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Naze Nani Virtual Stadium!

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Virtual Stadium

What is the Virtual Stadium?

The Virtual Stadium is the only board that can cater to board or faction wide fights, also known as "events". Anything from stipend matches to SSCT events can be found here.

So.. what's different about it?

Well there are various factors that differentiate it from the two matches. Here are the factors:

1. Any perishable items that might consume are not removed from your AM after the fight.

2. Awards are set, but there some special modifiers for doing something special. And sometimes, the GM might throw a special award or challenge in the middle of the event.

3. Your mecha/item/characters are not tied up, even if they are currently being used in a SC or PA match.

4. Special Events, Contests and even Challenges occurs here.

GM? Isn't that the First Gundam's EFSF Grunt unit?

No... the GM that I mentioned before means, Game Master. As in the person who controls and oversees the event.

Ok, so this is just like a free give-away match?

Actually, no. Each event and contests have different requirements for you to win the awards. The stipulation is bound to change from event to event, but generally falls under one of four categories.

- Stipend Matches

- Faction Matches

- SSCT Events

- Seasonal Boardwide Event

I see, so do we get anything if we win or even lose the event? Oh! And Evolution Points as well?

Of course! Generally, there's three types of rewards in an event. An award for winning, an award for losing, and secondary rewards for fufilling certain criteria during the event. Not all events will have secondary rewards though.

However, you do not gain evolution points for your mech if they participate in a VS match.

Cool! Does that mean I can cast reward increasing spells and strike it rich?

No. Tensai Bonus, Spirit Command, Items, and other multiplicative effects don't come into play when determining VS awards. However, non-multiplicative bonuses like Blue Haro or defeating a Golden GM still give bonus Credits or PPs.

By the way, how do I join the events?

To join an event is simple, once the Mod or GM announce an event sign-up in the Communications Link, you may immediately post and declare of yourself, joining the event.

One simple note! Some events has special requierements for you to join, and that you must fulfill that requirement to join in.

Ah... so that's it. Can I create my own event?

Yes, you may. But there are certain matches in which you cannot create your own, one such example is Survival Match, unless given the permission by a VS Mod.

Also, when creating events, please send a copy to the VS moderators as well as an administrator before commencing signups.

So, can I make an event that gives out ludicrious rewards and make my friends all rich?

No, the rewards must be reviewed by one of the VS mods and an Admin.

The rewards must also be within 1500 Credits and 100 PP per participant unless they get an okay from an Admin. If the creator wishes to give away other prizes such as non-purchasable mechs or chips, the reward must also be approved by an Admin.

Also, you can use your own personal Credits/Mecha/Items to fund an event, but it will not raise the PP totals.

Ok then... What's the application form for the matches? And to whom may I pass it?

Good question, you MUST IM your application to one of the VS mods (currently Yanbetari or Avitar) who'll review it ASAP.

For the application form, please use this format:


*insert storyline, rules, etc...*


*insert how many players, who the GM is*


*insert Main Objective (and Secondary Objectives, IF applicable) and losing conditions*


*A rough idea of how much you want to give out. May be changed at mod discretion.*


*insert Terrain effect, and when to change Terrain*

Mission Flowout:

*insert the Event's flowout*

Other Notes:

*insert Stips, extra notes and comments*

GM Notes:

*Anything that should be known the either the VS mod, or the GM himself. "Hidden" info.*

And there you have it, I hope that this small FAQ helped you with your tour of the VS. If there's anything else that you'd like to know, please ask one of the current VS mods.

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