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Jaiku Ririshii

3G Campaign

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Characters: Kouji Tetsuya, Leo Shishioh, Hiroshi Amano

Location: Main Order Room

After being shown the direction of the hangar, Kouji immideatly darted out of the room, heading for the Hangar. "You can count on me, cheif" could barely be heard by the residents of the order room as the pilot scrambled down the halls.

Leo: I'll inform the crew to ready up the Triple Decked Flying Carrier so that we can launch the right machines. Also sending Might Wing to there as well. Hiroshi, can you run some double-checks on the Gao Machine software for Girl's machines?

Hiroshi: Didn't you spend the last two days making sure they were compatible with our systems?

Leo: Just check it again for me while it transfers, okay?

Hiroshi: Hmm... Roger that... Gotta make sure it's extra-perfect, hm?

Leo: As it stands, the sum chance of Final Fusion through the Dividing Driver connecting right is 60%. A brave heart can work towards making up that extra 40%, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be working for more too.

Hiroshi: Working extra-hard for her sake?

Leo: Don't be rediculous. You weren't around when I was working for Guy's sake. I just didn't have any peers to review my work.

Hiroshi: Ah, I bet you're right. Well, thanks for trusting me that much.

Hiroshi turned to his computer screen, running simulations and checking over code. It wasn't that Girl needed extra care that he was called on, but rather because Leo was willing to put her safety into his hands as well. It left him feeling a little honored...

As the 3G crew was already on alert, the AAMV was launched in no time at all, and headed out a safe distance from the city to launch into the combat area.


Character: Pink Geist

Location: G Island City Streets

Pink Geist, standing atop her high platform and scanning for new targets, hadn't even noticed Fighbird as he made an outstanding ascent to her perch atop the Space Development Corporation Tower. In response to his firey kick attack, she parried with her metal fan, forced to use both hands to brace it in holding the solar brave back. One great push was exerted to end the deadlock. As Fighbird was pushed away, the pink entity's six private guards opened more fire against him.

Pink Geist: You're too naive, to think you could just come up here and strike me, little fireball. Play a little with my minions first!

~And then...~

Character: Kouji Tetsuya, Liger Shishioh, Seth Valentine & Gai Daifou (both under permission)

Location: Triple Decked Flying Carrier / Streets of G-Island City

Liger stepped back in shock after Kouji, suited up with helmet in hand, layed out a proposition.

Liger: D-don't be so reckless! There's no need to go to that amount of trouble. Besides, you shouldn't change the plan in mid-operation.

Kouji: But as soon as we send in the Gao Machines, the enemies will start gunning for them and find Girl. She doesn't need that kind of trouble along with the strain of Final Fusion.

Liger: Even so, it's crazy and reckless. Galeon's barrier should protect her long enough for it to work.

Kouji: If it works on the first go. Combinations are always riskier when the pilots are feeling unwell or when it's their first time in a while. I've worked in a place like this long enough to know. How much chance does she have from the software alone, anyways?

Liger: 60% for the full operation. Of course, based on analysis of her Stealth Gao, the Dividing Drive should work nearly perfectly.

Kouji: Which means most of that 40% of error is in Final Fusion. Please, hear me out. I'll take full responsibility. I'm not just thinking about Girl, I'm thinking of everyone, and I want to help.

Liger: ... Fine. I'll go modify the Mirror Catapult a little. You get ready.

Kouji: Thanks! It's really appriciated!

Within a minute or two, Kouji was sitting in a cockpit, and put on his helmet.

Kouji: Alright, I'm all ready! Let's start!

From the carrier, the three Gao Machines were launched. Thanks to some Ul-tech tweaking, all three machines were able to fly in formation towards GirlGar's location. Already, some of the wandering drones headed over to intercept them, towards the approximate area of GirlGar.

Liger: From here, things look like they're going as planned. Launch the Might Wing!

On the top deck of the carrier, the catapult's exit port opened up. Might Wing, in train mode, was mounted on the launch platform. It floated and was covered in mirror coating. It quickly was launched out of the catapult and switched to jet mode when its coating flew off, by which time it was far past the Gao Machines. It swerved to the right and opened fire into the streets, hitting some of the pink grunts. The bulk of them quickly directed their attention to the jet. Some fired at it, others jumped up onto it. Might Wing did not move well under these conditions and started to tumble.

As the flying train fell out of the sky, the Gao Machines reached GirlGar unhindered. The other enemies were a far greater concern, so it seemed. The train had crashed into the city streets, enemies still mauling it. While the unit was salvagable, the pilot's safety was probably questionable.

Kouji: Don't go thinking that Kouji Tetsuya dies that easily!!!

