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Tilus vs The Leaning Tower of Gaming

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This topic is a blog about Tilus's ongoing efforts to try to clear up his epic backlog of unbeaten RPGs. You can see the current status of the Leaning Tower of Gaming at the above link.

As some of you may know, I have acquired a pretty large backlog of RPGs (mostly thanks to my brother's extreme boredom), some of which I lost interest in halfway through, but many I haven't even started yet. This is a chronicle of my journey to try to clear this backlog out before my brother goes and piles more RPGs onto it. This is already looking to be a thousand plus hour endeavor.. and you can sit back and watch as I try to finally make progress in some of these games, and watch as I stare in amazement at plot events you've all known about for years.

Naturally, this thread contains spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, look away! On the other hand, don't spoil me either if I haven't gotten far enough on a game to see it for myself, or else very bad things will happen to you!

Currently I am playing through Ar Tonelico, and updates will focus on that game until it's completed.

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