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MechDev Rules

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MechDev Units

What are MechDev Units?

For those players with the urge to have their own custom creations, we present MechDev Units. A MechDev moderator will look over a submitted request for a unit and proceed to either reject it or create stats for it. At this point, a fee will be assessed, depending on the extent of the customization.

What exactly can I submit to the MechDev?

There are three general MechDev submission types. These are:

  • MechDev Original Series: An original mecha media (TV Series/OVA/Movie, Manga, Novel and/or Videogames) created in the MechDev. Mechdev Original Series can take place in an already established universe as long as it uses a different setting i.e. Mobile Suit Gundam and 08th MS Team. A MechDev Original Series may be inspired by an existing media (anime/manga/live action shows/literature), but may not actually completely paraphrase the story from those medias. Alternate Universe variants of an already existing series are counted as MechDev Original Series for definition purposes.
  • MechDev Conversion Series: A mecha media that is a remake/retelling of an already existing media.
  • Series Addition: Units created for an already existing series. i.e. Ace Pilot Custom Mobile Suits.
  • NJU Custom: An amalgamated unit created by combining the features of several units based on the New Jagged Universe.
  • NJU Faction Unit: A unit that is created by one of the major factions in New Jagged Universe.

This sounds AWESOME. There has to be a catch, right? Right?

There are actually several 'catches', to prevent this system from being abused and to keep it working smoothly.

First, a unit's stats may not be rejected by the purchaser and later the submission resubmitted. If it is statted once, that is what you can go with.

Second, the personalized unit will immediately be given to the purchaser. Anyone else who wants to obtain this unit will have to obtain it through normal means (In the same manner as Hangar units.)

Third, MechDev mods do not participate in the creation of stats for their own personalized units.

Fourth, units, once in the Custom Deployment Bay, are "final". While you can pay to ask for changes to them after they are posted, they cannot be removed after they are posted, except under extreme circumstances.

Wait, rejected? Does this mean I can't have any personalized unit I want?

Obviously, some unit ideas will not be acceptable under any circumstances. Requests which are too overpowered, badly-worded, difficult to emulate under the rules of the SC, or just outright ridiculous will be summarily rejected. Certain abilities, most obviously additional item slots, simply cannot be added through customization and will result in either automatic rejection or those requests being ignored, depending on the moderator's judgment. Use common sense before submitting a request, in order to avoid wasting your time.

So how do I submit a personalized unit design?

Post your submission in your thread on the MechDev board (one thread per user!). It must contain a full description of the new unit and must include your desired Unit Type. Submit a concept - submitting nothing except statistics with no reasonings will certainly get your submission rejected. Eventually, a MechDev moderator will reply with either a rejection or a set of stats and a price. These stats will have to be approved by another MechDev moderator before you can purchase them, but this process is usually quick. If you accept the stats, reply with a post stating such, and deduct the appropriate amount of Credits from your CD. Your unit will then be added to the Custom Deployment Bay (the "Hangar" for MechDev units), and can be obtained by all.

All information regarding your submission that you wish to be taken into account must be recorded in your submission thread, though a link to a SimChamber Mechapedia entry for the unit or series in question is acceptable as well.

Is there a limit to how much I can submit?

Yes. Overall there is no limit to the amount of submissions you can make, however there are some limitations on the number of units you can submit over a period of time.

First, you are limited to making one submission (not one unit) at a time. You can continue to work on other submissions, but you may not post them until the submission you have already made has been statted and approved by a MechDev mod.

Second, you are limited to 5 units per submission, except in cases of single units with multiple forms, summons, accessory units, combinations, etc. This is to prevent overload, as a too much work will prevent the mods from getting to other players' customized units as well.

So how do I ask for changes to one of my personalized units that's already been posted in the Custom Deployment Bay?

Post your request in your thread on the MechDev board. Make sure you note which unit you're looking to have changed, and either present a new version of the submission (with changes clearly marked) or a description of the changes made. In addition to the normal justification standards, changes made to an already-posted personalized unit cannot be overly drastic in scope or drastically change the power level of the unit. If the requested changes are enough to easily be a completely different unit, it may be a better idea for you to customize it as a new unit instead.

So, about how much does this all cost?

Per unit: Per unit cost depends on the resulting unit's rank. A table below will detail this cost:

Rank 1-5: 75 Credits x rank

Rank 6-10: 100 Credits x rank

Rank 11-15: 150 Credits x rank

Rank 16-20: 200 Credits x rank

Rank 21+: 250 Credits x rank

Frames, Switch Transformations, Gattais, Seperations or other additional forms, including evolved forms of the unit: Full price for the highest ranked form, then pay half price for each additional form, if submitted along with the base unit. Examples of this include Getters, Aestivalis-like units, Brave robots, or Core Fighters. This does not raise the price for units with Mobile Armor Transformations or Flight Modes.

Summons: Half price per each unique summon.

Multiple-Unit Projects: All related units in a submission after the highest ranked unit (for example, remaking the entire Gear Fighter Dendoh series in a parallel universe) get a 30% discount. You may still qualify for the series discount if you submit all the units sequentially (i.e. no submitting a new series/unit in between the units from a particular series). Please indicate this in the first submission for pricing purposes.

