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Master Kruz

Let's Play Gundam: War for Earth!

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Quick disclaimer here. I did not make this videos, and a lot of this is from guess work as I have only a very loose understanding of Japanese. This is just for fun and no harm is meant in the production of this.

This was way too special not to share. The plot of the game basically follows the plot of the show up til Ramba Ral's death (although Garma dies AFTER he does) albeit abridged and with live, human, very badly dubbed actors. I'll summarize the each part, as it only lasts about half an hour.

Come on! You know this one! It's the start of freaking Gundam after all!

Okay, there are quite a few differences. You, the main character who is certainly not Amuro Ray, leaves the safe civilian traffic to go down to the military facilities. Why? Because you're functionally retarded and in the middle of a warzone.

Anyway, your idea of not getting killed horribly involves ramming a Zaku's foot and driving towards where it's shooting. Not content to survive having your care flip repeated whilst on fire, you try for the gold medal in the stupid Olympics by breaking into a military storage bunker and, seeing the giant robot of death that Zeon has targeted with it's pilot failing to remember he's a extra and getting killed for the plot, decide it's time for a joy ride. Meanwhile, the Zaku is pounding on the door trying to get in.

You get to see Captain Paolo in his live action appearance for just this scene. He's a nice fellow, pretty young for a ship captain. Showing signs of intelligence, he asks who the hell is in his top secret military bunker and I like to think that if you could speak that you'd mention it doesn't have locks. With a sudden drop in IQ, Paolo immediately asks you, the civilian with no experience in handling a mobile suit, to pilot the Gundam.

Well, now we can feel better about Amuro's jacking the Gundam in the anime. Apparently anyone can pilot a giant war machine with a fighter inside it, and the Federation damn well wants you to. I like to think this is because of the innovative four button point and click method of running anything Federation made. Now, dodging beam cannons from a Musai are as easy as hitting the evade button!

*cough!* Now that you've barely been introduced, the Zaku finally learns how to open doors. Now showing he's as smart as those raptors in Jurassic Park, the Zaku pilot chooses not to shoot the guy climbing into the goddamn giant robot. Actually, you'll notice in the short cutscene of jumping into the Gundam that the Zaku doesn't even have a weapon. Afterwards it does again.


Anyway, the Zaku pilot, who we find out to be Gene, gets killed by vulcans before we even find out his name. We then get introduced to Bright. Yeah, Bright.


Anyway, Bright's taken over for Paolo because a missile just killed him (sudden, no?) and tells you to grab your shield. Doing that, you instantly get ambushed by a dude right outside the door, backpedaling by catching the blow on the shield. You then proceed to beam saber him.

And his heat hawk disappears.


Managing to explode his reactor, you're tossed into space, crashing into one of the colonies mirrors and get faced down by Char and three Zaku's. This is a obvious difference between the anime and game, as, you know, Char is leading an attack on Side 7. Anyway, Bright tells you to be careful because, you know, Char, and that White Base is coming to assist. Char, however, proves that nobody in this game has a IQ equal to my ass and proceeds to order his Zaku's into a charge... While firing straight down instead of at you. Given ample time to dodge, White Base picks you up and Char retreats towards his Musai for now.

Now you get to meet Bright in person. He tells you the situation and introduces you to the White Base until Sayla appears, allowing Bright to break into the best performance of the game. I'll provide a translation to the best of my abilities. My very poor abilities.

Sayla: "Pardon me--*salutes*--Commander Bright, we've got a laser communication from Jaburo requesting your answer."


* May or may not be actual dialog

Anyway, blablabla, Paolo is dead when a missile hit the bridge, Bright's taken over, we need to go to Jaburo, we have three mobile suits one of each type. (Don't expect to see much action from anything but Gundam, though) They need you because the Gundam's computer appears to have imprinted on you, Bright makes you a pilot and you get to meet the other pilots, Ryu and Hayato. These two do not matter at all. Ignore them. The video ends with Char contacting Garma for some help, but that's for the next video.

Expect the last two updates soon.

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