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Lets Play Super Robot Wars 3

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So, I'm intending to play


but before I start, I want to ask about recruitment paths!

Should I go for Char, or keep Sayla?

"Whether or not you talk to Char with Amuro in the first 3-4 missions will have

a HUGE impact on the course of the game and the pilots you'll have access

to. The most significant would be the loss of several Real Robot pilots."

If I talk to Char, I will get: CharQuattro, Roberto and Apoly. I will also have the option to get Gato or Cara, instead of Quess and probably Four. I also lose Recoa if I go that route.

If I do not, I will keep Sayla, and get Kayla. And automatically be able to get Quess, but unable to get Gato or Cara at all.


Char gives a second Rick Dias, and the option for Re-GZ, Gelgoog and either Neue Ziel or Geymalk instead of Jegan.

Sayla gives G-Defensor (REALLY early on) and Re-GZ and forces the Jegan path.

Also, with a few exceptions, I'll let you guys choose who gets the big XP when I can help it.

(I'm NOT favouring Ryu or Hayato, and not Sayla if I'm just going to lose her. Likewise Recoa, but this isn't quite AS big a deal.)

Anyway, if you pick Char path, say if you want me to take the non-Jegan path (Where Recoa vanishes, I cannot get Quess, but I get a bunch of extra stuff.)

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You are a brave soul for suffering yet again through this horrible, horrible game.

Get Char.

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Grabbing most of the bonus stuff, but missing out on Quess and losing Recoa, right?

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Okay then! (I wanted to get Four anyway)


"However, the DC is regaining power under the Zabi clan, their guerrila tactics still cause great chaos. In a need for strong unity, the Earth Federation was created in liu of the UN."

Well, that's not going to bite us in the rear in the future, is it?!

"The heroes of the DC War, Londo Bell, kept the peace, but politicians feared their power and they were not well supplied."

Damn right. I have to use GMs.

"Into this unstable situation, a new threat is emerging..."

And it's going to kick my arse, I know.


Ryu: "Supposedly, an entire army disappeared."

Kai: "Perhaps the remnants of the DC forces are responsible?"

(Kai: "It wasn't me!")

Ryou: "These events are beyond what they could manage. I can't believe they'd have that much power left."

Bright: "The cause is still unclear. However, something is surely beginning." ("Like... the start of a Lets Play of a SRW that hates you.") "Stay on your guard."

Hayato(Gundam): "There's a high concentration of Minovsky Particles."

Amuro: "The effects of the DC battle still remain."

Frau: "I'm picking something up in the Minovsky interference waves." (Kai: "Well, don't give it to me!") "Approximately 15 machines!"

Kai: "The enemy's here after all!" (Amuro: "No, really?")

Bright: "Primary battle deployment, everyone!"


Swirly Battle Intro!


(Master of the Obvious.) "They're the remnants of the DC forces."

Sayaka: "I wonder if the remnants of the DC forces... ... were the cause of the disappearances?"

Amuro: "I doubt it but..."

Hayato(Getter): "We'll talk about it later! First, we must take care of them!"

Slender: "!! Colonel Char! It's Londo Bell!"

Char: "A-hah... I wish circumstances were better..."

Denim: "What shall we do, Colonel Char?"

Char: "You go on ahead. I'll hold them back!" ("Honest.")

Jean: "But... what can you do by yourself,Colonel?"

Char: "Don't worry. Go, now!" ("I'm Char Aznable, and I'm awesome. What do you think I can do?") "(I cannot allow Bask to get this container.)" (Obviously, that's not something he can do by himself.)

Here's the map.


Most of the enemies are pathetic grunts, like this guy.


But Char is pretty tough... except that I won't have to really fight him.



Luckily, none of the units pose that much threat, even though my own are weak.

So, move my own units up to face the enemy, and...


Well, I half-expected this, but... damn.

Denim: "Colonel, please be careful!"

Kouji retains his "Master of the Obvious" title with the line "Huh? They're running away?"

Hayato: "No,some of them are staying behind..."

(Kai and Amuro: "WE KNOW THAT ALREADY!")

Amuro: "Is that...Char!?"

(Char: "No, I'm Quattro. I mean... uhh...")

Kouji: "Char... isn't he the one they call the Red Comet!? Crap, I can't fight him! Amuro, I'll fight the machine-beasts, OK!" (Uhhh... yes you can, you have LOCK-ON. Also, was that supposed to be a question?)

Char: "Well, Londo Bell, realize the meaning of this container..."

(Amuro: "What is it?" Char: "It's a container, you fool.")


Moving my units to the relative safety of the colony, I continue. I'm not going to post battle images, because the animations are pretty pathetic, but I'm posting end of turn reports.

A Dra-C attacks Hayato, hitting him, but avoiding the counterattack, the other is destroyed by Kouji after it attacks Mazinger Z.


Ryuu, Hayato and Sayla attack a Doublas. Only Sayla hits, and all three are hit in return. I should send Ryuu and Hayato back to White Base. Ryou attacks the Dra-C with Getter Tomahawk, almost destroying it in one hit.

Ryou: "Ack! Proto-Getta doesn't have enough power!?"

Yeah, whatever. Greedy SR pilot. You'll get a real Getter soon. Kai then finishes off the Dra-C. Kouji Breast-Fires the Doublas, taking off half its HP. Nice going.

