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Jaiku Ririshii

3G Campaign

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Champions of Courage, unite and rise once again!

This is the thread where various stories about Braves, original characters, and any other heroes (upon request) join to engage in tales of world-saving heroism. The primary storyline is that of King of Braves: GaoGaiGar, and other shows and original series have been worked in. IM a person already authorized to post in this thread, or join our irc channel #GGG on aniverse, to ask how you can join and be integrated into the plot!

This thread is co-existant with Saito Ryujin's campaigns (unless stated otherwise), and all future campaigns by this GM unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you want the timeline we run off of, you can find it here:


Also, this campaign is tied to the Goddannar campaign and is scheduled to combine with it at a later, unspecified date.

Link to the past thread (not that you'll need this, Nayuta will be giving a nice summary)

The wiki page for this campaign is right here!

The story started with GaoGaiGar, after the defeat of Pasdar, set in a world where many mecha shows coexisted (like SRW, ya know?). The story between that moment and now... is best told by our good friend Nayuta Chouta! Take it away!

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Day 1

Seth G Valentine transferred to Barrier Reef Base

Wataru-kun(2) warps into Barrier Reef Base, destroying Final Fusion Console.

Day 2

Blaine Kodos crashes in. Seth G gets autographs.

Day 3

Ikusabe-kun(Chou) transferred to Barrier Reef Base, scuffle between two watarus broken up by Leo

Sairyu and Bakuryu revealed to Seth due to lab explosion by Bakuryu. Seth kept silent by Blaine. Ojisara introduced

Day 5

Swan White visits 3G.

CZRJ warps into Big Order Room.

Bakuryu and Sairyu unvieled. Buryu and Douryu introduce themselves to their older sisters.

Lauren Richter and Excel arrive in Big Order Room literally.

Amano Hiroshi and Amami Mamoru arrive at 3G.

Maroon Geist attacks.

Sairyu, Bakuryu, CZRJ, and G Aestivalis launch.

Katori Yuutarou changes to Fighbird and engages. Amano Kenta heads of Space Development Corporation.

Powaafuru appears in the middle of combat.

Sairyu and Bakuryu attack Maroon Geist and mess up. Powaafuru and Sairyu meet.

CZRJ destroys giant meteor headed for G-Island City.

Might Blaine and Spike Gunner deploy to the field. Watarus are KO'd from Blaine's yelling.

Kyoshiro Takano joins the battle.

Fighbird Bussou Gattais.

Midori enters Barrier Reef Base.

Bussou Fighbird's Flame Sword Charge Up impales G Aestivalis instead.

Transport Dragon retrieves G Aestivalis. Might Blaine begins duel with Maroon Geister. Liger leaves Main Order Room to attend to Seth.

Midori fusions into GaiGar and launches via Stealth Gao mode.

Might Blaine falls. Rikaryujin formed. Jeiko arrives.

Jei-cosmic formed. Maroon Geist destroyed. Might Blaine retrieved. Midori declares the day a defeat for 3G.

Kyoshiro Takano vanishes.

Murasaki messaged by Midori to head for G-Island.

Might Blaine AI box extracted. Fighbird team rescues escape pods of Defiance of a Dream.

All units returned to base. Ojisara whips mechanics back to salvage operations. Powaafuru shuts down.

Time Warp!

Fighbird spars GGG loaded w/Drago Falchoin pattern.

Day 8

Final Fusion Console for GGFG installed.

Shin Getter Go transferred to Barrier Reef Base

Exkaiser patrols G-Island City

Seth awakens and proceeds to wrestle with new arm.

Dimension Rift occurs and spits GaoGirlGar out. Maximum GaoFar and Excellion launched.

Exkaiser on scene to stop Maximum GaoFar. Defiance of a Dream launches.

CZRJ launch and retrieve GaoGirlGar. Shin Getter Go team arrives in Big Order Room.

Girl Shishioh extracted and moved to Cyborg room.

Repairs begun on GaoGirlGar. Go and Kei visit Girl.

Guy, Mikoto, and Taiga return. Recapped on past events.

Day 9

Drago Falchion heads for space. Jeiko follows.

Day 11

CZRJ leaves on general patrol.

Day 12

Powaafuru reactivates.

Kouji Tetsuya transferred to Barrier Reef Base.

Day 14

Go creates Geisteskrank.

Day 15

Blaine Striker finished and to be unveiled.

Jeiko returning from string of defeats at Drago's hands.

Guy and Girl meet.

Soshite, ima...

3G RP, Sakusen Saikidou...SHOUNIN!

Edited by Nayuta Chouta

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Characters: Blaine T Kodos

Location: Gutsy Geoid Guard Baytower; Main Order Room

Rising from his seat, the laid-back morning posture Blaine had been projecting seemed to melt away as began directing personel to their seats.

"Hiroshi-san, lower us to the Big Order Room, please. Leo-hakase, get on the PA and order all Yuusha to the Big Order Room for immediate briefing," he barked calmly, before turning towards the screen from the J-Dreadnaught, holding up a hand to signify they wait until he was finished properly addressing the rest of the base. "Let's move everyone, this isn't a drill."

New Location: Big Order Room

Characters: Katori Yuutaro

Location: Big Order Room

Having arrived sometime ago, Katori's ability to speak Earth's languages has come a long way. "The android body has had interseting side effects as far as interaction with people. I've had many diffrent experiences that would not be possible I had been in a giant mechanoid like the others." says Katori while dicussing his experiences on Earth with Exkaiser.

When the alarms suddenly go off and the elevator comes down to merge the Main and Big Order rooms Katori turns his atttention to the new arrivals. Rushing over to Hiroshi, he asks "Professor, What's going on?"

New Location: Big Order Room

Characters: Leo Shishioh, Hiroshi Amano, Kouji Tetsuya, Sairyu, Bakuryu, Exkaiser

Location: Big Order Room

Hiroshi: Just wait, Katori. Blaine will give a breifing soon enough.

Leo: Are all the mobile units gathered?

Exkaiser: If this is an emergency, consider me in 3g's service. I am at your disposal.

Sairyu: Powaafuru and I are here!

Bakuryu looked around breifly.

Bakuryu: I haven't seen field commander Blaine anywhere. His AI box has been missing since this morning. But I suppose one of you knows where he went...

Hiroshi: I could tell Jeiko to dock here insted of the hangar if we need her. But... She hasn't stated what condition her unit is in. As far as deployment is concerned, the only units missing are Murasaki's unit, who already knows about the emergency, and...

Leo: Guy and Girl!