Unit Modifications: When submitting a change request form for an existing unit, the cost is 50% of the unit rank price for the first time. Each additional time you submit a change request for the same unit, the cost doubles.

(INSERT PLAYER'S NAME HERE) made a really cool series! Can I make a unit from their series too?

Sure! But only if you have permission. We will not stat a unit from a player's preexisting series submitted by another player unless the series creator makes a post in your thread approving of your design. What we suggest you do is post your submission into your thread, and the contact the creator and have them read your submission, so they understand where you're coming from. Then, if they approve, the creator simply posts a message of approval in your thread, and the MechDev process continues as normal. The exception to this is projects in which it is made clear you're working as a group.

And about how long does it take for a submission to be statted?

It shouldn't take long, but there isn't really a timeframe. Submissions with a larger number of units or more complicated submissions may require more time. Please be aware that asking for updates on your status or bugging the mods to work on your unit do not help it get done more quickly. If anything, it stresses us out and lowers productivity. We are well aware that we have work to do and are doing our best to meet the demand. And yes, this applies to complaining to other players on IRC. We can see you, don't be passive-aggressive like that, please. Badgering us is only going to make it harder on everyone involved in the process, including you.

As long as we work together, everything's OK.

Do I still have to unlock the abilities and forms of my creations?

As the original creator, the first copy of every unit you get from the MechDev process is considered to have all the necessicary evolution points to unlock any extra forms or attacks on the unit. None of these will go towards your milestones, however. But hey, you don't have to do those 5 fights to unlock Super Awesome Sexy Transformation Form!

What if I wanted to create units from a series that is currently ongoing?

You may not submit a unit from an anime that is currently ongoing. In order to prevent various baseless assumptions and discrepancies in the unit submission, you may only submit these type of units after the show is completely over. For some units we may even require a base unit to be added to the hangar first before being able to stat it.

I want to make a custom unit for New Jagged Universe, how can I make one?

You are allowed to make a new thread for all your NJU custom units (that is, units made through mother duplicators), and pay using your NJU credits. Because there is an in-universe explanation for the mechas in NJU (the mother duplicators), you are allowed to use that as a justification for your custom unit. However, there is a catch. In order to be able to customize the unit, you must first own it in the NJU. If you want to combine weapons and/or abilities from several units, you must also own the specific units and/or packs that you are getting the abilities/weapons from. These units will not be replaced/deleted, however they are needed for you to be able to create the new custom unit. Additionally, the custom ability must make sense. Giving a Virgo's Beam Cannon to a Gelgoog is fine, however putting an IDE Gauge on a GM is not. Please use common sense when making these custom units.

In creating these custom units, you may trade in the base units to pay for the customization. For example, if you were to create a custom Leo that uses a Zaku I's Heat Hawk and the Geyzam's Seiryutou and end up with a unit that costs 300 to be added, you may opt to trade in the Geyzam (200 Credits) and the Zaku I (50 Credits) to reduce 250 Credits from the price. You may opt to trade in the Leo (60 Credits) too in order to completely pay for it, but you will end up overpaying the submission, and if you do this, you will not get any leftover credit value of the unit.

I want to make a unit for one of the factions in NJU, do I need anything special?

Yes. You need at least a Friendly reputation with the faction to be able to create units that will go to under the faction thread in the Custom Deployment Bay.

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RP and Justification

What are you talking about?

When people submit units to MechDev, they are often actualizing their dreams of new units and images of variations to a unit. This is a wonderful concept and we enjoy making these ideas come true. The problem is that many people have not played SRW, or don't have a concept of the unit they want to make. And they waste their time. So this section is going to explain what you have to explain, and why.

What world are we working in?

This is a question often asked, and one that needs to be answered. We are not working in the SC megastructure, SSCT campaigns or within the SC events, though premises from those may be used if they mimic canon. If you have a magic world in your ARC full of 1000 IQ Geniuses who can copy Granzon... good for you. But we're working in the world of SRW. It doesn't matter what SRW mind you, but in an SRW, or simply within the context of a particular series. For example, "If Machine Cells infected the Sazabi" or "A new modification that Lowe made to Red Frame" could be valid customizations since it is possible for those things to happen. However, "Mechalomaniac copied Astranagun perfectly and then gave it an annihilation engine" would not. If it doesn't make sense, or you couldn't see it possibly happening in a SRW, don't ask.

You're real kneebiters, you know that?

Yes, we are, but we have to be. The SSCT, the Hangar and peoples ARC's make it very easy to create super powerful units. Who can stop you from claiming Smarty Von Pants, an illustrious plotanium armor producer with an IQ of 5000, who liked to buid mecha... and then justifying insane creations? It has to make sense in a series canon; it might not have happened, but it has to be plausible. Devil Gundam and Machine Cells can not combine, due to their nature, for example. And no amount of IQ is going to stop that, unless Banpresto says so.

So basically..?

