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Found 1 result

  1. So, Season 1 (and v4 in general) just started but we're putting up the voting thread to determine what series players want to see in the next season of SimChamber Wars. All you have to do is post with your top three choices for series to be added. Note that the order in which you vote matters, as the choices are weighted. You can vote for pretty much any SC applicable series you want, but there's a few things to keep in mind. - First, someone has to be capable of accurately statting the units, so choosing Diapollon or Balatack (funky 70s SR shows if you're wondering) will not really result in anything unless you can provide information. Along the same lines, choosing in progress series is not likely to yield much result. - Second, no voting for any of the Super Robot Wars OG games at this time. Any of the games the OG games take units and events from (such as IMPACT, A, D, Compact 3, R, or Alpha 2) would be fine, but getting all at once would be a bit much to handle for us. - Third, saying something like Gundam SEED does not automatically include Gundam SEED Astray,Gundam SEED Destiny, or SEED MSV, so be more specific. - Finally you can vote for MechDev series provided they can roughly stand on their own. For example, choosing Final Twilight Evangelion is fine because it is standalone retelling of Eva. Choosing Gundam DCD would not be because it existing requires almost every other Gundam series to be statted. - I forgot so really finally, you can vote for things that havn't been in the SimChamber before. - One more thing then I'm done honest. Moderators shouldn't vote in this. There is a separate set of entries for moderator's choice. This voting thread will remain open for two months, at which time the votes will be tallied and the players' choices will be announced.