Realizing that in the panic he had forgotten all about them, Leo jumped out of his chair and used his jet boots to make his way up to the empty Main Order Room. Due to the emergency call, the two had no doubt already entered, and were confused to see each other. At least, this is what he was expecting.

New Location: Still There

Characters: Shishioh Girl

Location: Hallway, outside Main Order Room

A whole week had passed since Shishioh Girl crash landed in G-Island City, and not a whole much had changed with her. Though she was over the initial shock of what had happened to her, she still had no recollection of how she got there, and even many of the details of her life were lost in the fog that was her memory. Still, she was in much better spirits thanks to Leo, who had kept her busy all week with various tasks. Now dressed in a 3G uniform, she was waiting outside the doors to the main order room, leaning against the wall, and wondering what it was that Leo needed her here for. She had hoped that he planned on explaining some of the strange things she had seen while on the base. Things like gao machines that seemed much larger then the ones she came with. And even stranger, a second Galeon. Though she only saw it briefly, she felt something strange about it. As if it were off somehow, and wrong. The thing that bothered her the most though was the boy that she had a strange reaction to. She couldn't explain why it happened, and it lingered in the back of her mind with some confusion and frustration. It didn't help that Leo, despite all that he had done for her, seemed to be hiding something big from her. Girl tried not to think too hard about all these things though, as she was still recovering, and focusing on all these confusing problems was still giving her painful headaches. Just then, the level one alarms began to go off, startling Girl from her deep thought.

"This is... a level one warning...? Enemies detected...? I remember, but.." Girl held her head and frowned. She felt as if an enemy attack should be strange, but decided that it wasn't the time to question it. Gathering her bearings, she burst into the main order room to inquire what was going on. However, the middle section of the room had already deployed down into the Big Order Room, leaving her in the doughnut shaped section by herself for the time being. Girl sweatdropped, rubbing the back of her head.

"Sh-Sheesh, I didn't wait THAT long to come in, did I?" she said in a sheepish manner.

New Location: Main Order Room

Character: Guy Shishioh

Location: Outside Main Order Room (Opposite of Girl)

The arduous week went on mostly uneventfully with Guy busy dividing up his time for many people. It wasn't unlike him to go and check up on Galeon and the other Gao Machines, and in fact, allowed him some time to meet up with the base's new chief mechanical engineers, Seth G and Gai Daifu; jokes abound between him and the other about their name similarities. Impressed with their work, he knew Galeon and the others would be in top shape when the time arose for their utilization. Also on his agenda was catching up on the times with Katori, also noting that Hiroshi was taking up residence within 3G. Later on, he met up with the two new models of Ryu-series yuusha, two female units named Sairyu and Bakuryu. Later that day, he met up with an enematic young man named "Go", who was usually either busy with work or could be found outside, wearing a brown tattered cloak, just gazing into the distance. If anything, he could tell that the man had quite a history to him, but never spoke of it. However, his energetic partner "Kei" did seem to be quite optimistic and able to make those around her smile, a very welcomed trait to the organization.

However, that was past now. There were clearly things kept from in over the past week, especially from his father and uncle, mostly about the origins of the second set of Gao Machines, along with the second Galeon he'd managed to get a glimpse of. He'd been asked to meet up in the Main Order Room along with a bunch of others to catch up on some info that needed to be told, and he'd come hoping his questions would be answered. On his way, he heard the Level 1 Detection alarms go off, and he hastened his pace to the Main Order Room, entering immediately to find the majority of the room had already lowered into the Big Order Room. Raising his eyes from the hole in the ground, he came across a strikingly familiar-looking person on the other side of the room, rubbing the back of her head in confusion. Instinctually, he did the same, rubbing the back of his head as he tilted slightly, confused at this person.

"Excuse me, but... who are you?"

New Location: None

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Character: Leo Shishioh

Location: Main Order Room

Leo thrusted up the dark, empty cylinder between the Big Order Room and Main Order Room as fast as he could, sure that by the time he got there... Yes, Girl and Guy were staring face to face. After having kept their existance a secret from each other for so long, he couldn't help but feel guilty. His kind face showed guilt and embarassment as they looked at him. He sighed and took a breath for composure before speaking.

Leo: I'm terribly sorry... I didn't want to keep a secret from you. Either of you. But... I didn't know how to explain the situation to either of you. Forgive me for my selfishness.

With guilt he hovered silently... Until a voice from below yelled uninteligibly up at him. He assumed that he was being told to hurry up.

Leo: Oh, right! We're sort of on an emergency call. We can sort things out further after the breifing. The short story is that this... *he gestured to the male of the two* is Guy Shishioh, my son, and pilot of GaoGaiGar. And this girl... Another gesture is Girl Shishioh. She's from another dimension, and is the pilot of that dimension's version of GaoGaiGar, GaoGirlGar. As her name suggests, she is related to us, at least in that dimension. My suspicions tell me that you two are either alternate reality versions of each other, or close by a generation or two. There's no... science to that. It's paternal instinct.

He looked uneasy. Perhaps that was a bit too much information at once. Probably was. But he didn't want to continue to keep the details from them.

Leo: If you're too taken aback by this I can understand, but... We can sort that out later. We've got something more important on our hands. I can give you two a ride down to the big order room if you need it.

He stretched out his arms, motioning for the two of them to jump his way. He was ~pretty~ sure that he could handle both of them. He was sure he could handle Girl alone, which was probably the minimum. Guy was a super cyborg and probably could make it down by jumping off the walls, in the case that he wasn't feeling too happy with his old man today.

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Character: Shishioh Girl

Location: Main Order Room

As Girl stepped inside the room, she found herself looking right across at a man who looked a little too familiar. With the exception of being male, the person looked almost exactly like she did back when she was still a cyborg. A wave of confusion gripped her, as she winced and held her head. This world had already been strange enough as it is, but now this was just too much. She struggled to remember what had happened to her that would put her in a situation like this, but only succeeded in giving herself a painful headache. Grimacing, she goes to speak to the near-copy of herself. However, just as she's about to speak, Leo flies up from below, situating himself between them. The look on his face spoke volumes to Girl, as she realized that this was the big secret that Leo was keeping from her, and that the time she had spent around the base had been to keep her busy so she didn't stumble across her look-a-like. Girl frowned, feeling bad for Leo and how difficult the situation must have been for him. She listened as Leo explained himself, and how the man across from her was named Shishioh Guy. That Guy could be this world's version of her was pretty surprising news, but Girl was more concerned with the emergency call that Leo mentioned. Despite being confused and out of place, she felt the need to be on top of the situation in case she was needed to into battle. She shook her head and smiled confidently, pushing her surprise and confusion into the back of her mind.