So basically, know what you're doing. Talk concepts out with us; if we say no, it's not because we hate you. It's because we don't think your idea will work as is. Don't argue with this beyond a point. Usually if you can rework the idea, we will let you know where it needs improvement. Thanks.

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So what exactly can I submit?

You can submit any personal creation of yours, so long as it fits the scope of the SC. What exactly that means can be found here.

You can also make submissions for another person's fan creation, such a kit-bashed model, or something from a fan manga or game (yes, Doujins that aren't porn do exist). If possible you might try to contact the original creator and ask permission, however that's more of a common courtesy, not a rule.

You can not make a submission for a unit that already officially exists but is not in the hangar for whatever reason. They might simply not have been added to it yet (Examples of this include specific Transformers), or they might be rejected from the hangar (Examples of this include anything from Star Wars or Star Trek). In the former case, you can feel free to stat them for the hangar yourself. In the latter case, look for other RPs which do cover the sort of thing you're looking for (they're probably out there). Original units from a series that isn't present in the Hangarmay be accepted, but they will be scrutinized and a decision by the MechDev staff is final.

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"You didn't quite get it"

What's this post about?

Everbody loves to submit customizations to MechDev and get the unit they've been picturing in their head for weeks, days, months, hours or whatever. So they eagerly await the statting, go to look at it and... it's nothing like what they wanted. The missile pod isn't an (F), the shell-based shotgun is a (BS) and they wanted less EN and more HP. This is picky, but we'll try to accomodate for you somewhat. After all, we're here to make your SC dream come true. Of course, results aren't guaranteed - we might have had a perfectly good reason for having done what we did. This post covers rejecting all or part of a customization.

I'm actually allowed to do that?

Within limits you are, you can change just about everything to do with your customization as long as you go through the proper venues, and make sense of it. If you give proper justification, explain what the problems were, and why they were wrong (outside of "I wanted that to be an (X) because other high rank units have (X)!" or in one infamous case, asking for a high-tier barrier after the customization was done, with no explanation for it in your submission), you're A-OK.

What is this magic "Proper Venue" you speak of, wise one?

The proper venue is one of two forms I'm going to write out below, which will cover modifications to the pre-existing custom, or a complete re-do. Keep in mind, if you keep rejecting a unit for tedious or illogical reasons, you may end up banned from ever customizing that unit. Or at least from doing so in a 3 month period. This only happens on the third+ time. Be as direct and lengthy as possible. Like "I was trying to get at the fact that the beam gun had a much higher rate of fire, and could support continuous fire, as referenced to the change in the shooting mechanism. I'd basically like it to be a (F), if possible... much like how ___ unit was changed."

That's a valid argument, and we'd act on it. You can end up submitting one for each weapon and ability, though it's likely you'll be asked to just resubmit the whole thing, as you didn't explain it well enough. Either way...! Let me get to the forms.

The Modification Form

Date: (Day you put this)

Weapon/Ability in question: (What we're looking at)

Issues with Weapon/Ability: (Why it's bad)

Possible Solution: (How you'd like it!)

Reasoning for Solution: (How do you justify it, storywise? In the machinegun case, better drive home the point of it being rapidfire)

(You'll have to fill this form out per modification, unfortunately. But it makes things easier for the MechDev mods, which is good for you. When it's all bunched together, it can be hard to read through. This way, the request looks very polite and understanding, and this makes for happy mods! Also, you can cram like five of these into a single post if they fit, and you have that many.)

The Rejection Form

Date: (Date)

Issues with Unit: (The problems with the unit)

Reasons for Rejection: (Why you couldn't just have it modified)

Possible Solutions: (What you saw the unit being)

Resubmission: Put all your info here, if you're rejecting, I recommend putting in new information to make it clear. And, please, don't be snide like IT'S GOT AWESOME ARMOR when you put "Its armor is pretty good" before. If you wanna help even more, put the new stuff in italics or bold.

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MechDev Party

Hey look, I've spent 100,000 Credits on MechDevs!

Wow, good for you! In honor of your lack of a social life devotion to your work, we'll throw a party! When you have spent 100,000 or more Credits on your own MechDev related projects, it is tradition to hold a giveaway allowing the current members of the board to claim 1000 Credits worth of your creations. These 1000 Credits can be spent on anything that would net your stuff, including flat out purchasing costs, replacement costs (even toward hangar base units for those replacements), frames, and buying Evo points toward Evolution units. Any extra costs over the initial 1000 Credits can be made up with personal funds, and players can claim as many units as the Credit limit allows. You will recieve a 1000 Credit MechDev Card, and there will be much joyous reception and festivity, along with cake*.

For the second MechDev Party, the value of the units able to be claimed and the gift card are 2000. For the third they would be 3000 and so on.

So does that mean you're keeping track of how much everyone spends on MechDevs?

What? No. What do we look like, your accountants? You should keep track of how much you've been spending in MechDev already for other milestones. Once you find you've reached 100,000 Credits, contact one of us mods, and we'll do a quick verifcation to see if your claim is valid. Then, as soon as the administrator approves the giveaway, it's fiesta time!

*The cake is a lie.

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