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OTTER Secret Files

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This is where I think up of single unit creations....

each series will have their own thread, like such:

MSG: Beyond the Twilight series (Monoeye Passions Finished!)

MSG SEED: The Wings of War <still churning out stuff...

COME, MAKE MY DAY! <still churning out stuff...

'Til Love Finds Us Again <just started...

BEAT OUT! Gears of Emotion <just started, and is rolling....

Failed Project:

GEARs <so many people against it...

Current Projects include:

-Look at my active threads on the top page

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Model Number: ZGMF-X23Sν

Code Name: Nu Savior Gundam

Unit Type: prototype attack use transformable mobile suit

Manufacturer: -

Operator: ZAFT

First Deployment: C.E. 74 through ?

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard ZAFT mobile suit cockpit

Overall height: ~18 meter

Weight: ~77 metric tons

Armor material: -

Powerplant: ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor


When the Savior was destroyed by Freedom, it was salvaged by the Minerva crew, but deemed it destroyed beyond repair. At Carpentaria base, the Minerva mechanics crew unloaded the wreckage, and it was never heard of again...

However, ZAFT engineers wanted to rebuild the variable mobile suits, just in case it was needed for battles to come. So the ZAFT engineers changed the power source of the original Savior, to a Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Reactor for more usage of the energy hungry weapons, such as Super Fortis and Amfortis, and nearly infinite usage of the VPSA.

Although they upgraded the Amfortis, this new prototype mobile suit had a new weapon: the "Peacemaker" Positron Rifle. This rifle had a specialized nozzle, which can vary the width of the positron being fired, which controls the speed. The narrow setting allows for a very weak attack (although it is stronger than any beam rifle in existence), but accurate with the force to penetrate any armor (including Laminate), any shield (including Anti-Beam), and any beam shields (including the Positron Reflector). The wide setting allows for a traditional positron blast, much like the "Tannhauser" or the "Lohengrin".

During the final hours of Messiah, it was used once to fend off against incoming ORB Fleet, however, by the time it was in battle, the Messiah and Requiem fell, signaling ZAFTs defeat. Nu Savior did survive the final battle, but is never seen again...


Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Reactor>

One of Savior's flaw is that it did not equip a N-Jammer Canceller, which can provide ample energy to use it's Amfortis beam cannon, as well as provide nearly infinite usage of the variable phase shift armor. It is also the power source for the new positron rifle "Peacemaker". (No, this does not state that it has EN regen. I am only trying to explain the necessity of a Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Reactor.)

Variable Phase Shift Armor>

Standard in any second/third generation ZAFT mobile suit.

Transform to Wave Rider/Mobile Armor mode>

Being based off the Savior Gundam, it has the capability of going into a wave rider/mobile armor mode, at the cost of losing some of it's attacks.

MMI-RD11 Aerodynamic Shield>

A standard ABS

"Peace Maker" Positron Rifle>

A miniaturized positron beam rifle, which can vary it's nozzle width to have the positron rifle shoot out at various speeds. During the wave rider/mobile armor mode, the "Peace Maker" is connected to the Aerodynamic Shield, much like Zeta's Mega Beam Launcher is connected to it's shield during the wave rider mode


20mm CIWS: a standard gatling cannon located on the head.

'Picus' 76mm CIWS: a stronger gatling cannon, which can only be used when it's in the Mobile Armor/Wave Rider form.

'Vajra' Beam Saber: a standard beam saber present in second generation ZAFT mobile suits.

Super Fortis: the same beam weaponry on Savior. One installed on each Amfortis Kai apparatus.

Amfortis Kai: An upgraded version of the Amfortis beam cannon. The weapon is much weaker than it's original, but gained more accuracy. (In essence, it is kai because for the cost of energy it provides, which is much less than the original, it delivers the same power output, but with more accuracy)

"Peace Maker" Positron Rifle [Narrow]: This nozzle width can deliver an attack with deadly accuracy, as well as penetration power that cannot be prevented by any kind of shields or barrier. (if possible, I would like this attack to be able to snipe...)

"Peace Maker" Positron Rifle [Wide]: This nozzle width can deliver an attack with deadly force, but with the cost of accuracy, penetration power, and energy efficiency. Rivals that of the "Callidus", "Orthos", or "Scylla".

"Peace Maker" Positron Rifle [Full Burst]: By diverting all of the mobile suit's energy to the Positron Rifle, it can create an energy output which rivals that of "Tannhauser" or the "Lohengrin".

Edited by Akita Niko

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-Strategy System:

風 = "Fu" / When you mobilize, move as fast as the wind / Unit becomes more mobile, raising it's potential to dodge

林 = "Rin" / When you stop, be as still as the forest / Unit accuracy increase

火 = "Ka" / When you attack, be as fierce as fire / Unit's damage potential increases

山 = "Zan" / When you defend, be as tough as the mountains / Unit's defense potential increases

陰 = "Kei" / When you disappear, be as quiet as the shadow / Unit gains double image

雷 = "Rai" / When you appear, be as sudden as lightning / Unit's agility increases

-Element System:

紅蓮 | 朱雀 = "Gurren" > A powerful attack which utilizes a slashing motion. Increases Damage and Speed potential

appearance> Zankantou Ryusei Giri-wannabe

金色 | 玄武 = "Konjiki" > A powerful attack which utilizes a smashing motion. Increases Damage and Defense potential

appearance> Goldion Crusher-wannabe

青嵐 | 青龍 = "Seiran" > A powerful attack which is quick and accurate. Increases Speed and Accuracy potential

appearance> essentially, multiple stabbing and slashing attack

純白 | 白虎 = "Junpaku" > A powerful attack which is accurate and defensive. Increases Accuracy and Defense potential

appearance> A counter attack where the unit copies the same melee attack motion as the enemies. However, the attack done by the enemy is out of desperation, and is considered to be a "dead" weapon, where as the unit's attack is that of a "lively" weapon. The power imbalance created, shatters the opponents attack, and the opponent (inspiration: Yagyu's Special technique: Mugen no Kurai)

花鳥風月 = "Ka-Chou-Fu-Gestu" > A powerful attack which symbolizes perfection of all aspects.


Edited by Akita Niko

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Hint: Serenity means firm pulse. Firm pulse means more accurate attacks.

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has been folded into Wings of War...

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Brainstorm for VA mecha...

strongly leaning towards either Hiyama Nobuyuki or Koyasu Takehito, just because I feel there is more substance to work with...

But tsundere-bot sounds really fun to do (Kugimiya Rie), using Alastor (Shakugan) as a sidekick, and Hayate as a summon... Lol....

Midorikawa Hikaru is another last resort choice....

VA Mecha:

>Midorikawa Hikaru:

-Masaki > Cybuster

-Marth (Fire Emblem)

-Heero Yuy > Gundam Wing/ Wing Zero/Wing Zero EW

Unit hypothesis: Magic-using, Sword Wielding, Winged Mecha


>Koyasu Takehito:

-Choutarou Banba (Gate Keepers)

-Gamlin Kizaki (Macross 7)

-SEED/SEED Destiny (Mwu La Flaga, Neo Roanoke)

-Gundam Wing (Zechs Merquise)

-Shu Shirakawa (SRW:DC)

-Tekkaman Evil

-Turn A Gundam (Gym Ghingham)

Unit Hypothesis: unknown, to wild...


>Morikawa Toshiyuki

-Tekkaman Blade

-Kyosuke Nanbu


-Obi-wan Kanobi (Star Wars Animation)

Unit Hypothesis: sword wielding, shoulder cannon thing?


>Hiroshi Kamiya

-Tieria Erde (00)

-Itoshiki Nozomu (Sayonara)

-Pani Poni Dash (Tsurugi Inugami)

Unit Hypothesis:


>Miki Shin'ichirō

-Kruz Weber

-Jim Skylark (Gatekeeper)

-Lockon Stratos

-Kojiro (pokemon)

-Ryusei Date

-Charizard (SSB Brawl)

Unit Hypothesis:


>Kugimiya Rie

Nena Trinity


Alphonse Elric

Nagi Sanzenin

Unit Hypothesis: Magical, Sword, tsundere?


>Hiyama Nobuyuki



Genshiken (Madarame)

Shiro Amada (08th Team)

Hiei (YuYuHakusho)

Link (Legend of Zelda)

Murta Azrael

Musha Gundam (Gundam Evolve)

Fatal Fury (Joe Higashi)

Siegfried Schtauffen/Nightmare (Soul series)

Yoshimitsu (soul series)

Unit Hypothesis: yuusha (funny one, I have an idea)

Edited by Akita Niko

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Possible Live Action considering>

-The God Father > some what of a weird Gundam SEED series...

