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  1. There we go! Finally decided on a unit, bought it wrote everything into my 'checking account' and now I'm ready to go. Course I need to read up on combat rules, still a little confused on some stuff.
  2. MOBILE SUITS Gundam Age: Generation 2 Vagan Units xvm-mzc Zeydars Statistics: HP: 3200, EN: 150, Agi: 280 IS: 4, Move: F/G, Size: M, Rank: 3 Weapons: Claws (M)- 900 damage [+0%] Tail Sword- 2400 damage, 10 EN/attack [+20%] Diffuse Beam Cannon (BS)- 2700 damage, 15 EN/attack [+30%] Claw Rush (MF:3)- 1200 damage/5 EN [+10%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Mobile Suit 2) Countercut: Claws, Tail Sword 3) Countershoot: Diffuse Beam Cannon Purchasing Cost: 130 Credits -30% (favorite Series): 91 Credits
  3. So I'm the new guy here I guess. I'm glad to be here and eager to start, but I wish there was a chat topic I could pop into...

    1. Iono


      yeah there is... #simchamber @aniverse in MiRC

    2. Crosswire


      MiRC? Skype would work better. But I downloaded it, but it's not very user friendly. Care to explain how I find me what to the chatroom?

    3. 'Destiny'_Locke


      Try mibbit, it's a mite easier to work.

      Basically, you put down the server (It should be somewhere up on the upper left) as

      and the room as #simchamber. If you need any more details, find a guide.

