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  1. Welcome to our little group. What is our primary goal, you ask? Well, rather then warring and building a vast empire of power, the Simulation Foundation is a non-profit organization that disperses grants to those who might need some help in their various projects or plans. We don't expect anything in return, we're really just doing this because we care. Don't be nervous about asking for our help, we're glad to do what we can, but be reasonable. We won't fund an entire army of robots for you. And there are other people out there. We want to help as many as we can. If you want to join us, you're more then welcome.. so long as you understand it requires helping with our faction credit depository, keeping it topped up so we can continue with our main goal. We are the Simulation Foundation, and we care. And here's the foundation treasury. Member List Silkroad Umbaglo Nimbus Noa (in theory..!)