-Top Gun > Macross (noooo shit!), or even Gundam...

-Starship Trooper (although I think this is Nimbus' project)

-Apocalypse Now > Gundam (like 08th Team)

-Saving Private Ryans > Gundam (like 08th Team)

Edited by Akita Niko

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Unit Name: Fafner Neo Salvator Model

Series name: Soukyuu no Fafner: SimChamber Original Designs

Concept [quick]: What if Mitsuhiro Bartland conspired to build more Salvator models before his much deserved death by one of them? Although Umb has built Mark Destiny from another Salvator Model, I am going to go in a different direction... Hope it works...


Background History:

Dr. Mitsuhiro Brtland, an ex-Tatsumiya Jima citizen, was one of the many members of the Neo UN wanting to completely annihilate the Festum infestation. He contributed to his obsession, by building two Fafner units called the Salvator Model, but what if more were made? Although it is impossible physically for him to lead the building team, due to his death before Operation Heaven's Door, what if blue prints existed so that people could continue building such units?

A year after the operation, the Festum still remained and continued to assault civilization. Although it is unclear as to why they still persist after destroying the Mir at the North Pole, some believe that they are looking for another "Overmind", and it is because of the absence of the Mir at the North Pole, the downward command system of the Festum has become astray. This is evident, due to people witnessing Festums attacking each other (We are not talking about master forms, like Mjolnir fighting against a Festum. More like a Sphinx form fighting against another Sphinx Form).

Unable to regain any contact with Tatsumiya Jima, the Neo UN decided to reinstate Dr. Bartland's Salvator model construction. For fear of Festum concentrating their attack to assimilate with the Fafner, the constructions of the unit where held at different bases, which resulted in the creation of several Salvator Model. These "mass produced units" were not as strong, compared to the original two, but still compared in strength, statistically, to a Nothung model, which still pleased the Neo UN Council members.

System and Frame Design:

General Construction>

Appearance is very similar to that of the original Salvator Model. (However, I do like it's HP and EN slightly reduced, because it is not the same Salvator Model as the series). However, unlike the original, this new Salvator Model has four spikes, instead of six, and the loss of the Homing Laser system, in replacement for a multifunctional Spike Missiles. It still retains the same capability of flight, much like the original units.

Siegfried System Linkage>

While investigating the captured Northung Model, Mark Elf, they analyzed and comprehended the system mechanics of the Siegfried System on the pilot side, and actually created and installed the system into the Neo Salvator Model. However, the function is not tested, due to the Neo UN not having a Siegfried System of their own. (Essentially, it can have it. I leave it up to you guys... Honestly, I don't care if it has it. But the units that will be based on this Salvator Model will have the system. So maybe this is like flavored text?)

Fenrir System>

A self destruction protocol installed onto the Fafner, capable of "erasing" many Festum, along with everything in the surrounding (including land). This is a last resort maneuver by the pilot, so that the pilot does not become a Festum and assault his comrades.


Punch: A basic melee attack, however, in effective against Festum (and also really dangerous)

Mine Blade: A short laser-edged knife. The blade is apparently made of nanomachines and can reshape itself, if broken. Stored in a leg compartment when not in use, and hand carried in use.

Garm-44: A typical submachinegun, scaled to Fafner size.

Spike Missiles [Piram]: Unlike the original, these wired missiles have two function. The first function is much like the Piram, which is a hand carried spike launcher of a Fafner unit that sends electrical charge through the cable. The four spike missile does something similar to that, where the missiles launch into the enemy, and unleashes a severe charge of electricity, immobilizing the enemy.

Spike Missile [Razing Cutter]: Unlike the original, these wired missiles have two function. The second function is much like the Razing Cutter, which is equipped on some Fafner units. Stored in the Fafner's knucles, these charged wires launch and envelopes the enemies, releasing electrical charges, as well cutting through material the wires envelopes. The four spike missile does something similar to that, where the missiles launch at the enemy and envelopes it. Once it connects, it unleashes a severe charge of electricity, and the wires squeeze the enemy, eventually cutting through.

Edited by Akita Niko

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Unit Name: Fafner Mark Tier

Series name: Soukyuu no Fafner: SimChamber Original Designs

Concept [quick]:The third born from a Festum. It is seriously just coincidence that I made it third (if I am excluding Umb's Mark Destiny), and having it tied to Eva.


Background History:

Piloted by Enishi Tatsumiya, he is one of the few members of the Neo UN to have Japanese blood, without having any affiliations with Alvis. His grandparents moved to America, before the whole event took place in Japan, which led to the complete annihilation of Japan. Luckily for them, because they moved out before the whole Festum infestation happened, they were not quarantined by the government, but still lived a rather hard life -being probably one of the few Japanese people to survive.

On one of his training missions with the new Neo Salvator Model, there was a massive Festum assault on the base, he fought bravely against the Festum, but was eventually engulfed by a sphinx type. During the assimilation phenomenon, Enishi was given several flashbacks of his past -his family and friends living in peace, and the assault by the Festum which left them for dead. These images rekindled his will to live, but for the soul cause of destroying those who took away his livelihood. The new fafner, Mark Tier was born out of the sphinx type -literally ripping it in pieces as it emerged (imagine Eva 1 coming out of Leliel/12th Angel/Derac Sea).

"Tier" means "Wild" in German.

System and Frame Design:

General Overview>

The reborn fafner excelled dramatically in direct combat, something that is unconventional for fighting against the Festum. However, Enishi does not encounter assimilation phenomenon by the Festum, but rather from the Mark Tier itself, and although the assimilation process is quicker than normal, and it seems as though Enishi gathers more strength, as well as becoming more ferocious and wild.

The head design is unique, almost as if they can spread apart, and create teeth (this becomes a weapon, unlocked only in Berserk Mode). Another unique unit, only on the Mark Tier, is the claw unit. The claw unit can create four blades that resemble that of the Mine Blade (it can form itself when needed, and reform itself when broken). It also stores internally a Piram spike launcher (underside), and a Durandal (topside). This claw unit can also slide along the forearms, to not hinder any action of the Ruga Lance. The hands have the Gegner built internally, and can charge to initiate the Fafner Finger attack (different from how it is initiated in Mark Drei).

(Have it be a replacement for the Neo Salvator Model. Evo is fine also, but none of the Fafner that arose from the Salvator Model are evos... But meh, this unit seems a bit too strong for a replacement... Will accept either view)

Siegfried System Linkage>

When Enishi's base was utterly destroyed days after the initial transformation, he flew off in search of a new place to stay. While on his search to contact the Neo UN for orders, he was contacted, through the inactive Siegfried System from Alvis, to aid them in their fight.

Fenrir System>

A self destruction protocol installed onto the Fafner, capable of "erasing" many Festum, along with everything in the surrounding (including land). This is a last resort maneuver by the pilot, so that the pilot does not become a Festum and assault his comrades. This system, however, is not used by Enishi, but the option was there for him in case he realized that hated and anger, at times, were not the answer for self preservation, and when the time required, self sacrifice was necessary to insure the survival of others.

AT Field>

Short for Absolute Terminus Field, it is a special gravity territory emitted by the Mark Tier. From observations by the CIC and engineering staffs, it is a barrier system which can negate most forms of attack to a certain degree. It is believed that this barrier originated from the insecurity, doubts, and fears of Enishi. (Same concept as the AT Field on the Eva, but rather, it gains more negation by gaining Unit Specialization: Fafner. For mechanics purpose, break AT Field on the Eva units can work on this barrier, and the Break AT Field of this unit can be utilized on Eva units)

Macht Armor>

Although the AT Field may provide protection, at times it is penetrated. The "living" armor of the Mark Tier, which is composed of the same material as the Festum, provides protection, as well as provides a way to restore itself, however, this does not mean that it can restore a torn off arm or leg. (A small degree of HP regen, as well as providing armor)

Assimilation Phenomenon>

It is unknown if the assimilation process on this unit is just quicker than normal, or it is an internal system. However, the unit can gain more damage potential, at the cost of the pilot. When the pilot loses conscious, the unit has a potential to turn berserk. (When activated, the system's user loses a set amount of SP every turn, but gains an additional damage potential, accuracy, defense potential, and mobility. The player can even pay more SP to gain a much bigger boost. However, if the system is still activated, and the pilot's SP is reduced to or goes below zero, Mark Tier automatically goes into berserk mode. The activation is SP based, not AP based, and there should be no deactivation cost...)

