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  1. -May 3rd, 2013 Starting: 11814 Current: 12314 Gains: +500 Allowance Losses:
  2. -March 30th, 2013 Starting: 11314 Current: 11814 Gains: +500 Allowance Losses:
  3. -February 21st, 2013 Starting: 10814 Current: 11314 Gains: +500 Allowance Losses:
  4. -January 22nd, 2013 Starting: 10314 Current: 10814 Gains: +500 Allowance Losses:
  5. Hmmmm...sure, why not. This sounds relatively entertaining.
  6. Banpresto: 1. Masoukishin 2. SRW Alpha 3. SRW FF Player's Choice: 1. SRW Alpha 3 2. SRW Z2 3. SRW NEO
  7. Selling a few things here and there. Rushbird: 350 credits Straybird: 400 credits Frosty Robo: 250 credits Moomoomaru x3: 15 credits Total: 1015 credits.
  8. So Daz! I am your Secret Santa. And today, I feel like giving you extra stuff, since the world didn't end, maybe. So you may have a nice, shiny, SRX, and to go with it, a G-Thunder Gate so that you can have a tasty G Compatible Kaiser. Anything over budget shall arise from my own pocket. But, I still feel like being a giving person, and thus there are some extra people whom I wish to treat on this fine Winter day. Soulephant! I see that you have an Alteisen and a Wildwurger. So have a nice Wei├čritter and Wildfalken R to go with them. Euzeth Gozzo! I have reason to believe that you are an imposter! Why? You have no Black Judecca in your possession. I'm going to rectify this scenario personally. Obviously, your gifts are paid for out of pocket. And yes, we're allowed to do things like this. Tis the season for giving after all.
  9. Greetings Santa, feels like it's been a while. As for myself, I would appreciate if those 2013 credits alloted to our "budget" would be divided into Hangar-based Banpresto Originals I don't happen to have yet. I'll leave how it's divided up to you. Or, if it suits you better, you may instead divide up my 2013 credits amongst everyone else, I'm not in a huge rush to claim oodles of free stuff and honestly, I probably don't need them since I've got enough credits that I could easily just buy everything I could get from this myself. Finally, another thing I'd appreciate. I've had some Mecha Stats sitting in the SC tracker for a while now, and I would genuinely appreciate it if they were reviewed by the staff so that any error can hopefully be ironed out.
  10. -December 10th, 2012 Starting: 13394 Current: 10314 Gains: +500 Allowance +1015 Pawn shop Losses: -3580 Secret Santa + Extra Gifts
  11. I am definitely going to join this. As for gifts, anything that happens to be a Banpresto Original that I don't already have would be nice. Preferably unevolved, but if you give me a unit with enough B-Class combat data to evolve it, I certainly won't complain (and probably won't complain anyways)
  12. -November 1st, 2012 Starting: 12894 Current: 13394 Gains: +500 Allowance Losses:
  13. -100 Total Remaining: 200
  14. Huh, okay then. -100 Total Remaining: 500
  15. -100 Total Remaining: 0 And the pot is now empty.