"Ah, Da-- Professor Shishioh. I appreciate your efforts to shield me from this confusion, but it's okay. I'm a big girl, I can take it. This emergency call is what concerns me right now, so lets focus on that and worry about other things later. As far as the ride goes, professor, I'm not sure you could handle it." Girl said, smiling. She looked over the edge of the order room, down below. It was quite a drop, but she was certain she could take it. Looking up and smiling at the other two, she then hopped over the rail, flipping in the air. Her hair glows green for a moment, and a pair of wings sprout from her back for a moment as she steers herself towards the wall. Once there the wings vanish, and she speedily runs along the wall for a time, before finally dropping down into the Big Order Room. As she touches down, she feels a sharp pain in her ankle. She wobbles a bit, before falling to one knee. Girl frowns and holds her ankle, calling herself an idiot for pushing herself too hard and showing off so soon after recovering from what she had been through. She sheepishly looks around at everyone else, smiling embarassedly.

"E-er... Heh.. Watch that last step.. It's a doozy." She said jokingly, trying to take her mind off the pain.

New Location: Big Order Room

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Character: Shishioh Guy

Location: Main Order Room

Guy stood before his father and the identical-looking Girl in front of him, listening to his Dad's story of what's been going on, and the partial explanation of who this lookalike really is. He takes it all in with stride, but before he can really ask any questions about it, he finds Girl leaping down into the hole left by the MOR decent. He yells her name as His Guy-ness kicks in instantly, leaping the rail as well, and starts leaping back and forth between the 'walls' of the hole, catching up quickly to Girl's decent, landing beside her just a second later as they both touchdown inside the Big Order Room.

"Are you alright?"

Was all he could say as he kneels beside her, one hand on her shoulder as he looks at her and her ankle. Soon after, he looks around, just to see everyone else who was already assembled as well with them in the Big Order Room.

New Location: Big Order Room

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Characters: Blaine T Kodos, Goldymarg, Go Saotome (used with permission)

Location: Big Order Room

Blaine looked up as he heard the ruckus of the descending Shishioh duo, hardly moving as they both landed with a loud, ringing clank. Unable to contain himself, Blaine let the building pun out rather than keep his composure fully.

"Nice of you two to drop in." he said flatly, before turning to the gathered parties. As he looked over the sea of eyes, large and small, he was impressed with the speed of their gathering. If only he got such speedy responses with others he'd worked with in the past.

"Right to business. We've detected the arrival of another Geister, this one over Russia. Now, we all saw what happened last time. And as effective as you all are in combat, I do not feel we're at the level I would like to have you all swarm one target again. Therefore, I'm trimming the response team roughly in half." As he spoke, he held his hand up, as though to immediately silence any objections.

"I know not everyone will be happy with sitting one out, but I will not have another mistake like last time. That being said, the away team will be led by Guy," Blaine gestured to the golden cyborg standing next to him, "as well as Sairyu and Bakuryu. I want you two to get acquainted with Guy and get used to taking orders. You're both a little too green--no offense, Sai--to go unchecked at the moment. Goldymarg, if you're up for it I would like you to go as well in case we need the Goldion Hammer."

In the back, Goldymarg simply gave a hearty grunt, flexing slightly. "YOSH! It's about time I get out of this stuffy base!"

"Good," Blaine continued, "To transport you all, I'm arranging for the J-Dreadnaught to transport and provide additional support. That should be a--" Blaine came to a stop as Go stepped forward, mostly hidden by his large mysterious cloak. "Yes?"

"Commander... my team and I would like to go." He said calmly, showing none of the brash eagerness that Midori had shown him before. Mostly due to this, Blaine raised an eyebrow instead of an ire.

"And what do you have for piloting? I don't recall any info being handed to me." Blaine shot back, crossing his arms slightly. The mysterious man simply waved a hand slightly.

"We have our own arrangements."

Inside Blaine was gritting his teeth. Being out of the loop was like undergoing torture, but he knew he couldn't afford to let it get him angry. Not in front of the rest of the tower, or even to himself. Instead he closed his eyes for a few seconds and opened them again.

"Very well. I'll leave you to it, but I expect full cooperation and obedience while on the field. This isn't the time for hotdogging." With that, Blaine turned back to the gathered force and sought out Exkaiser's face. "If I may, I would like to request your presence as well, Exkaiser. A little extra experience would be greatly appreciated. Everyone else is on standby, and is expected to maintain at least some measure of readiness. 3G, dispatch!"

New Location: Big Order Room

Edited by Blaine Kodos

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Character: Midori

Location: J-dreadnaught, (On screen in Main Order Room)

"Midori" shuffled himself into a more nomal seating position behind his console after finishing his waffles and saluted blaine.

"Understood, well then. With Guy nii-san as the mobile unit commander I will be handling the duties of the equiment operator for the duration of this mission, we were unfortunatly unable to bring our full staff and we cannot take the base's equipment operator as the commander would probably like to have his personel remain on their post. I will also be standing by for deployment with my unit, Guy nii-san I will provide you details on our equipment and firepower once your aboard. Right now our biggest concern is getting everyone on board of the J-dreadnaught. I would like everyone to take their equipment to the AAMV, we will surface here."

the screen displays a map of the tokyo bay area with a spot marked with a red circle next to mamoru's face on the monitor.

We will then be able to dock directly with the AAMV to load everyone and their units on board of the J-dreadnaught. Unfortunatly we cannot dock directly to the barrier reef for more then personel transfer due to the J-dreadnaughts size. We'll leave the AAMV launch procedure to you, Professors Shishioh.

With that the J-dreadnaught cancells its communication link.

Edited by Mai Kobayashi

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Characters: Leo Shishioh, Hiroshi Amano, Kouji Tetsuya, Sairyu, Bakuryu, Exkaiser

Location: Big Order Room

Leo slowly descended to the main platform, able to perfectly hear Commander Kodos's loud and clear voice. It pleased him that Guy would be able to fight as GaoGaiGar once again. The professor landed between the other two Shishiohs and smiled at Guy.

On the floor of the big order room, excitement filled the air. ... Well, the air directly around Sairyu.

Sairyu: I'm to fight alongside field commander Guy? I can't wait! I'll make you proud, both of you!

She waved enthusiastically up at them, as though they didn't have a clear view of her already.