Berserk Mode Transformation>

Unlike other Fafners that existed, this unit is very unique that once Enishi becomes unconscious, whether it be from the over usage of the Assimilation process, or from the near destruction of the Mark Tier, the unit takes control of itself, and becomes a Festum (literally). Once this mode is in effect, regardless of the outcome of the battle, the player is considered the loser of the match.


Punch: A basic melee attack.

Durandal: A small sidearm built internally into each claw unit

Piram: A spike launcher stored internally in each claw unit. When it hits the target, it sends an electric charge through the cable to damage or immobilize it.

Gegner: A small sidearm beam weapon built into the palms of the Fafner.

Garm-44: A typical submachinegun, scaled to Fafner size.

Ruga Lance [sword]: The main melee weapon of the Fafner

Ruga Lance [Gun]: The main melee weapon of the Fafner, which can also shoot energy shots at the enemy.

Ruga Lance [Combined]: The combined effect of both melee and ranged properties of the Ruga Lance, in a zero-distance attack.

Gegner Finger: The Gegner charges the hands of the Fafner, where it is shoved into the enemy unit. (Palma Fiocina ver. Fafner)

Genocide Caw [slash]: Two mine blades extend from the claw unit, and concentrates energy in it's blades. Then Fafner releases a series of slashing attacks at the enemy.

Genocide Caw [Grasp]: Four mine blades extend from the claw unit, and concentrates energy in it's blades. The Fafner then shoves the claws into the enemy. Once the hit connects, it releases a electric shock, greater than what the Piram can offer.

Genocide Raid: Utilizing both attack sequences of the Genocide Claws, it performs a series of combination attacks. Once the enemy is grasped by the Genocide Claw, the claw unit slides down to thrust the Gegner Finger in for the final blow. Requires the Assimilation phenomenon to be active.

Brave Soul: Charging energy within it's claw unit, it rushes towards the enemy. While on the move, the Fafner is accelerated through the Gravity territory it creates. The movement is so fast that the enemy has no time to react, which results to both claws connecting, releasing electrical shocks, as well as the Gegner Fingers, which results in the explosion of the enemy. (HEAVEN AND HELL! Fafner version) Requires the Assimilation phenomenon to be active.


Unit Name: Fafner Mark Tier <Berserk Mode>

Series name: Soukyuu no Fafner: SimChamber Original Designs

Concept [quick]: Berserk? Rargh!


Background History:

There has been numerous occasions where the Fafner Mark Tier has gone into berzerk mode. Many of the Alvis Fafner team are wary how aggressive the Fafner tuns into, but are also convinced that the rage is towards the Festum, not towards them -observed through numerous occasions in battle.

System and Frame Design:

General Overview>

The head unit breaks, and reveals razor sharp teeth. It also seems as though it is grunting, breathing, and howling, as if it were alive. The Alvis' Solomon's Prediction revealed that this unit, is in fact a Festum.

Many of the system remain the same, with some modifications...

Siegfried System Linkage>

Deactivated, for safety reasons

Fenrir System>


AT Field>


Macht Armor>

Present, but it can regenerate it's body much faster, and can rejuvinate it's energy, although not as fast as regenerating part of it's body.


Punch: A basic melee attack.

Genocide Caw [slash]: Two mine blades extend from the claw unit, and concentrates energy in it's blades. Then Fafner releases a series of slashing attacks at the enemy.

Genocide Caw [Grasp]: Four mine blades extend from the claw unit, and concentrates energy in it's blades. The Fafner then shoves the claws into the enemy. Once the hit connects, it releases a electric shock, greater than what the Piram can offer.

Execution Fang: Several bite attacks, from the new revealed weapon. The teeth are electrically charged, which can stun an enemy, if they are still alive.

Wild Soul: Combination of attacks from the Genocide Claw and the Execution Fang attacks. The execution of these moves gradually strangles the enemy into submission, and hopefully death (much like how a lion can use it's claws to swat down prey, and then uses both its claws and fangs to pin and subdue the enemy, until it loses blood and dies).

Edited by Akita Niko

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New Fafner>

Those born from a festum:

Fafner Mark Himmel>Heaven

-Hade's Project Units

-Black Hole Theory/Energy (Essentially Gun Buster mechanics)

Fafner Mark Melodie/Sirene>Song

-Mic's Solitary Wave

-Rah Xephon's Voice and Tuning

-Sound System (?)

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ARMD, which stands for Assault, Raid, Mobile, and Dominate, are the four principles that a variable fighter are adept in. Although never put into production against the JAM, blue prints still existed incase the need be. Two variations of the ARMDpack exist

ARMDpack Variation:


This pack especially focused on the principles of Raid and Mobility, which brings out a certain kind of domination -hit and run, as well as catching opponents by surprise. This pack adds a bit of armor reinforcements in several locations on the torso, legs, and arms of the unit. These reinforcements do not add armor to the unit, but provide extra weapons, such as missiles. The major change is the two wing booster packs that are "clipped" onto the wings. This booster provides enough thrust and acceleration to any of the designated unit, at least 1.5x there max speed. Along with providing mobility to the unit, it is also a missile launcher, to enable more fire power.


This pack especially focused on the principle of Assault and Raid, which brings out another kind of domination -complete and utter bullet/missile hell, while still being protected under fire. This pack, unlike the 'Zephyr', actually adds extra armor, which covers the entire body. This armor configuration does not hinder the transformation sequence, and therefore, the unit is free to transform into it's GERWALK mode, along with the fighter mode. The armor material is unique, in that it can nullify incoming attacks by using specialized metallic properties, although the armor cannot prevent attacks from beam weapons and has an energy upkeep. Certain armor units carry thrusters to offset the heavy load. The amount of max thrust provided by this unit, is nearly 80-90% reduced from it's core unit. Some parts of the armor also have embedded missile silos, as well as other weapons.

System Enhancements:


All units that can equip this pack gain the following:

-Name: *model number*+ARMD-01RM 'Zephyr' *name of the unit*

-Following weapons are added>

Micro Missile Launcher: These small missiles are unlike the swarming missiles, which are usually equipped onto the hardpoints of the craft. With an active guidance system to lock onto the target, it fires rapidly from the booster pods, however, the missiles do not come from multiple angles.

Laser Turrets: Installed onto both arm units of the 'Zephyr' pack, this fires rapid beam projectiles, as if it were fired from a machine gun.

-All hardpoints are reduced by two.


All units that can equip this pack gain the following:

-Name: *model number*+ARMD-01AR 'Taurus' *name of the unit*

-Following weapons are added>

Swarming Missiles: The same swarming missiles that are equipped onto the variable fighters, except they are stored internally in the wing and leg armor.

Micro Missile Launcher: These small missiles are unlike the swarming missiles, which are usually equipped onto the hardpoints of the craft. With an active guidance system to lock onto the target, it fires rapidly from the missile silos on the chest, and shoulder armor, however, the missiles do not come from multiple angles.

Laser Turrets: Installed onto both arm units of the 'Zephyr' pack, this fires rapid beam projectiles, as if it were fired from a machine gun.

Beam Impact Cannon: Installed onto the wing armor unit of the 'Taurus' pack, it is a strong beam projectile attack. It is not a continuing stream, and is not spreadable, like the laser turret.

-All hardpoints are reduced to two .

Units that can equip the ARMDpack System:

VFF-1 Fawn>

-Zephyr: Yes

-Taurus: no

VFF-31 Sylphid>

-Zephyr: Yes

-Taurus: Yes

VFF-31MR Super Sylph + VFF-31MR/D Super Sylph "Yukikaze">

-Zephyr: Yes

-Taurus: No

VFX-00 Mave>

-Zephyr: Yes

-Taurus: Yes

VFF-41 Mave "Yukikaze">

-Zephyr: No

-Taurus: Yes

Edited by Akita Niko

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(So unless my math has not fucked up some where, and we are sticking to the original premise of the Gundam Fight Rules and Regulation)

It has been 116 years since the Devil Gundam incident during the 13th Gundam Fight. Once more, the colonies will send their best fighters to compete against each other, so that they can be crowned king/queen of the Gundam Fight. This is...

