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  1. As the unofficial master of lurking, I extend a temporary welcome back to all past and future lurkers. *vanishes*

  2. Eh, I still lurk around. It's just I haven't been in enough of a super robot fighting mood for quite some time now. Should that come back, I might catch up on V4 progress and do something here. Hope you guys keep rocking until then.
  3. Happy new year! Voting for the hell of it. Banpresto Original 1. SRW Advance 2. SRW 64 3. Masoukishin I don't mind the other categories.
  4. If you put in enough work, you can do the animations yourself. Or you can design your own robots. Hell, you can even do both, start your own series and broadcast it worldwide. Endless possibilities! Soon with less number crunching.
  5. Is this taking place on the forum? I'd like to see it if that's the case, but I couldn't find a thread. And yeah, as a more recent player I tried 2v2 and already had a hard time handling my turns even with the help of the calculator, and that was with only one unit under my control... It's not just about taking your turns faster, but doing so as efficiently as you'd like given available options without it being too much hassle.
  6. So I thought about a way to simplify armor break. You remove the countdown and deduct a smaller amount of damage from max HP/DP, and each additional use of an armor break weapon will stack. This type of damage is still separate from the weapon's power, ie it's its own effect with a fixed penalty against the target. You could also do the same thing to weapon break. You could even offer ways to fix that damage like the repair command, but that means you'd have to keep track of the stacked penalties which complicates this slightly. I looked at the drafts' structure, specifically the hero build, and it definitely sounds good. For the final Brave Hero skill, how about picking one of your chosen units' weapons and make a "hissatsu" kind of move out of it at a will cost?
  7. [Placeholder for WeiƟsaber]
  8. [Placeholder for Santa Haro]
  9. May 2011 Report Starting Credits: 2924 Including: Gains 0500 [Claimed Allowance] 1500 [Achievement awarded by Imban: A Helping Hand, arsenal gift card] = 2000: Total Expenses 0000 [No expenses] = 0000: Total Balance 2924: Starting 2000: Gains 0000: Expenses = 4924 Credits Including:
  10. Actually I had read the whole post. I was suggesting a way to mix and match instead of treating them as separate ideas... but fair enough if you don't. The second idea is still better than no faction at all, so I'll wait and see.
  11. That's the part I meant about rep, instead now you'll have the same factions available regardless of the series list... Granted they're player factions so more are subject to appear or change over the course of the game, but it still feels redundant if that's the only dynamic. So what I mean is, make the canon factions and their bonuses available under the control of one or more mods as the series rotate, in which case anyone could join any faction. Or if that feels like a pointless distraction, you could affiliate a player faction to one or more canon factions depending on the units members use frequently in the main game mode, and deliver optional advantages accordingly. That'd put player factions in the foreground with other factions as a variable side thing, making you rely on means that depend on the current series list, in addition to faction credits. So you start out with your faction bundle, then you're able to purchase more bonuses at different occasions.
  12. Welllll I thought factionless people, if they insist on remaining factionless for whatever reason, would need to earn advantages with reputation as you mentioned, unlike people joining a faction who'd already have access to better stuff, at once. Some factions would be run by players, and some others would be the setting established ones, picked from the current series list and each assigned to someone (mods perhaps?). All factions would grant advantages given enough rep, but nothing like what's available to members of said factions. That being said, your way favors group activity and is less messy (no struggling to get advantages when there's an easier way, duh ;>.>). I've actually no problem about having no reason not to join a faction, so I'll rephrase this. I feel that not including series factions where possible removes a part of the setting's potential dynamics... Seeing a mix of old and new would certainly help my immersion. There are so many series I've never heard of/am not that familiar with, so if there's emphasis on factions I'd like to see some of them occasionally come from the rotating series list, even if there are enough active player factions to play v4.
  13. Right now, the current idea for the list slots is as follows: 1 Gundam series (minimum) 2 Dynamic series (minimum) (Clearly not Mazinkaiser and Grendizier in the same list, as well) 1 80s series 1 90s series 1 oldies SR 1 "recent" (last 2 years) series 5 "Player's Choice" series (players will be able to vote on these slots) (probably some limit so that something doesn't ALWAYS get in) 4+ Moderator's Choice series This is still to be determined, though. But this gives a pretty wide range of the "typical" things you would see. As was said in that section, v4 has a concept of a "main game mode". That is to say, it's the types of battles that balance will be focused on. Series lists control what units are used in that mode, so if a series isn't in the list, then you can't use it for battles in that mode. As was also said, once you acquire a unit, you never lose it, even if the list changes. As well, further discussion on this and the game mode concept was covered in the section you stopped at. I see! No problem then, if you can always fall back to the arenas when you don't feel like dealing with the main mode. So then, units and equipment you purchase can be used in any mode, the only big restriction being the main mode's current series list? Er, this would clearly be unbalanced. And status effects are temporary things, that's why there's the concern in the first place. Yeah I realise... It's just I can't wrap my head around making temporary effects happen in a system that calculates bonuses and penalties from the get go. I'll try to think about it more later. Anyway I've read through the game mode concept and it looks good overall. My only gripe is that you're throwing your first idea out the window, that is using already established factions from all over the different SR settings... to favor forum-created factions. Can't you combine old and new so that factionless players still get to earn some advantages from participating, even if being in a forum faction grants better stuff? Would it complicate things much? I can try to come up with an example of how I think this could be handled.
  14. Alright, let the catching up begin. I'll post my thoughts below as I read through 7 more pages of v4 discussion, all the way from page 4. Bear with me! That being said, I went back to the first post to refresh my memory about series lists. I'm just wondering if banpresto originals will be part of those "random SR series" or if this could be its own thing and you get at least one in every list along Mazinger, Getter, Gundam, etc? And just to be clear about battles, are we going to be limited to choosing units from the current list of the week/month/whatever time span you have in mind? Then when a new list comes up, old and new list become off-limits for one another? (ie can't pick units exclusive to one list to battle units exclusive to the other?). If that's the case, then the srw-like favorite unit system is fine by me... Would be nice if eventually you can select even more favorite series though. Else... not worth it, unless you plan to leave a list up long enough to get through all the evolution steps, and even then "losing" all that progress would suck... I'll stop right here in case I'm completely off tracks and wait for your clarification. I gave the hero class a brief look and I'll look at the rest of the classes later. The progression reminds me of D&D level ups... Once again, fine by me. I trust all the available classes cover every possibilities and you don't plan to make any more classes once v4 is released? Oh and Is locking the hissatsu attacks out of the question then? I had suggested will prereqs a while ago, but this might make methods to affect will gauge too valuable. Well, no. Remember what we said on the first page: Defense just increases your HP/DP. So having a status effect that causes you to lose Defense means you simply lose max HP/DP until the status passes. So the question becomes how to make this not a burden on people, when the point of that system is to make handling damage easier. And Pierces will have an inherent "nerf" in this system since they will only apply on (Armor) and such, since there will not be such a thing as generic Damage Received -X%. So by default they will have significantly less of an effect. And that may be all we do with them, as a result. Then apply the status effect at the beginning of the fight and be done with it? No countdown, and offer ways to counter it from the get go (Break Block) and those pre-emptive moves cost... something. Yeah, this is my suggestion for lack of a better idea at the moment... I'm going to stop at Conept 7 - Game Modes for now. More later, probably after discussing the above points.
  15. Hmm... More updating in perspective. Happy holidays SC people!