Bakuryu, on the other hand, was more reserved. Actually, she was concerned about where field commander blaine's AI box had been sent too. As with commander kodos, she didn't much appriciate secrets being kept from her. Also, of course, she considered the threat of the mission and wether or not half the base's forces would be enough for another geister. As she pondered these things, she was approached by Sairyu, who was unable to contain her excitement.

Sairyu: Hey, hey, sister! Russia's pretty close to China, right?

Bakuryu: ... Yes, of course. You should know that.

Sairyu: Maybe we could visit elder brothers Enryu and Hyoryu, eh?

Bakuryu: ... We're going on a mission, not a field trip.

Sairyu: Yeah, the mission comes first, but... the day will be saved once we're done and when we're on our way back!

Bakuryu: Enryu and Hyoryu are training the chinese symmetrical dockers. They'll come back when they're done.

Sairyu: Hmm... Yeah, we'll have much better training with field commander Guy himself, right?

Bakuryu sighed, as though Sairyu missed the point entirely and wasn't taking anything seriously.

Sairyu: Come on! Don't be so worried. We, the maidens of the earth, shall not falter again! Especially when such unparalleled vetrans are going to be with us.

Were she not so calculating and methodical, Bakuryu would have a hard time deciding what was making her the most fed up. 51.5% was the fact that Sairyu treated this too much like a fun trip than a serious matter.. Blaine was an excelent field commander, and with him around they still suffered some losses last time, so this implied Guy and Exkaiser were way better than Blaine. This was another 39%. The remaining 9.5% was Sairyu's 'maiden of the earth' mumbo jumbo, which she had a hard time tolerating from another AI, let alone her sister.

Bakuryu: I'm going to the AAMV.

Without any eye contact, Bakuryu pushed Sairyu aside so she could exit. It was clear by her voice and walk that she was not in the mood for further discussion. Sairyu couldn't imagine why.

Exkaiser was watching the discussion from nearby. Once Bakuryu exited, he looked to commander Kodos.

Exkaiser: It would be my pleasure to join your mobile forces for this mission, Commander.

With how things were shaping up, Exkaiser was rather glad he had been asked to join. Had he not, he probably would've requested to be assigned to the mission. Kodos's thoughts were likely not far from his own, that the mission required strong leadership even more than excess firepower.

He bowed respectfully.

Exkaiser: By your leave.

With this, he exited, while trying to herd Sairyu along.

Up at the main platform...

Kouji: Those two... I have a feeling their sister-rate won't be very okay.

Hiroshi: Sympa-Rate. And no, it doesn't...

Leo: Don't be so negative, you two. The first time is always the hardest, and we already got that done with. The rest is up to Guy, and I'm sure he can handle another interesting pair. Isn't that right?

New Location: Still There

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Character: Katori Yuutaro

Location: Big Order Room

After the final orders are given Katori jumps runs after the departing group as they leave the Big Order Room. When he gets near enough he jumps up into the air onto Exkaiser shoulder to deliver a warning. "Be careful old friend, these Geisters have an amazing power. One of them was able to take down almost all of us last time and we dont know if it was one of the strong ones." He pauses for a moment then follows with "dont let anyone act on their own" he pauses in thought, remembering what happened to Blaine and the small Aestivalis "give him one for us."

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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Characters: Uhm, I guess almost everyone. This is a summary.

Location: Baytower Base Area

Without much commotion, the departure procedures went underway. All the AI machines leaving moved themselves to the AAMV. Liger and a portion of the mechanics moved Galeon, the Gao Machines, Exkaiser's trailers, and the cargo from the Saotome labs into the AAMV as well.

In the waters away from G-Island City, the AAMV and J-Dreadnaught docked on the water's surface. Equipment was moved, personell were moved, all aboard the massive white batleship. And from there, the battleship took off for Russia, where an enemy was soon to come.

The rest of the base was to remain on standby, but for the most part, people continued about their business.

New Location: Russia Thread! (Exkaiser, Guy, Go, Kei, Gai, Goldymarg, Sairyu, Bakuryu, Midori, Momo, Murasaki (tell me if I missed anyone))

((Note: This thread is still open for business, continue about your work.))

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Characters: Jeiko Ririshii, Leo Shishioh, Hiroshi Amano, Kouji Tetsuya

Location: Main Order Room

Now on standby duty, the main order room had been retored to normal, and people were going about their normal business. Jeiko's craft had docked, and the mechanics were repairing it from the cobmat damage that had been dealt to it by Drago Falchion's units. Jeiko herself had walked over to the command center to talk to the cheif.

She opened the door, still in her piloting suit, holding her helmet by her side. She had not suffered any physical damage herself, but she was looking rather exhausted and defeated. Just barely did her extreme seriousness show through, but only if you knew it was already there. As she walked in, Kouji's attention immideatly turned.

Kouji: Oh! Is this the space girl I've heard of before? She looks cuter than you guys had mentioned.

Jeiko tried to glare, but it just didn't come out very well. It was as though she lacked the energy to do it properly.

Kouji: Did I say something wrong?

Amano: You don't look so well, Ms. Ririshii... Shouldn't you be going to bed for a while now?

Jeiko: No. I'd like to talk to Commander Kodos about something.

She pushed Kouji aside and approached the commander's desk.

Jeiko: Sir. I would like to join your organization. I know I came and left rather abrubtly last time, but it appears that I cannot complete my mission by myself. I realize I cannot simply ask you to stop what you're doing and folow me. However, I feel certain that with that man, he and this organization will cross paths in the future. I am willing to work for you until that time occurs. Supposing I have a good place to put the criminals I intend to arrest, I am also willing to work for you until you allow me to leave. I... I do not have any other avenues of acheiving my goal.

There was a look of desperation in her eyes. But also determination. She did not want to even rest until she had this answer. Until she had some means to catch Drago. There was an air of humility to her voice and look now, as well. For years she had pursued him alone, but now she had to ask for help.

New Location: Still there

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Characters: Blaine T Kodos

Location: Main Order Room

Sitting at his desk, Blaine's mind was a million miles away. He was thinking about a lot of things; the upcoming battle, the state of his larger self, the fact that the originally small organization growing exponentially by the day, his own worth as a commanding officer as opposed to a soldier. Suffice it to say that he hadn't even noticed Jeiko's arrival at his desk until she had begun to speak. Being the patient sort he is, he heard her out before exchanging so much as a greeting.

"You want to join us?" he began, looking her dead in the eye. "Ms. Ririshii, I have only one thing to say to people who wish to add themselves to our number." As he finished the word number, he rose from his desk, his face looking surprisingly hard and cold, as though cut from the face of a mountain. Due to his silence since the dispatch, no one was quite sure what he had been thinking about... but it didn't seem good.