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: The Next Generation

Neo China Entry: GF42-086NC Sì-Xiàng Gundam

pilot: Seiran Xin

Background on the pilot>

Born on Earth, Seiran is a Chinese and Japanese half, with both parents being especially gifted in the art of fighting and cooking. Because of her surrounding, she was naturally gifted in the art of self defense, and cooking. As she grew up, she witness several Gundam Fights, one almost ruining her entire livelihood -when a gundam came crashing into her house and restaurant. This fueled her hatred towards the tournament in general, but she could not pry herself from watching the exotic martial arts from abroad.

Her father, being pressured by the Neo China, unwillingly accepted to fight in the 40th Gundam Fight tournament, and he left his family behind -Seiran was 13 at the time. However, when the tournament was finished, with Neo China not winning the tournament, her father did not come back. Her mother, sensing some kind of conspiracy, moved to Neo Japan with Seiran, to get away from the Neo China's government. However, what awaited Seiran's mother in Neo Japan, was the same fate her father had.

Her mother left Seiran at her family dojo, which was an Aikido dojo, and went into training for the upcoming Gundam Fight. During this period of time, Seiran trained intensively with her grandfather and grandmother, both masters of the dojo. Her skills in Aikido, so says her grandparents, surpassed that of her mother, and she was the center of attention. However, after that 41st Gundam Fight Tournament, the one her mother was going to be in, she also did not return.

A custody battle took place between the Neo China and Neo Japan government, regarding Seiran's nationality, both hoping that she will participate. Although her grudge against the two colony governments were great, she still willingly accepted to join Neo China for the 42nd Gundam Fight Tournament. For the next three years, she went back to Earth, to train in the Shoulin temple that is supposedly run by Sai Feilong's, the fourth Gundam Fight champion, descendants. The 42nd Gundam Fight Tournament finally came, and she was ready to face the world, hoping that she can find clues to her father and mother's whereabouts.

Background on the unit>

Sì-Xiàng Gundam is unlike any Neo China gundams ever built. Usually, Neo China strictly constructed gundams that themed around either the dragon, the tiger, the tortoise, or the phoenix/bird, based on the chinese mythological creatures. However, this gundam has combined elements of all the Four Symbols.

Unit Specification>

Xuán Wǔ's/Genbu's Armor and Shield:

The black tortoise symbolizes tenacity and purity. The gundam is equipped with a buckler like shield, that is attacked to the wrist, rather than hand carried. This allows the freedom of the hands to wield weapons, as well as perform her martial arts. The unit is also lightly armored than the most Neo China Gundams.

(A bit higher HP than Dragon Gundam, is what I am trying to go for...)

Bái Hǔ's/Byako's Boots and Fans:

The white tiger symbolizes celerity and finesse. The gundam, along with it's wing units, also have specialized booster units, which can create after images of it self when propelling itself forward. Stored in the back of the Gundam, are two long pole's, which spread out to create a beam fan. These fans can be used to protect the Gundam, but can also be used as a slicing attack.

Zhū Què's/Suzakuu's Wings and Sword:

The vermilion sparrow symbolizes ferocity and elegance. The gundam is equipped with a wing unit, that adds mobility to the unit, as well as housing specialized feather bits -remote sentries that can perform all range attacks. The mobility is to offset the additional armor adorn by the unit. Stored in the each legs of the gundam, are the beam jians (a chinese straight sword).

Qīng Lóng's/Seiryu's Gauntlet and Glaive:

The azure dragon symbolizes serenity and grace. On the other hand, that does not have the buckler, there is a dragon head, much like the Dragon Gundam -this is the gauntlet. However, unlike the Dragon Gundam's Dragon Claw attack, this does not extend out, but can produce strong winds, instead of fire. The beam fans, stored in the back of the unit, can be put together, to create a beam glaive.


Martial Arts: Seiran's talents in martial arts, especially in Aikido and Shaolin Kung Fu and Wu Shu, translates well into the mobile trace system, and allows for the unit to be a rather formidable melee combatant.

Beam Jian: Essentially, two beam swords used to attack an opponent. (however, due to the nature of combat of Wu Shu, the Gundam seldom uses both of the beam swords).

Tornado Attack: From the Dragon Gauntlet comes a vertical tornado which damages the opponent. (If this becomes a variable attack, the total damage should not exceed that of the beam fan)

Beam Glaive: The long poles, stored in the back of the Gundam, can come together, to create a beam glaive.

Beam Fan: The long poles, stored in the back of the Gundam, can split to create a beam fan, which slices opponents. (Due to the nature of the attack, it should be fast attack, because Seiran uses both fans, and seldom uses only one.)

Feather Bits: From the wing unit, 8 sentry unit are deployed, which unleash an al out attack. (Funnel type attacks that are countercutable. However, the total damage of this attack should not be the same or exceed that of the five attacks that will come below)

Grace of the Azure Dragon <Seiran> When moving, move as fast as the wind!

From the dragon gauntlet, a vertical tornado is created, and engulfs the enemy unit. The enemy is immobilized while in the tornado, while the gundam rushes towards the enemy, unleashing multiple slashes with it's beam glaive.

(Although it sounds like a strong combo attack, it should not be. The first part is a stun, followed up by a fast attacks with the beam glaive.)

Might of the White Tiger <Konjiki> When stopping, be as silent as the forest...

The gundam rushes towards the enemy unit, but before the enemy can react, the gundam disappears. While the enemy is confused where gundam disappeared to, the gundam appears from behind, with her beam fans drawn, and unleashes two strong blows that is bludgeoning, rather than slashing.

Dance of the Vermillion Bird <Gurren> When attacking, be as fierce as fire!

The Gundam flies into the air, and unleashes the feather bits, for an all out range attack. When the feather bits pull away, she continues that attack with the Beam Jians.

Purity of the Black Tortoise <Jyunpaku> When defending, be as sturdy as the mountains!

The Gundam waits for the enemy to approach, and when they do, she uses her training in Aikido to perry the attack, as well to build momentum into her attack -which throws the enemy unit into the air, and then is finished off with an uppercut. (The animation show's it as such. There is nothing special with how to handle it. It should be just a straight out damage. It looks like the Seiken Zuki of Daimos)

Season's Harmony: In heaven and on earth, I am all that is HOLY!

The Gundam engages the enemy with it's feather bits unleashed. While the enemy is being poked by the feather bits, the Gundam draws near, and unleashes a strong uppercut, which launches the enemy into the air. The Gundam then creates a tornado that engulfs the enemy. The Gundam flies up, and as the enemy unit is trapped within the tornado, it continues to slash at it with it's beam fan. Finally, as the tornado dies down, the enemy is struck down to the ground with the Beam Glaive. (Hissatsu, that is an all out attack)

Edited by Akita Niko

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willing to Dev....

Edited by Akita Niko

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Series> Gundam SEED Destiny Simchamber Original Design

Akita Niko Custom Zaku Phantom>

Concept: HM Ranged Combat


-rail gun

-beam rifle

-beam cannon

-beam tomahawk

-gatling cannon

Seiran Xin Custom Zaku Phantom>

Concept: Close Combat

-anti-armor piercing dagger

-beam tomahawk

-beam Saber

-gatling cannon

-sword/beam sword (anti-ship sword)

-beam scyth/twin beam scyth > beam Axe

Edited by Akita Niko

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EG-X-EX Soulgain <Over> <-name DEFINITELY pending... I was also thinking of Soulgainer....

essentially an upgrade from whichever Soulgain... although I need a back story and how it looks like, and how the new moves are going to look like...


Byakko Kou

Genbu Goudan

Mai Suzaku



Tenma Ranbu

Shishi Renda

Houoh Toshin

Kouryu Hadougeki

Over Soul

note: the new one will "sprout" wings, like J-Der's Plasma Wing.

Oh yea, by the off chance anyone actually want to put forward this project, by all means go hijack this post...

honestly... idc...

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Don't think it goes into the tracker, b/c I haven't made all the other Angels (and since I am using the movie variants of them, it's not complete)

However, I would like to have some input....

Ramiel, 6th Angel


HP: 100000, EN: 400, Agi: --

IS: 1, Move: F, Size L, Rank ?


[+] Particle Cannon (BSV)- 100 damage/EN

MAP Attacks:

[+] Particle Cannon (BI: 20)- 10000 damage/200 EN

Inherent Abilities:

1) Angel

2) HP Regen: 10%

3) EN Regen: 25%

4) Damage Received -75%

5) AT Field



HP: The HP value is half that is of Buster Machine No. 3. Honestly, I would increase the HP value, but that would be improbable....

EN: It might be too high....

Agi: It can't dodge. It's going to stay that way.

IS: standard value for anything higher than rank 15 right?

Move: It is flying....

Size: It is rather large... Maybe the size of a large battleship...