  4. I'm new here. I don't know if I really have any right to ask for anything, but you think you could give me the Type-3F Prototype Gekka (Rank 5) and the Mobile Doll System (Rank 4). Maybe I'm asking for too much, but whatever you choose to give me (if anything) is fine by me.
  5. Alright, that's a good idea. I'm sure there's a good melee unit in the Gundam AGE series I can use. Besides I like just about all the units anyway .
  6. I finished my character and set up everything. Now all I have to do is go about getting a mech now. There are plenty of good AGE suits, but I'm tempted to make a custom mobile suit. However I don't have any experience with the combat system. I think I might be safer if I bought a suit, got some experience under my belt and then went about trying my hand at making a custom suit. Besides, I only have a vague idea of what I want out of my suit and I don't want to anything half-cocked especially after seeing how you guys demand detail (which is good! ). Does that sound like a good idea?
  7. ITEMS Repair Kit Function: - Equipped Unit recovers 30% of it's max HP. - 2 Uses Item Statistics: Type: Perishable Class: Stackable Rank: 2 Cost: 200 Credits ------------- Propellent Tank Function: - Equipped Unit recovers 900 DP - 2 Uses. Item Statistics: Type: Perishable Class: Stackable Rank: 2 Cost: 200 Credits ---- Spare Battery Function: - Recovers Unit's EN to 100% - 2 Uses. Item Statistics: Type: Perishable Class: Stackable Rank: 2 Cost: 200 Credits ---- Reloader Cartridge Function: - Recovers all weapon ammo on equipped unit - 2 Uses Item Statistics: Type: Perishable Class: Stackable Rank: 2 Cost: 200 Credits
  8. Favorite Series: Gundam AGE Items I Own: (Starter Pack) - Three (3) Repair Kits - Three (3) Propellant Tanks - Three (3) Spare Batteries - Three (3) Reloaders Suits I Own: None.
  9. Gains: 500c Credits-Starting Cash Total: 500c Losses: 130c -30% (Favorite Series)= 91 Purchased [xvm-mzc Zeydars] 3/17/2013 Total: 91c Total Balance: 409c
  10. PP Assets: Gains 1600 PP - Starter Pack Expenders 400-Melee Attribute 200-Evade Attribute 200- Lv1 Hotblood 700-Lv3 Resentment Remaining PP 100 PP
  11. Richard Gyan Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: Richard stands 5,10 with broad shoulders, a descent figure and the build of someone who’s had to work most of their lives. He has short cut and messy black hair, striking royal blue eyes and a soft face that stands out amongst his gruff features. Richard has long jagged scars just left of his chin that stretch down to his jugular, from when a drunk loan-shark tried to carve him up with a broken bottle. He also sports a patchy beard, which he's trying to grow out into a nice full one (to little avail). Clothing wise Richard isn't all that picky. He likes loose, but sizable clothes, nothing fancy but nothing disgusting ether. Normally you'll see him sporting leans, a t-shirt of some kind, a leather jacket and a good pair of running shoes. His piloting suit is custom tailored, slim, streamlined and with a stylized helmet with a hammer/sickle crossbones on the front and a knight-like design to it. Personality: Richard is a very brutal and straight forward individual at heart. He enjoys making others know exactly what he wants and making them understand that if he doesn't they’ll regret it. However he’s matured quite a bit. He’s learned that you can’t be so hard headed; you need to be clever, find the most effective way of doing something even at the cost of your own pride, because wealth is far more valuable than pride. He’s an adventurer at heart, and while his hardships have made him bitter, he’s still a young man trying to live out his dreams of wealth, revenge and success. Richard tries to respect others thoughts, ideas and beliefs as best he can, having a personal policy of treating people how he would like to be treated. He has no quarter or mercy for his enemies however and will fight them as if they were the devil himself. While Richard can be quite greedy, he understands the importance of having a personal code and holding to ones loyalties and promises. Despite the deceiving nature of his ‘career’ Richard himself is usually a very honest, upholding and honorable individual. Occupation: Odd-Job Worker/Mercenary/Smuggler/Privateer Bio: Richard Gyan is the last in the once powerful Gyan Family. Before and the during the Colony Nations War, the Gyan Family was a large, old and powerful family possessing not only a massive conglomerate but ties in powerful military, political and criminal organizations. They became rich of their many business ventures and invests helped by the fact they began selling and developing weapons, mobile suits and ships for any who could pay for it during a time of war. The Gyan family was large and diverse with different branches in business, politics, the art world and the military. For a while it seemed like they would last forever. However that was not to be as they were not the only family that held power. The Asuno family, while being smaller than their own and not as own, was made up of cunning, driven individuals who actively opposed the Gyan family. This was due to differences in ideologies, conflict of interests and the fact the families just didn’t like each other. A feud began between the families on almost every level, politically, economically and physically. As the war grew worse and worse, so did the few. A few members of the Asuno family were smart enough to stay out of the feud, the Gyan family however was totally dedicated to destroying the Asuno Family. The Gyan Family used their best weapons against the Asunos, who deployed their own. Many members of the Gyan House died fighting the Asuno’s ultimate weapon. The “Gundam”. By the time the Colony Nations War came to an end, both family’s had basically been basically eradicated. The remnants of the Gyan Family settled down in the small industrial colony of “Noah” where they attempted to recover from their losses. However they quickly became impoverished and by A.G. 97 all of the members of Gyan Family were dead, save for the orphaned infant Richard Gyan. Richard grew up with only three things to his name, he clothes on his back, and two books. The first a data storage device called the “Book of Gyan” a record of his family’s lineage, achievements, inventions and struggles. The second book was a perfectly preserved copy of the Communist Manifesto, apparently it was a memento from a long dead relative who favored exotic books. Life was hard, very hard. Richard spent 5 years in an orphanage before being throw out on the streets. He slept in maintenance tunnels, alleys or on vacant rooftops when he could. Richard ate anything he could find that wasn’t rotten or carrots (which had traumatized him during his time at the orphanage). On top of that he had to deal other children and the much older, scarier ruffians. From an early age he learned how to fight, survive and…to kill. When Richard turned 8 he was over taken by a powerful hatred after learning of his family’s lineage after figuring out how to access The Book of Gyan. All the suffering, all the misery, all the horrible things he had to do just to survive would not been necessary if it hadn't been for the Asuno Family and the Gundam. Driven by hatred and the urge to live a better life Richard began to plot. He became a member of organized crime. First he started out as a simple grunt, not a great job but it gave him a place to stay, food to eat and a place to study. As he climbed his way through the ranks of the underground in the Noah coloy he gave himself the education he never got, as well as learning the ways of crime from his superiors. By the time Gyan was 14 he knew mechanics, piloting, how to properly fight multiple people, and many of the arts of thievery and other criminal skills. He continued to hone his skills over the next 4 years, saving up his earnings to buy himself a mobile suit so he could start out on his own. To build his own organization, carve his own path…and crush those who had made him suffer so. Now he wanders from place to place, fighting, stealing, hiring himself out as a mercenary and trying to save up to purchase a ship. He's still somewhat broke, but compared to what he came from he feels like a king. "Revenge? It's not my life's goal. It's my Hobby" ----------------- -Pilot Class: G.E.C.K.(Great Enthusiastic Communist Knight) Lv.4 Starting Max SP: 100 Skills & Abilities: - Dodge Cost –10% - Countercut Cost: 4 AP - Countershoot Cost: 7 AP - Critical Class: Active During an attack phase, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead. Attributes: MELEE: (Increases -type weapon damage and improves Countercut)* * Level 4: -type Weapon Damage +45%, Countercut Cost -3 EVADE: (Reduces dodge cost) * Level 2: Dodge Cost -10% Will Gauge Class: Active (Main) Barrel Roll: Costs 2 Will. Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +20% for this turn. “Time to take evasive maneuvers!” Iron Will: Costs 5 Will. The first attack phase you receive this turn that would reduce your HP past 0 this turn reduces it to 1 instead. Your next attack phase gains Weapon Damage +25% and Target's Dodge Cost +25% “I’m not done yet…not by a long shot!” Finishing Attack: Costs 5 Will. Your next attack phase gains Weapon Damage +100% and Target's Dodge Cost +25%. “You’ll regret what you’ve done. I’m going to finish this with one blow!!” Impervious: Costs 6 Will. Cap all damage received this turn at 500 damage per hit. “Maybe they should call me the Iron Curtain!” Spirit Command Information: Hot Blood Effect: Level 1 (20 SP): All Weapon Damage +50% for your next attack phase taken this turn. 200 PP Pilot Skills: Resentment (AGE-1 Gundam) Class: Passive (Main) You bear a particular hatred or are especially adept at fighting a certain type of pilot or machine. Level 3: Damage Dealt +20%, Target's Dodge Cost +20%. Choose one specific unit that has the chosen unit type (such as RX-78 Gundam). When fighting against the chosen unit gain an additional Damage Dealt +20%, Target's Dodge Cost +20%. 700 PP Pilot Techniques: None ----- My Sidekick Info: -Name: None -Sidekick Abilities None -Sidekick Spirit Commands None -Sidekick PP gains and expenditures None
  12. Wait, THAT's the Pilot Class creation page? DOH! >-< I've been staring at that the whole time thinking it was just the character sheet. Thanks for the help, sorry If I came off as a little dim witted there.
  13. Ah. Thank you for clarifying. Could you point me to what topic the purchasable classes are located?
  14. Hello! My name is Crosswire. I recently joined this pleasant forum. I've a MASSIVE fan of mechs and also a fan of SRW. After seeing how incredible this RP I signed up as fast as I could. I'm posting here because I have a problem and because I don't see any forum specifically designated for asking for help. I want to apologize ahead of time if this should be somewhere else or I'm missing something very obvious. I'm reading through the rules and getting a head start on making a character. But I can't find out where to purchase classes. You start out with the free "Active" class right? So where do I buy my main one?
  15. Gonna put up my stuff later, once I figure out what I have and or start with.