"Would you follow every order I gave you?" he continued, turning his back slightly, as though staring into the plant backdrop of the Main Order Room. "Even if it seemed against principals and perhaps even human nature.. would you follow them?" Slowly he turned around, looking long and hard at the exhausted woman. By now she must have looked livid, thinking that Blaine was a far darker man than she had figured. But, as one who had spent enough time around the emerald-haired commander would know.. this look of almost frightening calm would pass in an instant.

With a wide grin and shutting his eyes for effect, he waved his hand to the side, as though to throw the entire convention off of his desk and to the floor. "Because I will not have any of that in my tower. If you want our help, and are willing to assist the battle with the Geisters at my direction, you may.. on one condition. The same condition that I expect everyone in this room to operate under. My orders are not to be taken blindly. If you fail to object to an order that you know is unacceptable, then I'll expect you out of my tower for good. Understand?"

The faces staring blankly was as a sea around Blaine. If he weren't so commanding, it's quite possible he'd have been assaulted.

New Location: Same

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Character: Shishioh Girl

Location: Big Order Room

Ever since her rather dramatic and embarrassing appearance, Girl had decided to keep quiet. She wanted to go with the others and fight, but knew that she would only be a hindrance in her condition. Fighting back every urge to join them, she stayed behind and observed everyone around her. There were many new robots around that she didn't recognize at all. It didn't feel like she had forgotten about them, it was just that they weren't familiar at all. Aside from that, there were many new faces. Girl was starting to wonder if this was really some sort of parallel dimension, and more like a whole new strange world. However, there were also familiar faces, including a man that looked much like she used to, when she was trapped in a cybernetic body. This made her think of just how far behind this world was in terms of time compared to her. Girl felt that there were important things to discuss, but each time she tried to think about it, her brain throbbed painfully. She decided to shrug it off, and hang about in the background as everyone prepared for their mission. As the Russia team deployed, and the room shifted back up to the main order room, Girl stuck around, hoping to get a word in with who appeared to be the commander, Blaine Kodos.

However, before she could say something, another person walked into the room. A woman dressed in a space suit with her helmet under her shoulder. The woman looked as if she had been through some difficult times, an air of defeat and frustration hanging about her. Girl frowned, as if she could feel the woman's emotional state from where she stood. She heard her referred to as Ms. Ririshii, but other then that the woman was a complete stranger. Observing as "Ms. Ririshii" pushed past Kouji and walked up to Blaine, she listened in as she plead her case to the commander. Girl could feel her desperation as she spoke, sensing that the woman has exhausted all her other options in pursuing this man that she spoke of. Girl felt an uncanny desire to help this woman, but it wasn't her place to accept her in to this world's 3G. However, then Blaine began to speak. This man certainly had a commanding appearance, and his words were certainly effective. Girl grinned as Blaine finished his speech up. This was a commander that clearly knew what he was doing. Girl stepped up beside Jeiko, and cleared her throat.

"Excuse me, sir.." Girl said, her arms at her sides, "but I have to confess, your words are inspiring. If it's any consolation to you, I would go against your orders any day of the week." Girl grinned mischievously, holding her hand up and clenching her fist in an approving manner to Blaine. "It sounds to me, that this woman wants to defeat the man she seems to be pursuing just as bad as any of us here want to defeat any sort of threat to peace and happiness in this world." Girl continued, her voice brimming with confidence, and exuberance. She then turned to Jeiko and smiles warmly, extending her hand. "My name is Girl Shishioh, and I would be happy to call you an ally. If you ever need my help, let me know. I'll do whatever I can, just so long as it's in the name of peace and good." Girl said in a friendly tone.

New Location: Main Order Room

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Characters: Jeiko Ririshii, Kouji Tetsuya, Hiroshi Amano, Leo Shishioh

Location: Main Order Room

Jeiko stood, following on the commander's every word. For a while it was a rant that she had heard once or twice before. Actually it was a much kinder version of the sort of thing she'd overhear onboard the Shattered Morale all the time. The walls on the battleship she had been prisoner on were made thin so the other captives were easy to hear. Naturally this meant he had heard Drago's description of what he wanted out of a soldier.

She was a little taken aback by this, but was willing to accept anything at this point. Naturally her next expectation, after his pause, was to hear something about the pain her loved one would sufer if otherwise. Of course, she wasn't really expecting to hear this from the commander, it was just that it felt natural, as this would be what Drago would say. Then he smiled.

It wasn't the wicked smile Drago would put on, far from it. It was an air of kindheartedness she'd not been familiar with for years. What followed were words her mind could barely process after hearing the first set. She desperately went over the words in her head, such as "My orders are not to be taken blindly" and she tried to rationalize everything. In the end, it seemed to perfectly not make sense, her mind stopped, and she spaced out. For a few moments, she stood slouched, slack-jawed, staring out into space. Even Kouji could tell that the result of such a contrasting speech on Jeiko was what could be described as a temporary breaking of the brain.

Kouji: The ham fell off the wheel...

Hiroshi: Hamster.

As Jeiko stood with blank expression, Girl walked up to Jeiko's side and talked to Blaine. Her words didn't make sense either, but from what Jeiko could pick up, this strange newcomer understood both of them perfectly. When the girl's hand was extended, Jeiko felt no choice but to return to a state of conciousness, though now she looked a bit more unstable than before. As a means of temporary operation, her mind reverted a little to how she was before she met Drago. In those times, her brilliant father built machines for her brother and his friends to defend justice and restore peace. Perhaps Girl's words influenced this temporary state, reminding an inner part of Jeiko that 3g's ideals were not unfamiliar to her.

She smiled kindly, but on such an exhausted face it looked rather odd. Jeiko's hand extended for a shake, but her grip and arm motion were non-existant. Her words were swoony, further proof that she wasn't "all there"

Jeiko: Y-yes, let's protect the peace together. I'm Jeiko Ririshii from Ninjitsu Base, Raikou Ririshii's younger sister. You look a lot like Guy Shishioh, you two must be twins.

At this point, Leo and Hiroshi got up to approach Jeiko out of concern. She clearly wasn't acting like anything she ever had before.

Jeiko: I'm terribly sorry, but I'm feeling a little tired right now... Good night.

With that she collapsed. Luckily, Girl and Kouji were close enough to catch her.

Kouji looked up at commander Kodos, showing equal parts disapproval and impressment.

Kouji: I think you broke her, man.

