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  1. September 2013 Current Credits: 0 Credits Starting Credits: 29,646 Credits MechDev Giftcards: 41,283 Credits Gains: A- Fight Rewards B- Event Rewards C- Misc. Monthly Allowance - 500 Credits D- Giftcards Losses: A - Fight Losses B - Loaned/Given Credits Silkroad - 30,146 Credits C- Purchases D- Giftcards Total Credits Gains: 500 Credits Total Credits Losses: 30,146 Credits
  2. I am pretty certain all of my devs are fine, but if anyone is converting them and goes "da fuq?" then feel free to throw me a line in PM or so.
  3. the hell is going on in this thread

  4. メリークリスマス!

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  5. July 2012 Current Credits: 6,366 Credits Starting Credits: 11,066 Credits Mod Stipend: 1,600 Credits Repair Giftcard: 100 Credits MechDev Giftcards: 7,000 Credits Gains: A- Fight Rewards B- Event Rewards C- Misc. Monthly Allowance - 1,600 Credits D- Capitalism Losses: A - Fight Losses B - Loaned/Given Credits C- Purchases B-Class Combat Data x21 - 6,300 Credits D- Capitalism Total Credits Gains: 1,600 Credits Total Credits Losses: 6,300 Credits Current G: 824 G Starting G: 0 G Gains: A- Fight Rewards Losses: A- Purchases Total G Gains: 0 G Total G Losses: 0 G
  6. Fixed, no action taken, fixed. Also this should be in the tracker, shouldn't it?
  7. Brandisher Type-MP Statistics: HP: 3200, EN: 160, Agi: 250 IS: 3, Move: F/G, Size: M, Rank: 6 Weapons: Melee (M)- 600 damage [+0%] High-Frequency Sword (M)- 1600 damage [+0%] High-Frequency Sword [Charged] (MV:4)- 500 damage/3 EN, Armor Pierce [+0%] Positron Rifle- 2400 damage, Barrier Pierce, 15 EN/attack, Hardpoints: 1 [+15%] Missile Pods (PSGF:8)- 400 damage, 8 rounds, Hardpoints: 1 [+25%] Cracker Grenades (S)- 3200 damage, 2 rounds, Hardpoints: 1 [+0%] Positron Blaster- 4200 damage, Barrier Pierce, 25 EN/attack, Hardpoints: 1 [+20%] Antimatter Wave Cannon (S)- 6000 damage, Barrier Pierce, Charge (2), 40 EN/attack, Hardpoints: 1 [+30%] MAP Attacks: Antimatter Wave Cannon (I:4)- 4000 damage, Barrier Pierce, 40 EN/attack, 1 round [+0%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Seraph 2) Countercut: High-Frequency Sword 3) Countershoot: Positron Rifle 4) Hardpoints (6): Positron Rifle, Missile Pods, Cracker Grenades, Positron Blaster, Antimatter Wave Cannon Purchasing Cost: 320 Credits Approval Cost: 600 Credits For sake of arguement I'm going to tell you right now that you're much better off rewording future devs like this by assuming things like the rifle, blaster, and wave cannon are just normal armaments (Since you gain no benefit from bringing more than one) and the missiles and grenades are hardpoint only. If you want, I can edit it since you're basically shooting yourself in the foot.
  8. It's approved.
  9. Blue Tears (Strike Dasher) Statistics: HP: 2600, EN: 180, Agi: 210 IS: 3, Move: F/G, Size: SS, Rank: 7 Weapons: Melee (M)- 400 damage [+0%] Blue Tears (B)- 600 damage, 5 EN/shot [+10%] Req: Blue Tears Attack Phase Interceptor (M)- 800 damage [+0%] Blue Tears [Missile] (PGSF:4)- 800 damage, 12 rounds [+25%] Starlight Buster [Rapid] (BSF:5)- 700 damage/4 EN [+10%] Starlight Buster [spread] (BS)- 3000 damage, 15 EN/shot [+20%] Starlight Buster (B)- 3200 damage, 15 EN/shot [+20%] Blue Tears Full Burst (BS)- 6000 damage, 50 EN/attack [+40%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Infinite Stratos 2) Countercut: Interceptor 3) Countershoot: Starlight Buster [Rapid] 4) Shield (Barrier): Same effect as Barrier S. 5) Absolute Defense: May pay 25 EN during your Defense Phase to gain SP Canceller for one turn. 6) Blue Tears (4): Blue Tears Same effect as Bombers. 7) Brilliant Clearance: Same effect as Head Gear. 8) Ignition Boost: Same effect as Double Image (5). 9) Pack Jettison (Blue Tears) 10) Snipe: Starlight Buster [+30%] 11) Blue Tears Full Burst: If this attack is used, immediately transform to Blue Tears. Purchasing Cost: N/A. Install High Speed Charge Package "Strike Dasher" on Blue Tears. Blue Tears (Strike Dasher) will then be available for use. --- Cost to be Added: 700 Credits (Kruz Approved)
  10. Ohh. I'll have to shake down Imban for information then, I never watched IS. I'll stat it shortly though.
  11. Okay now include that into your actual narrative, above.
  12. Things I would like to know, but don't: 1) Who (made them, who piloted them, why they're important. 2) What (The hell are they? What do they run on?) 3) Where (Were they built? Were they found? I guess I have some place names to work with but that's about it...) 4) When (Are some later generation than others? Are some horribly old artifacts of ancient races?) 5) Why (Were they used aside from the usual escalation of force? Were there mass production models?)
  13. Can I get a bit more detail on what the heck this is? Technical details like size, power source, why it was made, etc.
  14. So I'm at a bit of a loss here. Before anyone calls me out on being cheap or lazy, I just want to establish my reasoning. Sachiko, I know you're not terribly interested in the Simchamber as of current, and frankly I can't blame you for that. But there are ways to be involved that aren't just fighting! And I, for one, know you can be quite creative with all sorts of things, so for that reason I'm giving you a 1,000 Credit MechDev Gift Card. I would like to see what kind of things you come up with, and encourage the rest of the community to do the same. I know it isn't much but check back with me once I fix all of my accounts and I might add more to this.
  15. Ahh why the fuck not?