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  1. I'm going to be out and about, busy with testing the next week or two. MAy take that time to look over the rules a bit more.
  2. ((Not only did i forget items, i forgot to apply the skills and such...dang, i'm gonna lose if i don't end up just screwing every statistic up I don't think I was very well prepared :c Apologies if this fight ends up becoming a steamroll or a big mess, i think it was to be expected )) Mario's turn ____________________________________________ REGENERATION PHASE: Morale: +5 (105) SPIRIT COMMAND PHASE Spirit Command(s) Used: Flash L1 Effects: Reduce the accuracy of the first attack you receive this turn by 70%. This is an evasive secondary defense SP Used: 10/100 used! DEFENSE PHASE: Attacking Weapon: • Weapon Used: Iron Cutter (P) • Target: MS-06F Zaku II/Mario Pietra • Attack Stats: 6864 damage, 1924 accuracy(reduced due to Flash) Damage Taken: Evaded! Resources Spent: -1924 DP Attacking Weapon: • Weapon Used: Tomahawk Boomerang (P) • Target: MS-06F Zaku II/Mario Pietra • Attack Stats: 2231 damage, 3305 accuracy x2 Damage Taken: Evaded 1st attack 2231 damage Resources Spent: -3305 DP Statistics: HP: 4447 DP: 2561 EN: 260 AP: 100 SP: 90 Morale: 105 Hiro's turn ____________________________________ REGENERATION PHASE: Morale: +5 SPIRIT COMMAND PHASE Spirit Command(s) Used: Sure Hit Effects: All Weapon Accuracy +50% for your next attack phase taken this turn. SP Used: 20 SP ATTACK PHASE: Weapon Used: Shining Finger (MH)- 3900 damage, 5265 accuracy Element: Physical, Energy, Ki Target(s): Tacianna Faylight Accuracy Modifiers: +50% Sure Hit L1Resources Spent: 30 EN, 30 MOrale Statistics: HP: 5460 DP: 5720 EN: 100 AP: 100 SP: 80 Morale: 75 Michelle's Turn ------------------------------------------------- REGENERATION PHASE: Morale: +5 (105) ATTACK PHASE: Weapon Used: Unified Attack(Machinegun) - Element: Physical, Bullet Target(s): Tacianna Faylight Resources Spent: -20 Morale, -20 EN Statistics: HP: 6678 DP: 7791 EN: 240 AP: 100 SP: 100 Morale: 85
  3. - Agent H, also known as 'Destiny'_Locke -The Verne Excavator piloted by 'Destiny' Jones. - Base Assault Duty
  4. Only unit and pilot available are: -The Verne Excavator piloted by 'Destiny' Jones. A straight up brawl, I don't know about terrain or any of that. I just want to get my feet wet.
  5. Your EVA-03 versus the Verne, What do you say?
  6. Verne Prototype Excavation Unit Statistics: HP: 6500, EN: 150, Agi: 320 IS: 3, Move: G, Size: M, Rank: 6 Weapons: Punch (M)- 800 damage [+20%] Pneumatic Punch (P)- 1500 damage, 1 round, Rounds Locked [+0%] Ram- 2000 damage, 10 EN/attack [+10%] Alkahest Hose(Light Spray) [snare] (P)- 10 damage, Mobility Break, 6 rounds [+10%] Alkahest Hose(Full Blast)[Grab] (P)- 10 damage + 3000 damage, Uses 1 Alkahest Hose [snare] round [+10%] Flywheel Punch (V:4)- 500 damage/3 EN [+0%] Boosted Drill Arm (V:4)- 800 damage/5 EN, Drill [-10%] Excavation Mine- 5000 damage, 2 rounds [+20%] Brick Breaker- 5500 damage, Armor Pierce, 6 rounds [+20%] Boulder Breaker- 6500 damage, Armor Pierce, 3 rounds [+20%] Helix Mountain Breaker- 8000 damage, Armor Pierce, 2 rounds, Req: 3 Evolution Points [+30%] MAP Attacks: Excavation Mine (MAP) (I:4)- Mobility Break. Uses 1 Vibration Mine round. [+20%] Inherent Abilities: 1) Super Robot 2) Countercut: Requires Martial Arts Mastery 3) Resupply 4) Chobham Armor: Damage Received -10%. Purchasing Costs: 300 Credits Pilot Slots: 3 (Originally the Dai-Gard)
  7. Unit Summary [Rank 6]: Verne Prototype Excavation Unit
  8. ITEMS POSSESSED Perishable Items: 3 Reloader Cartridge 3 Spare Battery 3 Repair Kit 3 Propellent Tank Installable Items: 1x Chobam Armor
  9. Favorite Series -SRW J
  10. The hobo bundle. The pilots of the destiny gang.
  11. Locke 'Destiny' Jones SP: 100 -type Weapon Damage +50% Target's Dodge Cost +5% Damage Received -20% Counter Cut: 4 AP Counter Shot: 7 AP Skills Brave Damage Recieved -10%, Weapon Damage +5%, Target's Dodge Cost +5% Attributes Melee 4: -type Weapon Damage +45%, Countercut Cost -3 Defense 2: Damage Received -10% Spirit Commands Perseverance 1 (20 SP): Recover 30% of your maximum HP. Will Gauge * Defense Pierce: Costs 3 Will. The last hit of your next attack phase gains Barrier Pierce and Armor Pierce. * Armor Break: Costs 3 Will. Choose one attack with Armor Pierce. That attack gains Armor Break this turn. * Barrier Break: Costs 3 Will. Choose one attack with Barrier Pierce. That attack gains Barrier Break this turn. * Rush: Costs 4 Will. Gain 1 additional attack phase this turn. During this attack phase you may only use type attacks. You may only use this ability once per turn. Destiny's PP +1000 starting PP -800 Brave -200 Perseverence = 0 Available PP
  12. Pilots: -Locke 'Destiny' Jones Sidekicks: Available PP: Milestones:
  13. Account as of April 2013 [April 08, 2013] +500 Credits as part of beginning package [April 08, 2013] -300 Credits, spent to purchase the Dai-Gard [April 08, 2013] -200 Credits, spent to purchase Chobam Armor
  15. Blank post