Leo: She pushed herself too hard to get an answer from Blaine once she got here and neglected her own needs. It might have been something else too, but it's hard to tell. For now, let's get her to a room.

Meanwhile, during this, the light on the Geisteskrank had switched from blue to pink. It was not listed as a new instance, due to a period of overlap causing the second signal to not be registered as new.. It was nobody's fault, but apparently the Geisteskrank would need to be updated to be able to handle multiple geisters at a time. Hopefully the men and women of 3g would be able to adapt quicker than the small device.

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Character: Katori, Guard Star

Location: Streets of Tokyo

Having left the 3G Building a bit of time after the Russian Expedition left, Katori is driven around the streets of Tokyo by his brother in disguise, Guard Star. "Wont the Inspector be suspicious that you aren't at the station."

The dashboard lights brighten and dim, matching Guard Star's voice, "He and a group of Tokyo officers are supposed to be in a meeting with the Brave Police today. I'm sure he's going to be there all day."

Lost in thought, Katori leans back in the chair, one arm over the other holding his chin, in the typical thinking pose, "Draco Falcion..."

"Commander, I suggest you take the wheel" says Guard Star.

Katori quickly grabs the steering wheel "Did your control system malfunction?!"

"No, but a police car driving itself could startle people" says Guard Star. And indeed it does, as outside the crowds on the street are looking on.

Katori smiles, and waves to the people nervously when suddenly the radio inside Guard Star chimes off "To all offcers, there is a back robbery in progress in the Shinsei Bank." The data and location of the robbery shows up on the small screen inside. It is very close to where Guard Star and Katori are. "Be adviced, the culprits are reported to be heavily armed and using mechanoids."

"That's someting you dont hear everyday" says Guard Star.

Completely changing his demenior from the normally clumbsy Katori to one more fitting a member of the Space Policy Forces "Move to intercept them, we can probably end this before it gets out of control."

"Roger" says the policer car as it kicks in its siren and speeds off down the street towards the bank.

New Location: Shinsei Bank, Tokyo

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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Characters: Blaine T Kodos

Location: Main Order Room

Blaine leaned forward against his desk concerned once Jeiko fell, though as soon as she was safely caught he relaxed back. His face smiled a knowing smile, turning to Kouji. The smile persisted, giving him a general air that he'd just accomplished something that he had been trying to do for some time.

"No, nothing's broken Tetsuya. Merely... repaired." he turned to the unconcious Jeiko and then to Girl. With a wide grin he nodded for her assistance. "I showed her the concept of courage and doing the right thing over orders and ranks. And a courageous heart can defy any odds. Save any person. Right any wrong.."

Blaine turned to look towards the plant diorama in the Main Order Room for a moment.. unfortunately overlooking the small pink warning light in the process as he seemed to look into the trees for an answer of some kind. His voice fell slightly, sounding much more like talking to himself than speaking to the room. Though his natural projection made it more than a mumble, which could be a bad thing.

"....orders with the best intentions can't do that... can they, Dad?" he (relatively) quietly let out, folding his arms behind his back and watching the trees as though he expected something to walk by.

New Location: Same

Edited by Blaine Kodos

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Character: Katori, Guard Star

Location: Streets of Tokyo, Shinsei Bank

A cute looking female reporter and her anxious cameraman stand near a line of police cars the barricade the block of the back. She says "The scene a few moments ago was chaos as the people were evaquated by the police. The robbers are still inside the bank and what appears to be a large robot is standing between the police and the bank. The police have decided to hold their positions for the moment." The large robot appears to be between 9 and 12 meters tall and looks like mishmesh of several designs from over the years. Most notable are a Zaku II head and a modified Zaku Machinegun.

The commotion starts up as a group of three men exit the bank. Infront is a tall man wearing a face mask mask and his hair is styled in what appears to be a large blonde afro. Behind him, the two other men are also wearing masks, but their hair is not as extravagant.

"Alright boys, get in the car. It's time to make a stylish getaway!" says the Afro man as he signals to the mechanoid.

The TV cameras zoom in for a close look at the perks, but they cant be identified due to their masks. Strangely enough they are wearing what look like masks of Gihren Zabi, Char Aznable and Hamman Karn.

The three men get into their get away car and prepare to drive off when suddenly Guard Star turns the corner at high speeds, it's sirens blaring and heads straight for he police line. While everyone is still stunned, wondering what is going on, the Police Car jumps into mid air, clears the police barracade, transforms into robot mode, and while in mid air opens fire with his Star Blaster knocking the machinegun away from the mechanoids hand and hitting it in the knee forcing it to the ground. When he lands he immediatelly says "you're all under arrest!"

Seeming to abandon their mecha partner in crime the three men rush off and get into the car. "Gun it! I we prepared for this." says the leader with the excessively large afro.

The cars engine whirs but they apear to be going nowhere "I'm trying boss! But it's not moving."

"What the heck?" says the afro'd man as he looks behind the car and notices the backside being lifted up in the air. While Guard Star got their attention Katori made his way in and got behind their get away car. Using his android strength, it was easy for him to lift the back wheels preventing their escape. "Damn it, Plan B then!" says the leader, pushing one of his men asside and getting in the driver seat.

Suddenly a second mechanoid appears from an alley way. Another mishmesh, its most telling feature is a GM Head, on a Gouf's chest. This one attacks Guard Star with an electric whip.

"Guard Star look out!" yells Katori as Guard Star successfully jumps to the side avoiding the attack.

"Met On!" yells Guard Star, activating its special helmet and he opens fire on the new arrival. His shots are true but they strike an oversized shield, apparently also taken from an old Gouf on the unit. "They are very well armed for a simple bank robbery" says Guard Star as he looks at the new arrival.

"Of couse, I fully expected to face this kind of resistance" says the boss inside he car. One more hidden mechanoid suddenly walks out of the the alley on the other side of the back. A bit smaller then the others, this one appears to actually be something completely original. It doesn't show any noticeable weapons or even a head.

Katori, still holding the back side of the car in mid air, looks around at the new new arrivals "if we fight them here it could cause damage to the city. These guys are too well prepared to be regular criminals."

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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Character: Katori, Guard Star, KanRyu, JouRyu

Location: Streets of Tokyo, Shinsei Bank

Amongst the police vehicles surrounding the bank are a larger trailer with a big wedge shaped steel ram on the front of the its cabin, its sirens are off right now even tough its lights are flashing red and blue. The truck is marked with with the colors of Tokyo's police force but its precinct number is missing. The armored car next to it is in a similair state.

