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  1. BACK IN MY DAYS...NONE OF US GAVE UP!....With a few exceptions Anyway, fight ended, the winner is.. TILUS! Here are the rewards.. Tilus: 200 Credits, 150 XP, 120 Blue Stones Dragoon: 100 Credits, 100 XP, 100 Blue Stones Hope to see you in the next battle folks!
  2. Tilus...its not fair to deploy early so many times, okay? Anyway, here are the rules! - 48 Hour Prone time - Tilus gets the initiative! - Check your math to make sure its correct before posting BATTLE START
  3. Dragoon
  4. Tilus
  5. Pretty generic title there guys Reaching Out To The Sky - Mission: Skirmish Battle - Participants: Tilus vs Dragoon - Units: Rank 7 and below x2 - Pilots: Level 18 and below - Items: Rank 3 and below - Terrain Map: Forest Skirmish - Additional Conditions: Forest Skirmish Gentlemen, please deploy!
  6. And so, the time is up for this battle, it was a pretty close one too! The winner is... Tilus! Tilus: 150 Credits, 125 XP, 110 Blue Stones Yuu: 100 Credits, 100 XP, 100 Blue Stones Spent these rewards well, and dont waste them! Hope to see you again!
  7. And there we go, here are the rules - Tilus gets the initiative! (Again, yes, I know) - Check your math xInfinity to get it right! - 48 Hours Prone Time READY! GOOOOOOO!
  8. Yuu Inohara
  9. Tilus
  10. Welcome folks to our latest SC Wars battle! Oh how we come so far in terms of space colony technology that you dont immediately cause one to fail spectacularly with just one beam rifle shot~ An Intense Battle In A Fragile Space Bubble - Mission: Skirmish Battle - Participants: Tilus vs Yuu Inohara - Units: Rank 6 and below x3 - Pilots: Level 2 and below - Items: Rank 2 and below - Terrain Map: Space Colony Space Colony Gentlemen, you may deploy~
  11. Ho hum, you had your second chance and generious amounts of time to do it, so sadly...I declare that Isaac has PRONED for the second time! He's out! That means Tilus is the winner! Ah yes, now I get it, this is the lunacy you guys have been talking about, yes Rewards: Tilus: 415 credits, 270 XP, 210 Blue Stones Isaac: 0 credits, 0 XP, 0 Blue Stones And t-t-t-t-that's all folks!
  12. Tilus should stop cheating by always going first, thats just mean in the long-term Anyway, - Tilus gets the initiative! - Always check your math! - 72 hour Prone timer! READY! GO!!!
  13. What lunacy is this? Why dont you look around for the moon? Tell me if theres a rabbit there, okay? What Lunacy Is This!? - Mission: Fleet Action - Participants: Team A (Isaac) vs Team B (Tilus) - Units: Rank 3 and below - Pilots: Level 2 and below - Items: Rank 2 and below - Terrain Map: Lunar Fleet Battle Lunar Fleet Battle Gentlemen, please deploy!