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The Axial Mainframe and You

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Welcome to the Axial Mainframe tutorial and account setup. The purpose for this tutorial is to enlighten the new members and to remind old members about the minimum requirements for your very own Axial Mainframe account.

What's exactly the purpose of an AM Account?

The purpose of an AM is quite simple, the Axial Mainframe is a compendium of all pilot information, units, items, and anything regarding your progress in the game. In essence, the Axial Mainframe is very much like the "Status Screen" of most console Role-Playing Games but instead of just showing you your status, you are also responsible for keeping up to date.

What exactly must an AM Account contain?

To be precise, the things that every single AM Account must have are:

  • A moderator check box for AM mods to leave their approval or disapproval if there's any issues with your AM.
  • A brief index containing links to your ARC, CD, Item Index, and Unit Index.
  • Your Favourite Series
  • Your Items
  • Your Units (With links to the Hangar or MechDev Hangar)
  • Record Summary and Milestones
  • Optional: Individual posts for specific units for upgrade record purposes and/or quick reference for fights.

A general rule is If it's not in your AM it's not your property. Thus each time you buy something you must be sure to add it to your AM Account, as well as make proper deductions in your CD account as well.

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Is there any specific format for your AM?

Preferably in an easy-to-read format. Seriously though, feel free to spice up and decorate your Axial Mainframe as much as possible. However, remember to keep things easily readable and neatly organized. If we can't make much sense of your AM, then it is harder for us to make sure everything is in place.

The Hangar, Arsenal, and Bio-Enhancement Lab all have announcement threads where all modifications are announced in real time, so regular checks of these announcement threads is the best way to keep up to date.

Alright, but what if...

... you get something wrong? While it is the player's job to keep everything in order, sometimes a slip up may occur. If a moderator spots this, it is their job to inform you of this error and the player's job to fix it. If however there are a multitude of errors, your AM may be put on suspension (May not use or purchase units or items) for a period of time until all errors are fixed. However, this is usually a rare case that takes little time to fix. On the flipside, if you are for whatever reason suspected of cheating, the issue will be brought up to an Administrator and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions about your AM or formatting, please don't hesitate to send a Private Message to the moderator.

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This unit sucks, can I retheme it?

Retheming (That is, renaming attacks and abilities) is a common practice, whether you're adding your name to it or redoing the unit entirely, the only limit is the player's imagination. The only rule is that none of the values (HP, EN, IS, Damage, etc) are actually changed. If you'd like to see about upgrading your unit or making an entirely new one, please check with the Upgrade System and MechDev respectively.

Also, please remember to have the name of, or a link to the original unit if it is rethemed.

Do I have to list every bit of data on a unit?

No, not necessarily. A few members have a tendancy to index their units, leaving the unit name and a link to said unit. For example:

Having your AM in a format similar to above makes finding units very easy, as well as the need to update them minimal. While you may want your AM differently, this format is encouraged.

However, some units still require full stat listings. A prime example of this is a dressup unit. Since a dressup unit is basically a build-your-own variation of a unit, every dressup built is a little different. Due tot his, we ask that you list your dressups in a single unit per post basis, to keep things less cluttered.

How the heck did you do that?

Oh, that's actually quite simple, although a bit repetitive.

Step 1: Locate the unit you would like to link to in the Hangar or MechDev Hangar.

Step 2: Click on the post number in the upper right hand corner. (It will say Post #x)

Step 3: Insert the URL using the “Insert Link” button (The planet-shaped icon with a chain link by it).

Extra: Additional tweaking can be made through various combinations of board code, such as

    and [*]. Even HTML code can be used, when put in the proper context.

    Any other advice?

    Don't be afraid to have a little fun with your AM. Play with the board formatting a little until you find something you're comfortable with, and don't hesitate to ask other members how they did their Ams. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but please ask a member first if they'd mind sharing their format with you.

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