"What should we do" the truck speaks in a soft voice thats drowned out by the sound of sirens. The armored car replies in an equally soft but decive voice. "We wait for the right opportunity, use the sonic weapon when they are trying to make their getaway and I will transform and take out the robot. Make sure to block their escape." their conversation is made in perfect English.

They are however interrupted when Katori and Guard Star make their move. For a moment they are surprised but the armored car then yells "now!" The truck immediatly drives forward, blocking out the street and 2 massive speakers slide out from its trailer focusing a wave of sound at the enemy.

For those who know their sound energy systems this wave functions much like that of Mic Sounders and the high pitched directed soundwave is caoable of knocking out people and acting like an electromagnetic pulls on electric systems such as mecha.

At the same moment the armored car transforms into its robot mode and runs around to the other side and draws an oversized handgun from its side and aims it at the gouf looking mech. "FREEZE, your under arrest" the feminine robot yells.

The criminal mecha braced themselves against the sound attack and at first were unresponsive to the freeze command. The 3rd strange looking mech appears to have been almost unaffected by the situation, it just stands there.

Inside the car "What is going on here! How is it on the perfect day to rob a bank we get interrupted!" says the leader of the crooks.

Guard Star, also focusing his gun on the Gouf looking mecha, looks over the new arrivals.

"You picked a day when we were on duty. Your planning is obviously lacking." JouRyu responds this time in japanese. "Tokyo Police Officer, and Brave Dragon. JouRyu, and my partner KanRyu. Your under arrest for bank robbery and Mechanoid terrorism. You can either surrender quetly or resist. Be advised that we are allowed to respond with potentially lethal force if you do."

The boss' eye twitches, though it really cant be seen under the mask. "My plans, lacking?! You've got some real nerve!" The Afrod man pushes the large red button on the inside of his car...nothing happens. "Huh...hey what's the deal, they said this would do something." The man keeps pushing it.

Suddenly the small mysterious mech lifts up its arms and fires of multiple metal tentacles at the Zaku and Gouf looking machines. The tentacles dig deep into the ir bodies, ripping them from their positions and bringing them towards itself.

Sticking half his body out of the car and shaking his arm, the man yells "What are you doing?! You're supposed to be attacking the other robots!!" When suddenly his car is grabbed by another one of the tentacles. The car is ripped from Katori's arms with enough force that the small android is left holding the back bumper.

JouRyu points her desert eagle at the mechanoic and shoots at its leg in response to the sudden turn on its allies.

Guard Star joins JouRyu, firing its Star Blaster at the enemy unit. However both shots are stopped cold as they appear to strink a barrier arround the small unit.

"KanRyu! it has a barrier! Transform and back me up!" The giant truck now also transforms into its robot mode and its trailer forms a large weapon rack on its back. "What do you need, Partner?"

Behind the barrier, the strange robot begins to absorb the enemy units into its own. It grows in size from the addition of new materials and equips the shield, machinegun and whip from the two units into its arms. It is almost twice its original size when it places the crook's car on its head and covers it with the Zaku Head as a makeshift helmet.

The small robot now almost towards over the Ryu units and Guard Star. At the head, the boss woots and hollers in amazement "So who's plans are bad now!! What do you think of this baby?"

"It just means that we have to show you we can do that two. Kanryu, how about it?" Jouryu looks to her partner who looks rather confident. "We have beeen training for this right?" She smiles in repply and holds out her hand which he grabs. "That’s right she says" they both look towards the enemy at which point both yell in unison. "SYMETRICAL DOCKING!"

"Symetricla Docking?" thinks Katori.

"They're going to combine?" says Guard Star.

"You two aren't symetrical, there's no way it'll happen" yells the boss from atop the robot.

Both Ryujins start transforming aswell and both halves join together into one, the large ram covering their chest. "Super Police Dragon, KeiRyuJin!" the new robot yells as it draws a rocket launcher over its shoulder.

The crook boss is left with a "...o.O" expression.

"Oops, maybe we should rename it to A-symetrica docking next time" it taunts him as it gets down on its knee and aims the giant bazooka at them. "Lets see if you can stop this one."

"Weapons, weapons, what kind of weapons do you have?!" says the crook leader as he looks down at the complicated control panel. The enemy robot draws a small sword from its side and holds it towards the enemy with the bazooka "A sword?! I dont need a sword, where's a gun on this thing."

"Boss what about the one from our unit?" says the crook wearing the Hamman mask.

"Oh right!" says the Afrod leader.

"Seems like you don't have an arsenal like us, thats good. But first lets take care of that barrier of yours." The sirens on both shoulders of the giant Ryujin flare up again. "MELTING SIREN!" It then aims the bazooka shot at the enemies legs to not endanger the drivers. "FIRE

"Barrier up!!" yells out the afrod man, however the unit's barrier appears unresponsive. "What?!" The strange robot is hit directly with the bazooka shot. The front of its armor appearing to blow away as it falls flat on the ground, leaving a massive hole in the center.

KeiRyuJin slides the bazooka back over its shoulder and into the container. "I will repeat it only once. You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, if you give up this right then anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights?"

As KeiRyuJin talks something sinister lays bellow him, suddenly the same metal tentacles that had dragged the other two robots towrads the unknown robot break through the ground under it and wrap themselves on its legs and arms.

"What the..?" The unknown unit starts to stand up again, it reveals a set of tentacles starting from its back that tear up the street between it and KeiRyuJin and start dragging the robot towards itself. "Chief. Were encountering heavy resitance. The enemy robot has a barrier and seems to regenerate. We need help. It's got us!"

"SUN SLICER!!" yells Bussou Fighbird as it comes down from the sky and releases its rapidly spinning cutter. The enemy robot focused on the new arrivals so much it completely forgot that Katori and Guard Star were still there, giving Fighbird time to form up.

At the same time Guard Star hovers towards around the enemy robot emptying its star blaster shots into it to draw its attention away from absorbing KeiRyuJin. However, even it gets to close and soon enough the unit has its absorbtion tentacles wrap around one of its legs "Arrrggg!" tripping the police brave.

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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Character: Commisioner Yajima(over the radio), Tomonaga Yuuta, Deckard, Duke, Shadowmaru, Kagerou

Keiryujin's radio crackled a response as Commisioner Yajima is heard replying back to the request for reinforcements.

Yajima: Hang in there, Keiryujin. There's a response force arriving soon.