In the movie, there are "two" variations from the Particle Cannon (it was called Accelerate Particle Beam in V2, but the sub in the series said Particle Cannon... So I am going to stick with the sub...). The first is a variation of the first time the EVA got hit with the cannon. There is the single target blast, as well as a wide range sweep (this was in the movie). The second variation is a extremely powerful wide range blast, that creates holes in mountains (this was also in the movie). The weapon symbolizes the first variation, utilizing a (S) tag for sweep, and a (V) tag for the variation of strength on the single target blast. The MAP Attack is calculated at 200 EN/shot, and the damage is equaled to the single target mode, when fired with 100 EN. I believe this is a rather huge MAP number, especially making it a large attack range... (I WAS contemplating to make the attacks stronger, but I think I am being biased...)

Inherent Abilities>

HP and EN regen are the same values from V2. I really don't know if I should stick with those number... Same goes with the Damage Received valued, although, a high DR does make sense...

Edited by Akita Niko

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Moved to it's respected thread


The year is 2100...

The world finally came out of it's previous crisis -a global war which lasted for about a decade. Although this war of the world ended with the UN nations being in favor, rumors have spread that varied, such as terrorist organizations forcing the enemy nations to attack the UN, that Japan had developed a new mechanical unit, which obliterated all enemy forces within an hour after it's deployment, to a mysterious third party. However, these were only rumors and the world became peaceful -although minor skirmishes still existed.

However, the gears of war are turning, which will stir emotions once more... And in that fray, those who are impacted the most are the teens who are trying to live their daily lives...


Gears of Emotion

"Win, or Lose it All"

Story Premise: Mecha, Action, School, Romance, Comedy

Theme: Triangle-Love Affair, Post-Apocalypse, Units/Pilots going berserk

Image Song: Shut Up and Explode, by Boom Boom Satellite

Story outline:

The school bells ring, and the students give their usual good byes to the teacher. As the teacher leaves the class, it is time for lunch, and the students start gathering their desks together and start eating. One student sits in the corner of the room and takes in the scene...

Boy: Finally, some food...

As he starts eating, his eyes wonder towards a petit girl sitting in front of the class, surrounded by a group of her friends. He feels a thud on his shoulder.

Male Student A: Looking at Satori again, Haru-chan?

Haru-chan: Wha! Wha!! What are you talking about!

Male Student B: Haruhi it's hopeless. Stop your day dreaming before it turns out bad.

Haruhi (real name): Stop teasing me while I am eating!

*Male Student A and B laughs*

Male Student A: Come on let's eat together!

Male Student B: Yea, i heard about this new game coming out and.... (fade)

Haruhi: Yuuko Satori, a girl I have known since middle school... I don't remember if I talked to her even during middle school, but more and more I look at her, the more and more I feel pressured to talk... Why... Oh, I wish I had the courage and guts to...

Male Student A: What do you think Haru?

Haruhi: Wha?

Then suddenly, the alarm goes off campus wide.

Male Student A: Aw man, not another drill...

Female Student A: Everyone, in a single file line! Let's move it people!

Male Student C: All right Class Rep. Hold your pig tails...


Haruhi: Just my luck, right?


1.) Haruhi Nishimoto

AKA: Haru

Distinctive Feature:

-normal build

-black with white hair



-so normal, that people forget he is in the room

-listen's to various music genre

-mild gamer

2.) Yuuko Satori

AKA: Yuu, Satorin

Distinctive Feature:


-short pink hair

-physically weak, and gets sick alot


-nice to everyone; always a smile, never seen frowning

-listens to classical music

-definitely not a gamer

3.) Enishi Fuuka

AKA: Fuuta, Fuu-chan, Fuu

Destinctive Feature:

-medium size, but muscular

-red hair

-scar that goes across his right eye -still can see out of his right eye, though...


-cocky and arrogant

-listens to anything rock

-mild gamer, but prefers to be in the outdoors

Other characters to come:

-The cool guy, who becomes cynical

-The nerdy smart guy, but eats a lot (but is not fat)

-The quiet, smart girl

-The active, tsundere girl

Unit Type: Gear

-personalize by equipment pack




-a special method to go berserk, other than the normal method

>berserk mode is a new unit

>all equipment pack is separated when unit goes berserk

>instant-lose when going into berserk mode <-sucks to be you

>>maybe an evo to disable it

GX-00 Prototype Gear "Tier"

Series: Beat Out, Gears of Emotion

Background Information:


PMD: Short for Photon Materializer Device, it is the device that powers the Gear. It is semi-perpetual generator, which harnesses the photon and positron discharge of the non-evaporative decay of baryonic matter as an energy source, with the bi-product being an exotic neutrino called Photon Matter. This device is used to power such weapons as the Slayer VBS, manifest the scythes on the Sabertooth Beam Pistols, enable the unit to fly, as well as to construct a barrier called "Photon Shield".

(By no means I am trying to create a GN Drive/Gn Particle/Trans-AM. I just needed a way to explain how:

a.) this unit can fly, almost like King Gainer (with the Photon Mat Ring)

b.) Photon Mat Ring -like barrier

c.) how it can manifest the Photon Matter in to a keener edge, like the GN Particles.)

VBS: Short for Variable Beam Saber, it utilizes the Photon Matter expelled by the PMD core of the Gear, to produce a "beam" knife or saber, depending on the output strength.

EE Mode: Short for Emotional Edge Mode, it is a limiter when the unit is in danger of being destroyed. It boosts the speed, damage potential, and accuracy of all attacks. (This is more like Emotional Mode on Fie-Yen the Knight, rather than something like the Offensive Mode 1. And yes, I would also like it so that you can pay 3/4 your HP to gain the benefit the bonus'....)

Drive Instal: A second wind system of the Gear, it is a systems protocol on the Gears to win no matter what the cost. (Berserk mode, continue to see changes)


Slayer VBS [Knife]: Stored internally in the leg unit, at it's lowest setting, it becomes a beam knife.

Slayer VBS [saber]: At it's highest power setting, the VBS can elongate to produce a beam saber.

Sabertooth Beam Pistol [Pistol]: A beam pistol, which are fed through an energy pack. Two are stored on top of the side skirt armor, and both are used simultaneous. (It would be nice if the damage on these pistols are a bit more hard hitting than a standard beam pistol most mobile suits carry....)

Sabertooth Beam Pistol [Fang]: The beam pistol has a special PMD that can produce a mini scythe underneath the barrel. The name of the pistol derives from the shape of this beam "scythes". Stronger than the Slayer VBS, it can cut through and pierce most armor plating, due to the keen beam blades produced by these pistol. (I think people know what I am talking about, but just in case, it's these that Go brought -> link)

Genocide Claw: The strongest attack on the Gear. The hands charge up with Photon Particles, and when the energy level is at it's peak, the Gear rushes up to the enemy and unleashes one strong punch/slash, which unleashes the build up energy into the enemy. (I really don't want to use a Naruto reference, but it almost looks like Raigiri or Chidori)

Edited by Akita Niko

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if I ever have the time...


or in essence, a GN armor variant for all CB ms...


UC version of Freedom?

Edited by Akita Niko

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Series Origin: Banpresto Original: Mugen no Frontier Sim Chamber Originals

A bit of background:

Arisu Reiji, Xiaomu, and KOS-MOS ver. 4 were able to get back to their own world after parting with Harken, Kaguya, Ashen, and Suzuka. KOS-MOS, being a walking AI unit, stored the data of all the personal troopers she fought, and before she left to her own time zone, entrusted the data to Reiji and Xiaomu. Although Arisu and Xiaomu did not see any desire in operating a personal trooper, the head officials at "Shinra" decided that these units will be useful in ensuring peace. However, Shinra is not the only organization who possess the data of the personal troopers -Ouma got their hands on the data thanks to Saya.

Developer's Note:

YES it does sound iffy, but I really have any idea how I would create a "backstory" for these units, especially for them being tied to elements, without bring some elements of Cybuster, which I have little to no knowledge of. As well, I "can't" tie them into the Shadow Mirror universe, b/c the of the Element's.

Shinra Units

SPT-001-XA 'Nacht'

SPT-001-XW 'Abend'

In Depth:

SPT => Shinra Personal Trooper

X => Experimental

Background (unit):

Out of the data brought back by Reiji and Xiaomu, the personal trooper "Alteisen Nacht" and "WeißRitter Abend" surprisingly got high marks of approval by the company -especially on the topic of combination assault. Seeing that Reiji and Xiaomu already work in tandem, Shinra enlisted the two to be the test pilot for the two units.