Gutsy Geoid Guard Comm Links wound quickly find Kouji's new transmission to be projected from Girl's Liner Gao. Two more vid-windows popped up at headquarters, showing Seth Valentine to be driving Stealth Gao and Gai Daifou driving Drill Gao.

Kouji: Girl! We've loaded up 3G's modified "Manual Assist" program into your Gao Machines. Your combination will be supplemented by our courage, so there's no way it will fail! Let's... FINAL FUUUUUSION!

New Location: Combining!

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Character: Shishioh Girl

Location: G-Island City, Street Level

Girl winced as the Might Wing crashed into the ground not far off from her position. It seemed to distract Pink's troops, which meant she'd be able to focus more on performing final fusion. As her gao machines circled around her, Girl heard Kouji's voice from the Linear Gao, and smiled at his words of support.

"Thank you Kouji," she replied, "With all of your help, I know that I cannot fail. Time to act, and put doubts behind us! Look to the future, and overcome the past! FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!" Girl cried out, with all the passion and fire of her male counterpart, perhaps even a bit more. GirlGar was swept up in a emerald colored cyclone, as the final fusion process commenced. Girl gritted her teeth as each of the gao machines locked into place, still not quite 100% from her ordeal but determined not to let it get in her way. As the process completed, Girl clenched her fists, biting back the aching in her body and letting out a courgeous cry.

"GAO GIRL GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" she exclaimed, GaoGirlGar standing there before everyone in all it's glory. However, it was not long before Girl took to the air, flying up to catch the Dividing Driver that had been launched soon after her gao machines were. As it locks into place, she lets out a small cry of pain, quickly fighting it down so people won't worry about her. Not wasting any time, Girl soared back down towards the ground, intent on using the dividing driver to clear the city from harm.

"DIVIDING DRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Girl cried out, driving the dividing driver into the ground and activating it. It didn't take long for the dividing field to take full effect, and soon all of Pink's grunts found themselves in a dividing field, along with assumingly Girl's allies, and Pink itself. Her task successful, GaoGirlGar fell to one knee, with Girl coughing.

"Ah... I musn't give up..." she weakly said, before forcing GaoGirlGar back to it's feet, and facing down her enemies.

New Location: Dividing Field

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Characters: Pink Geist, Kouji Tetsuya

Location: G-Island City

With the dividing driver successfully launched and used, 85% of the remaining grunts fell in. Pink Geist was very shocked to find herself also dumped into the fray. For the time being she planted in the ground from having fallen from her high position. With the embarassment of her new pose, it felt rather figurative as wall as literal.

Kouji: Success! Come on Girl, you've come this far, I'm sure you can't fail now! They're all small fries, so I'm sure we can get this over with soon!

Pink Geist got up, and looked around. Quickly she hid her face with a fan, and spoke. Her voice was filled with anger she was trying very hard to keep down to a tolerable level.

Pink: V-Very... very interesting setup you little ones have here. To think you'd be so well-prepared for my way of fighting. I applaud you...

Under her breath, the mechanical commander mutters something about not enough color being around, dissapointedly.

Pink: Well, if you persist so heavily in denying me... then I shall have to match your effort! Pink Gunstlings, full assault!

Under this command, the pink grunts attacked with greater vigor. Those who had escaped the Dividing Driver stood around the edge, firing in at any enemy they could lay sight on.

New Location: Still There

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Characters: Fighbird, Prof. Amano (Jaiku said ok)

Location: G-Island City

With most of the small fry sent down in the dividing field, Katori gets an idea. "Prof. send out Fire Shuttle and Breaster Jet!"

"Roger Katori" says Prof. Amano as he furriously types the commands to the 3G docks. The Fire Shuttle was transfered to 3G along with other Fighbird equipment when the Prof. relocated his lab. In no time, the Fire Shuttle launches from underwater and blasts off through the surface of the water. Fighbird jumps, transforming into Fire Jet, and moves to intercet its brother unit.

As both planes sprital upwards, Android Form Katori disenages from Fire Jet "FIRE SHUTTLE!!" and combines in mid air. As Fire Jet flys away on its own, Fire Shuttle undergoes its tranformation revealing the Humanoid Form. At that instant the Breaster Jet comes from below and combies with Granbird to form "JET GATTAI!! GRANBIRD!!"

Ready for action, the newly combined Jet Granbird hovers high above the divinding field "Everyone clear away from the main group!" transmits Katori as he draws the Gran Cannon and aims it downwards towards the collection of Geists, the scope focused on Pinks face. The cannon whirs as energy gathers in Granbird's chest.

New Location: Ima Chargin' ma Lazaaah (>.> I just couldn't resist)

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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