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My Fatima, Lachesis, goes on sale as of today for 5000 credits. So far she hasn't been updated to the new Spirit Command rules.

[table=Lachesis: Level 11]

SP Abilities Spirit Commands Pilot Skills Pilot Techniques Will Gauge [td=5%]200[/td][td=20%]- Dodge Cost -10%

- TDC +25%

- Countercut Cost: 7 AP

- Countershoot Cost: 4 AP

- Critical Cost: 10 AP



- Lachesis can be a Main Pilot[/td][td=20%]- Belief [25]

[Negate all negative status attacks taken this turn]

- Resist [15]

[Damage Received -25%]

- Iron Wall [40]

[Damage Received -75%]

- Perseverance [30]

[Restore 30% of maximum HP]

- Great Effort [20]

[PP gain at end of battle is doubled]

- Lucky [30]

[Credits gained from the next unit you destroy x2][/td][td=35%]- B-Save

[Ammo and Abilities gain max ammo +50%]

- Assisted Control

[All summons controlled by this unit gain the Attributes of this sidekick]

- Assisted Tracking

[Main Pilot gains +1 Accuracy Attribute]

- Assisted Piloting

[Main Pilot gains +1 Evade Attribute]

- Assisted Skill

[Main Pilot gains +1 Skill Attribute]

- Assisted Ranged

[Main Pilot gains +1 Ranged Attribute][/td][td=10%]-


- [/td][td=20%]- Barrage

- Defense Pierce

- Focused Attack

- Iron Will[/td]


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