The two units look exactly similar to that of the model they fought (in terms of outer appearance, and weapon mechanics), with the exception of the new system Xiaomu developed called the Elemental Synchronization.

SPT-001-XA 'Nacht' specs:

Height: 22 meters

Weight: 100 metric tons

SPT-001-XW "Abend" specs:

Height" 22 meters

Weight: 63 metric tons

Common Equipment and Features:

>Elemental System:

Although two completely different and rival organization, the three units developed by Shinra and Ouma had a common system called the Elemental System. This is probably due to the three pilots strong ties to Wu XIng, or the five elements of Chinese philosophy. By tapping into the elements, the unit gains extra potential.

In Depth:

The five elements of Chinese philosophy are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

For the units created by Shinra, the two unit's elements are tied to the season. Although the element of earth is not tied to an actual season, the element is represented as the units themselves, as the center of energy. Each unit represents two of the season -one representing Winter and Spring, while the other represents Summer and Fall.

For the unit created by Ouma, the elements are tied to the celestial creatures -the Black Tortoise, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, the Azure Dragon, and the Golden Quilin. Although not tied to the elements, minor celestial creatures are also represented in the units -the Guardian Lion, the Pegasus, the Phoenix, and the Golden Dragon.

Developers Note:

No need to create a new system, where some thing like this already exist, right? It's the exact same mechanism as "Spirit Dependency Link".

>Energy Wing:

A mechanism the two organization created, that were similar in concept, but functioned in completely different ways. In essence, a wing of some sort (either a frame of a wing, or a beam wing) is created by the units who have the mechanism, which taps additional potential to the unit.

Developers Note:

The units with the energy wing will be described there, because they function differently.

>Code AFN:

AFN is short for "All for Nothing", and is a limiter system on each of the units. In the Endless Frontier, the personal trooper Alteisen Nacht and Weißritter Abend is seen to change color, when they are in "rage". Although the AFN is not a rage/berserker system, it provides unit potential, but only for a short amount of time.

In Depth:

Although 'Nacht' and 'Abend' had a rage mode (the color change), the Arkgain did not. However, it is also true that the Arkgain had some kind of a limiter to suppress it's unit potential -otherwise the unit would consume too much energy to support itself. The same can be said about the rage mode for the "Nacht" and "Abend".

For Shinra, the AFN is much similar to that of the original, being that the two units developed are exactly similar to the "Nacht" and "Abend". For Ouma, they needed to replicate the limiter in some manner, and were struggling, when Saya suggested to use the rage mode on the "Abend" and "Nacht".

Developer's Notes:

This limiter is not a permanent limiter, to begin with. A player pays a certain AP in order to activate it, and they receive bonus for a short amount of time. Also, some attacks on both units require the AFN to be active, in order to be used.


EG-00XEX Over Soulgainer


Element System>

[same Effect as Spirit Dependency Link, with a bit of a twist]

Beam Wing Generator>

[Not the same "Beam Wing/Hikari no Tsubasa known in SC]

Code AFN/"All For Nothing"

[Doesn't mean, "I tried my best and I failed" > which is ATA, IMO. It's taken as "YOU tried your best, but your best wasn't good enough"]










**Cycle of Balance, Vanquish

**Cycle of Imbalance, Overwhelm

**Cycle of Harmony, Ying and Yang

PT-00XN "Nacht"


Element System


Code AFN

"Gold" Triple Machine Cannon

"Karin" Revolving Stakes

"Hollywood" Claymore Launcher

"Chirai" Plasma Horn







*"Trick Card"

Style of the Gun

*Cycle of Balance, Creation

*Seasons Harmony

*Cycle of Imbalance, Humiliation

*Cycle of Harmony, Ying and Yang

PT-00XA "Abend"


Element System

Energy Wing

Code AFN

"Gin" 3-Barrel Beam Cannon

"Suiren" Multipurpose Launcher


Suiren S

Suiren E

Suiren B

*Suiren X



Jyuu no Kata

*Cycle of Balance, Creation

*Seasons Harmony

*Cycle of Imbalance, Humiliation

*Cycle of Harmony, Ying and Yang

will update once I have more stuff down....

COMMENTS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, especially on the backstory issue.

Edited by Akita Niko

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Super Robot Taisen: Deus eX Macnina

Platform: PS2, 2 disk game


-2 Disk story

-Platoon system

-Dynamic Kill

-Change BGM

-Tsume Supa Robo Missions (for each disk, puzzle puzzle everywhere)

- Bazaar

Disk 1: Death

<Beyond Destruction, there is always Creation>

Series List>

-Banpresto Originals*

>Mao Industry

>Tesla Leicht Institute

>Shadow Mirror

-Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion

-Brave Raideen***



-Getter Robo Armageddon

-King of Brave, Gaogaigar Final

-Brain Powerd

-Hades Project Zeorymer

-Top oh Nerae!

-Macross 7

-Macross Plus

-Mobile Suit Gundam -Char's Counterattack/Beltorchika's Children

-ZZ Gundam**

-Z Gundam**

*: Limited to the specific character and units

**: Their primary story has ended, and play a supporting role to further enhance the story. Only a selected few come out of the series will make an appearance, let alone be playable.

***: Follows a similar storyline to MX.

Premise of the world in DxM 1>

The history as it is currently:


-Operation Stardust > Rise of the Titans

-Meteor Three + SDF-1 crash lands +Finding Orphan

-Gryps Conflict + Divine War + Macross Zero incident + The Super Robot Wars (anything that involves Mazinger Z and Getter storyline)

-Aerogator war + Zentradi War + First Neo Zeon War

-Luxion lost

-The Second Super Robot Wars (anything that involves GGG, Great Mazinger, Getter Robo D, and Raideen)

-The coming of Mu + the first appearance of the Einst

-Second Impact+Tokyo Jupiter created

What to expect:

Sub > Not part of the entire story, but incidents that happen along the game.

Story > Although a main enemy, and a key player in the game's story, rare opportunities to fight it.

Main > One of the main enemies in the game

Story/Main > Important Enemies.

-Einst conflict (main) > ask Alchemie what she is trying to do....

-Axel + Warden (sub) > they just want to kick Zengar and Kyosuke's butt, when they should be going for someone else.

-Enemy of the Mazinkaiser (main) > can't say, don't know the story that well

-Enemy of the Getter Robo Armageddon (main) > can't say, don't know the story that well

-Enemy of the GGGF (I forgot what they were called) (story/main) > they are trying to recreate their galaxy... They think that the aliens are old systems that are outdated.

-Sharon Apple Incident (sub) > the power of song to make everyone brain dead

-Protodevil conflict (main) > b/c you know, we are going to be products to be farmed...

-Angel Assault (story/main) > end of the world part 1

-Mu Infestation (story/main) > end of the world part 2, w/ Raideen helping

-Orphan Incident (main) > b/c they HONESTLY think that they are doing the world a favor by leaving it in a shitty condition, added to the fact that Orphan is hypothesized to ruin the world...

-Alien Infestation (story/main) > ummm, humanity = infestation. DESTROY!!!!

-Hau Dragon Incident (story) > they want to rule the shitty world. Honestly, be my guest?

-The rise of the Second Neo Zeon War (story/main) > Char, stop being a dumbass.


Original Character:

Mishia Steinburg


Age: 25

Unit Choice>

> Huckbein Mk-II >Start w/ ATX team > Albiero

> Jegan >Start w/ Londo Bell > Re-GZ > MP Nu > Albiero

> VF-11 >Start w/ Super Nova Project (takes place on Earth, not Eden) > VF-17 Nightmare > Albiero

note: Why it takes longer on the Londo Bell and Super Nova Route to obtain the original unit > It's not longer, the number of episode one must clear to get it is the same. Rather, the Londo Bell and Super Nova route has a quicker pace of unit progression. The time you get the original unit is roughly the time when most of the main cast is together.


DxM I: Original Unit:

DM-X07 Albiero

class: Real Type

DM-X07/HMC Alpheratz

class: Real Type


Disk 2: Birth

<Beyond Creation, there is always Destruction>

Series List>


Gundam SEED Destiny

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Gundam X

Turn A Gundam

King Gainer

Sousei no Aquarion

Eureka Seven

Soukyu no Fafner


Dancouga Nova

Gear Fighter Dendoh

Machine Robo Rescue: Revenge of the Chronos



The Big O


-Banpresto Originals*

>Mao Industry

>Tesla Leicht Institute

>Shadow Mirror


-Getter Robo Armageddon

-King of Brave, Gaogaigar Final

-Hades Project Zeorymer

-Top oh Nerae!

