mobility improvement and enhanced close combat abilities it provides. (better AGI, E-Shield is Barrier M instead of Barrier S) Jagdpanzer CAS This proved the most troublesome and expensive CAS to modify, but the results were more than worth it-- while sacrificing some of it's missiles, this modified Panzer CAS manages to incorporate the Jaeger unit's ion booster, significantly reducing (though not eliminating) the mobility penalties imposed by the heavy armor and weapons. The micro missiles have been completely omitted from the design, but in exchange, grenade launcher and hybrid cannon ammunition have increased-- and the remaining missile launchers have been upgraded with advanced incendiary rounds, allowing the Jagdpanzer to unleash a hellish firestorm capable of quickly incinerating large areas, or, alternately, even single large, powerful Zoids if they're incautious. (Remove micromissiles and decrease AGI penalty; also, Jagdpanzer burn everything with FIRE MISSILES! It's Burning Big Bang MAP should change the terrain type to Scorched Earth) Jagdgeist CAS The final of the three CAS units, and the most rarely used, this doesn't incorporate the Jaeger unit's ion booster, but instead adds extra equipment: an energy disturbance unit for damaging enemy targeting systems, and banned neutron missiles and poison gas spreaders for anti-gurreilla purposes and directly attacking enemy pilots within their cockpits. This extra equipment makes the X CAS heavier, but the improvements to the base unit help to migitate this to an extent, and it's still lighter than the Panzer equipment. This particular CAS is what gave Berrik his infamous reputation, as he'd use it to wipe out entire encampments of Zoid warriors and their support personnel before they could ever board their units, leaving their Zoids untouched for allied use. At least, after some decontamination and a lot of air freshener, anyways... To further assist with it's purpose, the Jagdgeist also equips smoke dischargers, and even a mine dispenser concealed in the tip of the tail. (It's the X unit, an even better status effect maker extraordinare~ The status effect junk mentioned is similar to the buyable and equippable stuff from the Zoids Saga games.)
  10. I mean what unit(s). I don't particularly care about terrain as long as it's fair to both people involved.
  11. What do you want to use? I'd prefer low tier item stips since I'm poor.
  12. Also this is from old tymes but I'm claiming the Mechdev achievements of spending 5000 credits and (from v2, when it was PCs; also it's descendants) and also the ones for making units that mix 2/3 series (Gromlin Fossil Evolved covers this nicely). Check.
  13. Lestgrunch is not available for battles because I'm either gonna vend it or hold onto it until I have a pilot that isn't specced for Zoids.
  14. I'm claiming the things for having 25 and 50 posts. The proof on that should be self-explanatory. Check!
  15. Hey, I totally deserve a mark for being an asshole at the mall.