True to the Commisioner's words, four vehicles rounded a nearby corner: three radically different patrol cars, an ambulance. As one of the cars skidded to a halt and a young kid got out, the other three leaping and changing and into robots and slashing the cables off of Keiryujin and Guard Star in a flash and stirring up a cloud of dust. As the dust settled, three small figures could be seen standing in front of Keiryujin and Guard Star, wielding melee weapons. As the gangster robo advances, a bullet strikes the ground in front of it from the right side. Holding a smoking pistol in one hand and his badge in the other, Deckard was seen standing next to young Tomonaga Yuuta.

Deckard: HOLD UP! This is the Brave Police!

Yuuta: You are wanted for robbery, mechanoid terrorism and destruction of property. Give yourselves up!

Boss: And if we don't?

Yuuta: Then we will resort to force. Deckard, Duke, combine with your Loaders! Shadowmaru, Kagerou, Cover them!

A police command car and fire truck rounded the corner as the Duke slashed away some more tentacles with his sword and leaped away while the two ninjas, brandishing dual ninjatou and a kusari-gama respectively, surrounded the enemy, hacking away at the metal tentacles.

Yuuta: Brave Up! J-Decker! Brave Up! Duke Fire! Your orders are to take down that robot!

In a flash, Deckard and the J-Loader combined while Duke combined with the Fire Loader, and in their place, the two mainstays of the Brave Police stood.

J-Decker: Duke Fire, I'll cover you.

Duke Fire: Roger that, J-Decker. FIRE SWORD!

As Duke Fire jumped into the air while drawing the giant blade on his back, J-Decker pulled out his Rifle and began support firing while Shadowmaru and Kagerou took to the skies, with Kagerou divebombing in Pteradon mode and Shadowmaru strafing the enemy in Jet mode. In all this commotion, Duke Fire began his decent, blade poised to cut the regenerating mech in two.

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Character: Bussou Figbird, Unknown Robot

Location: Streets of Tokyo, Shinsei Bank

Duke Fire’s sword cuts deep into the strange black armor, reaching almost half way through the chest. Following the attack the robot pushes Duke Fire away drawing the sword from within its body and its tentacles rapidly retract back into its body. The wound where Duke Fire struck begins to heal itself.

“Even the Brave Police is no match for this Noir Chevalier!” says the leader of the robbers as he moves the controls wildly around. The unit itself is unresponsive, standing still for a few moments as the large gash in its chest repairs itself. When it completely heals, the black armor covers the absorbed machinegun and within seconds it transforms it into a multi barreled weapon and opens fire with a spray of energy and solid shot at the Brave Police forces and Bussou Fighbird.

Thinking quickly, Fighbird draws its Flame Sword and extends his flame barrier around itself and the brave police units around him. The rate of fire is strong enough that he cannot drop the barrier “This thing regenerates too fast for physical attacks to work. We need more power.”

Inside the robot, the robber wearing the Char Aznable Mask asks “Boss, did you tell it to do that?”

“Boss?” says asks the Hamman Masked.

The leader doesn’t respond, unwilling to say that he isn’t controlling the unit.

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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Characters: Tomonaga Yuuta, J-Decker, Duke Fire, Shadowmaru, Kagerou

Having activated the additional wrister bandwidth to communicate with the space patrol forces on scene, Yuuta thinks over what could be done.

Yuuta: More power...then how about this! Brave Up! Fire J-Decker! Pin it down with your busters and prepare the Fire Sword on my first mark. Bussou Fighbird, use Flame Cannon to support the start a barrage before using your Flame Sword Charge Up on my first mark. Shadowmaru, Support with Tank Mode! Kagerou, Guard Star, use everything in your arsenal to keep it in place while leaving as many wounds as possible! Keiryujin, get your High Energy Sniper Cannon ready to fire on my second mark!

As the units commanded proceeded sprang to action, a barrage of high power energy cannon shots bombarded the regenerating unit while J-Decker and Duke Fire combined into Fire J-Decker and drew both J-Buster and Fire-Buster and added to the barrage. Meanwhile, Kagerou was attack with every sort of ranged weapon possible, ranging from shurikens to borrowing shadowmaru's extra equipment in addition to dragging his Kusari-gama along the enemy's body to create large gashes.

Edited by Nayuta Chouta

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Character: Bussou Figbird, Unknown Robot

Location: Streets of Tokyo, Shinsei Bank

Fighbird to Yuuta's command with "You heard him Guard Star, open fire!!" and with all his effort pushes of with Flame Sword, using the barrier to reflect back the shots from Noir Chevalier.

With that the bombardment starts, at first the unit is overwheld by the attacks, forced to cross its arms and weather the volley of shots. Each small shot, shuriken, bullet and strange forms of energy taking its toll on the strange regenerating armor. Each crack and hole generated starts to reheal but the combined effort keeps the unit at bay.

Inside the car/cockpit of the strange machine the dials are going into the red zone, starts alarms are sounding the the group of 3 criminals are competely unable to handle it. The Hamman Mask one peaks his head out of the car and says "Save us! Save us! We're not doing any of this!"

The boss drags him back inside "Get back in here! We cant loose to these guys. I just gotta figure out how to work this thing." He continues pressing the random controls but nothing he does appears to have any effect. Suddenly the unit slams its left leg straight into the street and draws a large amount of electrical energy from the underground. It outstretches its arms towards Fire J-Decker and KeiRyuJin and fires of a blast of electrical energy from each palm.

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Characters: Tomonaga Yuuta, Fire J-Decker, Shadowmaru, Kagerou

As Yuuta saw the lightning, he began to panick slightly.

Yuuta: Fire J-Decker! Kagerou, do something about the lightning!

Kagerou: Roger, Boss.

Kagerou quickly processes possible attacks and goes with one as the pulls out one of his ninjatou and connects it to the end point of his kusari-gama chain. With this the did a double handed throw as the the ninjatou buried into the robot's skin while the kusari-gama edge headed off the streaking electricity, sending the currents through the chain and back to the enemy.

Yuuta: Three and a half minutes left. Hang in there!

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Character: Unknown Robot

Location: Streets of Tokyo, Shinsei Bank

Kagerou''s redirect is successful, sending the lightning bolts straight back at the strange robot. Being struck with its own attack head on appears to stun the strange mech for a few moments. Inside the cockpit, the shocked crew breath out a cartoonish amount of of smoke in relief. The control lights inside the car suddenly go hayware, turning on and off rapidly.

"This thing is going haywire boss!"

The strange black metal armor of the unit glows and appears to ripple almost like liquid. A shockwave of energy appears to explode from the body and spike like protrutions ram into t he nearby buildings. In its new form, the spiked armor seems to be better resistant against the lesser powerful weapons of the Brave Group, almost as if it were a defense mechanism.

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