-Macross Plus

-Mobile Suit Gundam -Char's Counterattack/Beltorchika's Children

-ZZ Gundam**

-Z Gundam**

Premise of the world in DxM 1>

The history as it is currently:

What to expect:

Sub > Not part of the entire story, but incidents that happen along the game.

Story > Although a main enemy, and a key player in the game's story, rare opportunities to fight it.

Main > One of the main enemies in the game

Story/Main > Important Enemies.

Old Stuff>

GGGF: makes it towards new Earth through an opening of the GS Window. Along with the GGGF units, there are also Mazinkaiser, Great Mazinger, Shin Getter Robo, Macross Plus units, CCA/ZZ/Z, and Banpresto Original units.

Top oh Nerae: makes it towards new Earth by being blown away...

Zeorymer: makes it towards new Earth through Dimensional Jump

Rah Xephon/Evangelion> DEAD AND GONE FOREVER! Refund!

Others> Stay behind

New Stuff>


Original Character:

Lucas Arthur


Age: 21

Unit Choice>

Murasame> Original


DxM I: Original Unit:

DM-X08 Alwail

class: Real Type

DM-X08/HAC Alderamin

class: Real Type

DMX-HAMC Caelestis

class: Super Type

Edited by Akita Niko

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Series: Gundam 00 Simchamber Original MSV

Unit Name: GNW-003D2 Gundam Throne Drei Todes

Unit Background:

After the death of her brothers, and being shown the full potential of the other Gundam, Nena fled the scene to meet with Wang Liu Mie. In her spite and anger, Nena pledged her loyalty to Liu Mie and her desire to change the world. However, she first needed to repair her damaged Throne Drei. Rather than repairing it to the old Drei, Nena incorporated her brother's Thrones unit into her Drei -a modified GN Launcher, and the GN Fangs. After the fall of the Ptolemaios, the new Thrones unit, nick named "Todes", which means death in German, continued to assault key points in the Earth Sphere Federation. Those who survived the attack say that the gundam looked like a grim reaper, and is cackling while killing her opponent.

Unit Design

In General:


Based off the original Throne Drei, the only things that changed on this unit is the armaments and the Gn Drive[T]'s output and operation time before it needs to recharge. The coloration (unlike the one you see here) is pretty much all black, with the GN Particles are red (like the original). However, some parts of the armor can glow red (where the whites are on the model) when the GN Drive is on full drive. (It doesn't mean anything in terms of stating...)

GN Drive[T]: The drive itself has not changed, but a capacitor has been added to the GN Drive[T] to further enhance the Gundam's operation time, as well as to feed the GN Launcher, GN Fangs, and the GN Stealth Field.

GN Full Shield: Originally on the GN-002 Gundam Dynames, this shield can swivel to the front or the back of the unit to provide ample protection, due to it losing it's original shields on the shoulder. The attachment of the GN Full Shield on to the GN Stealth Field generator does not inhibit the Stealth Field. Rather the GN Full Shield allow the flow of GN Particles to go one way, which actually enables the unit to be mobile than it's original unit. (Although it may not look like it on the model here. The GN Full Shield gives it the cape like look the Deathscythe variant have in Gundam Wing)

GN Launcher: This modified GN Launcher has unique properties, depending on the out put strength the pilot wants to utilize. It can be as powerful as an ordinary beam rifle, to the strength of the GN Mega Launcher. Also, it can become a beam scythe that can cut down opponents. Always hand carried, and is fed energy through an E-plug like aparatus on the hands of the Todes.

GN Claws: Four located on each arm of the unit, and is bent backward when not in use. It can be used as a slashing attack, or it can be fired off into the remote sentry known as GN Fang.


GN Beam Saber: Located inside the leg armor (around the knee), it is used for a slashing attack. At times, it's a better weapon to use than the scythe.

GN Claw [slash]: A slash attack with it's GN Claws -most likely a single swipe from the left arm, but it can disengage the GN Launcher for a moment to slash with both claws.

GN Launcher [Rifle Mode]: The GN Launcher can vary it's output strength to equal that of a beam rifle.

GN Launcher [scythe]: The scythe mode on the GN Launcher.

GN Launcher [shoot]: The GN Rifle can vary it's output strength to surpass that of the Rifle mode. (Looking for a V tag... The full output should not equal to that of the GN Mega Launcher.)

GN Fang [shoot]: The GN Claws shoot out to become GN Fangs, which are remote sentry units. This mode on the GN Fangs are ranged attacks which shoots enemies from different direction, however, can easily be picked off.

GN Fang [stab]: The GN Claws shoot out to become GN Fangs, which are remote sentry units. This mode on the GN Fangs are melee based attacks, which stabs the unit from different direction, however, can easily be picked off.

GN Mega Launcher [scythe]: A stronger output strength than the regular Scythe, a single swing can damage/destroy multiple targets. (was looking for a single attack version, and a map)

GN Mega Launcher [shoot]: The output strength of this GN Mega Launcher is similar to the output strength of the combo attack on it's predecessor. Usually a last resort weapon to kill off those who are trying to intercept Nena's escape route. (Both single target and MAP)

GN Hi-Mega Launcher: The ultimate last ditch effort pulled off by Nena when she is really desperate to leave the area (as well as enemies not letting her leave). Output strength is greater than the Mega Launcher mode. (only Map Attack)

Edited by Akita Niko

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deving for sure... You know, 00 has a some what decent top half (although I seriously object to the American Football style Shoulder Pad/GN Drive), but the bottom half is too wimpy... That thing needs more meat. Exia was ok, and so is Astraea, but this is something I am going for... Maybe less meat on the legs... But still...

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Series Name: Mobile Suit Gundam 00R

Unit Name: SVMS-01X2 GN Flag -Full Spec-


Emeth member Rye Catcher is a very skilled engineer and mobile suit designer -on top of that, being a world class computer engineer and hacker. Before the "Emeth" could act upon the word of VEDA, they needed to prepare, since they pretty much had nothing other than a set amount of GN Tau Drives. Using some of the Flags both Dan and Tsubasa stole -now dubbed the name Lethal and Azure-, they made a general modification to the Flag. The two rejoiced and hoped that they could show it off to the long lost idol of their youth- Graham Acker.

Unit Design:

GN Drive[T]: Although this drive has the same capabilities as the GN Drive of the Gundam units, the Drives are not powerful enough to be semi-perpetual. However, that is a minor cost to pay to finally be on par with the Gundams.

Defense Rod: Much like the the rods on the other Flag units, they shield the unit from incoming attacks.

Anti-beam Coating: The mobile suit has a coating of beam resistant paint on the unit to protect itself from the beam weapons that the Gundams use.

Flight Mode: The Flag can transform into a high mobility mobile armor mode, much like it's predecessor. Due to the nature of the unit, most of it's melee weapons are unusable.


20mm Machine Gun: A CIWS that is only available in MS mode.

Sonic Blade: A high frequency vibration blade from old times. Length of a knife, and stored in the arms of the unit

Plasma Sword: From the Sonic Blade, it can produce a "beam" saber to slash opponents. Costs energy.

Combo Rifle [Linear]: A high velocity, multi-shot linear rifle, to conserve energy when necessary

Combo Rifle [beam]: A beam rifle similar to that of the GN-X's output. Fires from the same rifle as the Linear Gun.

GN Beam Saber: A beam saber composed of GN material. Can vary it's output strength to create a larger blade.

Combo Rifle [GN Blade]: The "secret" weapon of the GN Flag. The rifle doubles as a sword, that can cut through enemy armor, shield, or weapons, thanks to the GN Particles.

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will post later.... Once I figure out if I want to put it in...


Series: Super Robot Wars Z: Simchamber Original Design

Unit Name: RMSN-008II Vert Doga


((B/c I haven't played SRWZ, I really can't give a great description of the background story of the unit. However, the brief gist is the Space Revolutionary Army, who is trying to lead the independence movement, caught the attention of Char's Neo Zeon. The new type research institutes of both factions got together and began trading informations. Through this swapping of information, the Space Revolutionary Army are able to modify their newtype unit RMSN-008 Vertigo.))

