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This is the Job application thread.

For players, please do not apply for a job unless you are ready to have it opened right away. If a unit is in use in another match, do not queue additional battles for it until it is done.

Applicant: (Your name)

Job: (list the job you're applying for here)

As an additional note, applications that are COMPLETELY wrong, doesn't meet the requirements and/or is past the deadline will be deleted, and you will not be notified about it.

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Hey is this still open? PP and rewards for RPing stuff... Would be cool doing something here as a regular while foling around in PA... so if this board isn't completely dead yet, here I go...


Applicant: MustacheMan

Job: VIP Protection


Deployment Data:





[table=Pilot Data]PROFILESTATUSWILL GAUGE[td=30%][table=Image]


Name: Axel Almer

Class: Shadow Mirror Operative



[/td][td=30%]Pilot Level: 9 (4400/4500)

Melee ►►►►►►
Ranged ►►►►►►
Accuaracy ►►►►►►
Defense ►►►►►►
Evade ►►►►►►
Skill ►►►►►►

SP: 132
CC Cost: 3 AP
CS Cost: 3 AP

DMG Recieved -10%
CC Cost -4
CS Cost -4
CRT Cost -4
Shield +5

Cost : 6 AP
DMG : +15%
TDC : +15%
[table=Spirit Command][td=33%]Accelerate
►[/td][td=33%]Sure Hit
►►[/td][td=33%]Iron Wall
►►[/td][td=33%]Direct Attack[/td]

[/td][td=40%]Barrel Roll (2)
Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +20% for this turn.

Barrage (3)
One (X) or (F) type weapon on your unit has its limit increased by 25% this turn, rounded up.

High Ground (3)
Your first attack phase this turn negates positive terrain Damage Reduction and Dodge Cost modifiers.

Entrenchment (4)
Damage Received -40% and Target's Dodge Cost +50% for one turn.[table=Skill][td=50%]Super Robot Specialization (Defensive) - Soulgain ►►
Damage Dealt +20%, Damage Recieved -5%, Target's Dodge Cost +10% in Shadow Mirror Super Robots.
Damage Dealt +40%, Damage Recieved -15%, Target's Dodge Cost +20% in Soulgain.

Ki Power ►►
Ki Power Weapon Damage +10%.

Damage dealt +25%. Charge (4) to activate.

Gain Damage Received -15% when activated. Charge (4) to activate.




[table=BGM List]Dark Knight, CHAOS (Ver.AP), So Close, Yet So Far, So Close, Yet So Far (Ver. OGs), Machine Soul (ver. OGs),UNCHAIN∞WORLD[/table]


EG-X Soulgain

HP: 6800, EN: 240, Agi: 320
IS: 2, Move: F/G, Size: L, Rank: 10

[F] Melee (M)- 1800 damage [+20%]
[H] Seiryuurin- 1600 damage, Ki Power, 10 EN/attack [+30%]
[F] Byakko Kou- 2400 damage, Ki Power, 15 EN/attack [+30%]
[H] Genbu Goudan (PSX:2)- 1200 damage/5 EN [+30%]
[F] Mai Suzaku (X:5)- 500 damage/4 EN, Ki Power + 2500 damage, Ki Power, 10 EN/attack [+40%]
[F] Kirin (F:10)- 600 damage/5 EN, Ki Power [+40%]

Inherent Abilities:
1) Super Robot
2) Countercut: Byakko Kou
3) Countershoot: Seiryuurin
4) HP Regen M
5) EN Regen S
6) Damage Received -50%
7) Code ATA: Same effects as Self-Destruct

Purchasing Cost: 600 Credits
Resale Value: 312



-Sensor Tweak x4

-Mars Donburi

HP ►►►►►►► (0)
EN ►►►►►►► (2)
Armor ►►►►►► (5)
Agility ►►►►►►► (0)

Attack ►►►►►►► (0)
Accuaracy ►►►►►► (4)

Evolution Point Counter
►►►►►►►►►► (0/10)



Not only is Axel Almer a proficient soldier, he is also a great GUARD, with an IRON WALL defense. He is an adept fighter and if things get messy he handles his Mizuchi Blade and Soulgain better than anyone else. The sensor tweaks he has done to his machine allow him to detect threats early and intercept them before they can harm his client. He has some delicous mars donburi with him this time, that could help raise the SPIRITS of anyone he meets, inspiring trust from others. 

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