Amuro ALMOST finishes it off with Gundam Hammer. Bright completely MISSES, and Sayaka repairs Ryuu's GM.


Fearing for certain GM pilots, I set orders to Always Guard and end my turn. Ryuu and Hayato are STILL destroyed.


Sayaka finishes off the Doublas. Bright takes another shot at a Garada and hits this time. Amuro fires a bazooka shot at the other, hitting it and not being hit. (0% chance of being hit, 100% of hitting. Damn.) Kouji photonbeams it to 92 HP and Kai moves in close and finishes it off with vulcans. Sayla heals, attacks the last Doublas for minimal damage, and is hit for half her HP. To hell with that, back to White Base you go.


The Doublas and Garada attack Proto-Getter, reducing it to critical HP, but causing the Doublas to be destroyed and the Garada heavily weakened. Luckily Ryou has XGuts. The two Dra-C attack Mazinger, and are destroyed. Mazinger is practically unharmed.


Ryou uses XGuts, Sayla goes back into White Base, and Bright destroys the last Garada. Kai potshots a Zaku, and Sayaka finishes it. Amuro, Ryou and Kouji run off to the right hand side of the map, to meet Char.

The Zaku to the left attacks Sayaka, for little damage, and is smacked for half of his.



Char's the Zaku in the middle of the three. Amuro talks to him.


("Your thirst for underaged girls has gone too far!")


Meanwhile, Sayaka finishes her Zaku, Bright and Kai move closer, Ryou destroys a Zaku with Getter Beam, and Kouji heads after the remaining non-Char Zaku.

Kouji dodges the Zaku's attack(!), and counters with a rocket punch of doom that the Zaku barely survives.

Char has his own issues now.


("... who is Cagalli, and why is she crying, anyway?")


And with that, my turn once more!

Hayato uses Focus and Luck, destroying the last non-Char Zaku. The others head back towards White Base, except Sayaka who repairs Mazinger Z.


Yeah. I figured as much would happen.

"They came out from the shadow of that fake meteorite!"

*enemies appear*

Kouji: "Damn, they're coming!" (You really DO state the obvious, Kouji.)

Garma: "Char! I came to help out!"

Char: "Garma!? (... you fool...)" (Obviously, Char doesn't want him to die JUST yet.)

Garma: "I'm here, so don't worry! Fall back, Char, I'll take it from here."

Char: "... Very well. (It'll save me some time if Garma can defeat them.)"

Char disappears, the Zakus approach White Base, one of them suiciding upon it.


With the exception of Getter 1 off to the right, this is the map. Bright destroys another Zaku, Sayaka and Amuro weaken two, and are both hit by the return fire. Amuro actually got hit! Kai finishes off Amuro's Zaku and I end my turn.

The grunt Zaku critically hits Aphrodite A, but is destroyed. Sayaka dodges Garma's attack.


Kouji locks onto Garma and Photon-beams for a lot of damage. Kai uses luck, moves in, and... vulcans Garma to death.

Garma: "Damn you!! Fine, this time I will withdraw."

Or just mech-explosion.

MUSASHI!: "What on earth are they protecting?"

Sayaka: "Look! This container!"

Amuro: "This is... G-3... Poison gas!?"

Hayato(Getter): "Is the DC planning a poison gas attack!?"

*Battle End*

Bright: "The container definitely held G-3 poison gas."

Hayato(Getter): "Were they planning some indiscriminate terrorism directed at a colony!?" (Knowing what New Getter Hayato is like gives this line a whole new twist...)

Ryuu: "Hmm... Judging from the activities of the DC remnants... ...I don't think that is their strategy."

Sayla: "You're right... their activities thus far have been few... ...and only just causes. They've never made any terrorist attacks..."

Kouji: "Leave the useless chatter for later! We've got to stop their plans first!!"

Bright: "That's right. Judging from the area they've been active in, the target colony seems to be Side 5. Lets consider the following two routes. A is the shortest route. It will allow us plenty of extra time, but there is the possibility of meeting up with the enemy's main battle forces. That would be quite a difficult battle. Route B would bring us to their rear. We'd have an advantage in battle, but we may be found by one of their other units if we take this detour."


And this is where this update ends. Which route do I go, and what units do I upgrade? (NOT GMs. NO NO NO. Also not Proto Getter, since I lose the upgrades in... what? 1 or 2 battles? Also, I lose all upgrades on Mazinger Z and probably Aphrodite A later on, so I'm wary of upgrading them either.)

Route A means an extra battle, but no real change in units/pilots gained, but I believe the enemies in the second battle are slightly easier on A. So, your choice.

After adjusting for GM loss, I have 5000 in cash. HP upgrades cost that, Armour upgrades cost 3000, EN upgrades 2000, "Limit" 1000. IIRC, Limit is just the maximum piloting, but I'm not near that for any unit yet.

Edited by Alicia

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Route A. You need as much experience as you can get!

Also, just save your money for more permanent units.

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Fair enough. I'm likely to keep using Gundam a lot, but by the end of the game, it is pretty much useless. The GMs pretty much ALREADY ARE, though. Unsure if Mazinger Z will be, but likely.

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You know, you could really spice this up with bold or italic tags in your comments. It's not that easy to distinguish them like this. Otherwise, it's pretty good.

Route A.

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