Unit Design:

Model number: RMSN-008II

Code name: Vert Doga

Unit type: Newtype use mobile suit

Manufacturer: Space Revolutionary Army & Neo Zeon

Operator: Space Revolutionary Army

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso


Head Height: 20.0 meters

Full Weight: 105.0 metric tons

Height: 23.0 meters

Length: 25.0 meters

Armor materials: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features:

-sensors, range unknown

-psycommu system


Fixed armaments:

-2x internal beam rifle

-2x machine cannon

-2x beam saber

Remote weapons:

-8x bit

-8x funnel

General Description:

Although from different eras, the Neo Zoen took a liking to the Vertigo, almost resembling like the Qubeley. Using the Qubeley and the Vertigo as the base model, they updated the armament and equipment to Neo Zeon standards. By doing so, they increased the height and weight of the unit dramatically. To off set this weight difference, the Neo Zeon and Space Revolution Army add several apogee motors and vernier thrusters throughout the unit. Most of the weight of the unit came from the back pack -which in essence, was a prototype binder for the Nightingale. This binder, not only housing verniers, but also extra propellant tanks, and funnels.

The necessity of the Psycho-Frame:

The Neo Zeon engineers thought it was weird that the bits on the Vertigo ever operated. The Space Revolution Army proclaimed it was the power of their new types. During the test phase of the Vert Doga, the funnels nor the bits went into operation -although the mobility of the unit was not a problem. The Neo Zeon knew this would happened and started to modify the unit once more -adding the psycommu system. The next test, the bits and funnels operated, but the amount of information that passed the pilot was to severe, and most, if not all, newtype or enhanced human could control such numbers- this was the same result for Gyunei Guss.

Although reluctant, Char wondered if the Psycho-frame would help put all bits and funnels into operations, and began modifying the unit once more. By the time this unit finished, it was the fourth unit with the Psycho-Frame, and soon rolled out into battle to fight against the protagonists...


Machine Cannon: Small cannons which are used to ward off enemies, or shoot down incoming missiles.

Beam Saber: Standard issue beam saber, stored in the forearms of the unit.

Beam Cannon: A beam rifle is internally built into the arm of the unit, just like the original Vertigo.

Bit: Stored internally in the arm units, these remote sentry units, along with the aid of the psycho frame and the psycommu system allows for a finite control and an all range attack on single or multiple units.

Funnel: Stored externally on the back of the back binders, these remote sentries are much more potent than the bits on the Vertigo, thanks to the Neo Zeon technology.

All Out Attack: Fires all of the funnels and bits at a unit or a group of units, which enables an all out ranged attacks. However, this attack puts a strain on the pilot, as well as the units. (I was thinking it would cost SP, along with EN. MAP versions also available)

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borrowing from Avi's Perfect Zeta dev explanation:

The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam is by far the best mobile suit design ever created. Spawning entire lineages of decendant MS, it's basic design served well into the Neo-Zeon Conflict. In the year U.C. 0093, a group of engineers at Anaheim Electroinics thought it best to analyze all of the various Z Gundam models and determine which assets made them such formidable opponents. The results of their research culminated in the creation of a new mobile suit designed to be the final and best incarnation of the MSZ line: the MSZ-106 Perfect Zeta Gundam.

This would be a completly new, and quite possibly final, MSZ designated suit. Built completly from scratch, using the newest Gundarium Gamma alloy and improved Minovsky Fusion Reactors of the current age. Structually, the Z Gundam was designed with the moveable frame archtype in mind. Unlike MS of the OYW, modern suits were built off of a skeletal frame, with all of the components mounted to the skeleton. Minimum amounts of armor were applied to critical areas on the unit in favor of more thrusters and binders. This total reversal of MS design theory made units faster than their OYW ancestors. Advancements in beam weapondary had rendered armor pratically useless. The key to victory in the modern battlefield was having enough speed and mobility to avoid being fired at in the first place. The MSZ line expands upon this concept with the addition of a fighter plane esque Waverider mode. Originally designed to make athmospheric entry without the aid of a ballute pack, it truy made the Z Gundam an all environment unit. Although certain puilds removed athmospheric capabilities in favor of improved speed in space, the Anaheim team decided the original all terrain variation to be the better design. A critical flaw of the original Waverider design was that it required the unit's shield. Although the Perfect Z would also carry a shield that would factor into the Waverider mode, the engineers were careful to redesign the Waverider form to not be dependant upon it by redesigning the chasis to be flatter on it's own in MS mode and by incorperating the heat absorbing technologies used in the shield directly into the MS's armor, like the Z Plus series.

The Perfect Zeta was designed with other modern updates to older systems. The exterior armor and shield was to be coated with anti-beam coating used on the unrelated ZZ Gundam. Although useless against high grade beam weapondary, it would serve to protect the MS against small arms fire and reduce damage overall in it's duration. One of the more controversial additons to the Perfect Z was an I-Field barrier. In use on mobile armors like the Byg Zam since the One Year War, technology had advanced to the point where an I-Field generator could be incorperated into MS. Some in the group feared the I-field was counter intuitive to Z's focus on speed and ultimately just took up unnecessicary space. However, it was noted that the original purpose of the 1st Z Gundam was to incoperate the newst technoligies of the time into a state-of-the-art weapons platofrm. With this in mind, the team (although somehat reluctantly) made plans to add an I-Field Generator inot the Perfect Z's design.

Systematically, Zeta was far superior to any other MS developed at the time, thanks to it's Bio-Sensor. Designed to replace the aging psycommu system, the bio-sensor gave Newtype pilots an impressive edge in battle with superior manuverability and speed. In addition, the bio-sensor has been known to react to extreme stress or emotion, supercharging the mobile suit. It would be in invaluable asset to the Perfect Z's development.

The hardest part of the design proces was determining weat weapons to give the Perfect Z Gundam. There was a plathora of armerments to select from a multitude of MS. With so many weapons macked into one MS, the design team often jokingly referred to the Perfect Z as "ZZ Light." While it was true it spouted an inpressive array of weapons, it was still as speedy and agile as any other Z Gundam built before it. Of course, it would have the standard head mounted vulcan guns for anti-air/CIWS use, standard issue beam rifle, and the traditional beam sabre. The most obivious choice of weapons to add to Perfect Z's aresonal was the original Z's Hi-Mega Launcher. It was a massive mega particle gun capable of wiping out entire MS squadrons. The Hi-Mega Launcher also served the dual purpose of forming a larger beam sabre. The Hi-Mega Launcher in both gun and sabre form could become a truly formidale weapon in the hands of a Newtype, thanks in part to the aplifying effect of the Bio-Sensor. Other armermant selections came from more obscure sources. The enginers decided to give their Perfect Z a beam smartgun and hip beam cannons similar to the ones found on the Z Plus C1. The smartgun had superior targeting capabilities than the average beam gun, while the beam cannons provided teriffic mid-range fire. Insttead of simply giving the Perfect Z a seperate smardgun handarm, it was incorperated into the shield. Ballistic weapondary had become obsolete in this modern era. therefore, the arm mounted grenade launcers were removed in favor of chainguns, simliar to those found on the RX-78NT1 Alex or the Z Gustav. With current MS designs favoring anti-beam countermeasures and lacking in armor, such a blast from the past could prove unexpected for fresh pilots accustomed to only beam weapondary. It was debated as to weather the Perfect Z should mount funnels. Remote Newtype weapondry was prevalent in the current era, but seemed out of place on the Perfect Z. No other incarnation of Z Gundam mounted any sort of remote weapons...except for one. Constructed to fight the sudden threat of a strange robot from unknown origins, the Mega Zeta's hands could be seperated from the unit and operated indepeandantly, similar to a funnel. the same technology was incorperated into Perfect Z's hands.

In Waverider mode, the weapon selction for the Perfect Z was smaller, but still more devestating than any of it's predecessors. The Beam Rifle, Hi-Mega Launcher, Chainguns, Beam Cannons, and Beam Smartgun could all be used in Waverider mode. The Waverider was also specifically designed to use a ram manuever used by Kamille Bidan to destroy The O. It was nicknamed the Waverider Assault. ALthough the original Z Gundam was not designed to use this manuever, special attention was made to ensure it could be performed by a capable Newtype in Perfect Z, shoudl the time ever arise. Due to the extreme stress put on the unit during the manuever, it would require use of the shield to perform the manuever without damaging the MS.

(In addition, I would like to request that the Perfect Z be capabe of standing in for Z in the Double and Triple Mega Launcher Combos.)


to dev this


probably will buy the conversion kit somewhere to make it...


Not happening, b/c I chickened out on this kit. I rather perfect my skills before I do something out of the ordinary > goes to find Crossbone Gundam...

Edited by Akita Niko

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