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Credit Depository FAQ

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Credit Depository? Why am I here again?

The currency used in the Simulation Chamber is known as "Credits" and is generally used in all forms of transactions. Naturally, keeping track of this is as important as keeping track of everything else too.

Okay, so I need to keep track of my money. How should it look?

A simple, easy to read format is best. Again, like your AM you may spruce it up as much as you'd like, but please don't make it too cluttered. Additionally, we ask to please keep Credit gains and Credit losses separate, and to keep a running total of both gains, losses, and current Credits in a summary at the end of each section.

For example:

Credit Gains

400 - Stipend

300 - [Fight] Escape the Colony!

300 - [Fight] Battle at Jaburo

60 - [sale] FF-X7-bst Core Booster

Total: 1,060 Credits

Credit Losses

130 - [Purchase] RX-78-2 Gundam

90 - [Purchase] RX-75-2 Guntank

700 - [Purchase] Pegasus-class Battleship White Base

120 - [Purchase] FF-X7-bst Core Booster

Total: 1,040 Credits

Current Credit Total: 20 Credits

In addition, remember to keep the first post of your Credit Depository empty, so as to leave a space for Moderator checks.

How will I know when you check my CD?

You'll know when you have one of the following grades in your Moderator checkbox.

PASSED means that everything in your CD checks out, and to keep up the good work.

PENDING means that you may have made a mistake somewhere, usually pointed out in the accompanying message where exactly it is. Just remember to send a private message to the moderator in charge when its been fixed.

FAILED means something is really amiss, and requires serious reworking. Generally someone doesn't go past the pending mark unless they haven't fixed the problem for a long amount of time, or they....

Were caught cheating?

Exactly. While the Simulation Chamber is a very trust-based system, occasionally it might cross someone's mind to try to stretch the bonds of this trust. If someone is suspected of cheating, serious repercussions may occur. First off, the account is locked down and then reviewed by both a Moderator and an Administrator, who then both come to a decision and act accordingly. This punishment may range from a temporary suspension, Credit loss, item or unit repossession, or even experience loss. Worst case scenario will end up with a permanent ban.

Cheating is frowned on by both members and staff. Of course, the simplest solution to the problem is to not do it.

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Hey, I lent this guy some money but...

In the case that someone owes you money and refuses to pay for whatever reason, please contact the CD Moderator in charge to resolve this situation. In any instance where money doesn't make it where it needs to be (Through gifts, loans, purchases, or otherwise) it is the CD Moderator's job to sort the problem out. Providing there is evidence to back up the case, uncooperative parties may find their CD account locked for a period of time.

So, I've got this awesome faction here and...

You want to start a faction account? Sure thing. Starting a faction account is as simple as starting a normal CD account, however there are still a few different rules.

Rule #1: You must be officially recognized by the community as a faction. The procedures for this may be found here.

Rule #2: All faction accounts are self-funded, meaning that they are exempt from stipends and Admin-sanctioned giveaways. All funds within a faction account will come from the members themselves.

Rule #3: The faction account is automatically dealt with by the head of the faction. If for any reason the faction head would like this changed, please inform a Moderator about it.

Rule #4: Should the faction dissolve, Credits will be split evenly among the active members of the faction at the time. Should the members desire to handle this differently, please inform a Moderator about it.

When all is said and done, the faction account will be pinned to the top of the CD. Additionally, the funds may be used in any fashion the faction deems appropriate. Thanks for reading, and may your faction grow to be a formidable force in the Simulation Chamber.

Edited by Regris Kallen

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